Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Opportunity Knocked a request from Brandon Noble

Hi, my name is Brandon, well I suppose it used to be Brandon but that doesn't really fit anymore as you can see.  You see, I have always been the 'good samaritan' type and as such I always tried to be helpful and kind to pretty much everybody. Because of this it's easy to see why when my neighbor asked for help rearranging some furniture I agreed without much thought. After all, she had always been nice to me and she was getting up there in the years so it seemed like the right thing to do. So I did just that, she didn't really ask for much, I moved a couple chairs around and turned her couch slightly, but all in all it wasn't much trouble at all. Because of this I was surprised that she insisted that I be rewarded, I mean I hardly did anything and though I had helped her in the past I was still surprised that she felt so obligated to give me something. She claimed that within reason she could give me almost anything my heart desired. That kinda tripped me out, anything I desired? I should have been skeptical but for some reason I whole heartedly believed her. Given such a choice I was overwhelmed and she must have picked up on that as she said she'd give me a couple days to think it over which I gladly took as I didn't want to make a poor decision. 

The following few days I thought on what to ask for and at first nothing came to mind. That is until one choice became so very clearly the best. You see, my whole life I have loved my friend Madeleine and I mean love. She has known this for a long time and it's not that she's an evil person or anything like that it's just that she doesn't swing that way so to speak. She realized she was a lesbian not too long before I confessed my feelings to her and she did her best to let me down easy but I never stopped loving her. We remained friends despite this and we had always been quite close and we always helped each other out when we could. As such she asked me to help her move and I gladly agreed as it was an excuse to be near her if nothing else. The first day of this, where we just got her stuff into a truck, was more or less uneventful. That night however was something special. As we normally did whenever we hung out we got to talking and eventually the conversation shifted to our love lives. I confided in her that as was normal for me I was not in any form of relationship nor had I been in one since we last spoke. I could tell that she felt a little guilty because she knew that was partially because of her but nevertheless she told me about her recent relationship that had just ended. She said that the physical attraction was there but she just couldn't deal with the girl's personality. She then said that she wished I was a girl because she knew that she loved me in almost every way she just couldn't be attracted to a man. At that she got sad because she knew that there was no way to change that as far as she knew. There was a way though, and now I knew exactly what to do but that would have to wait.

The next day we finished moving her in and said our goodbyes. After I left her new house I went straight to my neighbor and told her what I wanted. I told my neighbor that I wanted to be a woman to which she didn't seem surprised. She didn't even question my decision, instead she just smiled and said that in the event I wanted to change back she would revert the change no questions asked. I could tell that she didn't think I'd want to change back but before I could think on that for too long as I was transported to a foreign room and my body suddenly felt horribly uncomfortable. I felt hot and off balance. I soon ripped my clothes off and my body started to change shortly thereafter. I felt like everything around me was growing as my body began shrinking from my former height of 5'11 to a much shorter 5'4. After that I felt a tickle on my shoulder as my once short boyish hair grew much longer and silkier. Whereas the hair on my head grew exponentially I felt the rest of my body hair seemingly vanish and I suddenly no longer felt hot. My transformation was not complete though as my stomach slimmed away and my chest and hips expanded leaving me with a more feminine figure. And just like that I felt normal again. That feels so odd to say given that only moments ago normal would have been completely different, but none the less I did feel normal.
I stood there in this room that I did not recognize for quite some time before I snapped out of my daze and decided to examine myself as to take inventory of all the changes. Alongside the changes I felt there were a few I did not. Firstly upon looking in a mirror I saw that my face had softened and adjusted to appear much more feminine. I then noticed that my hands were much more dainty and felt gentler. Lastly and most strikingly I noticed that I no longer had a penis. I suppose that shouldn't have surprised me but I felt sure that I should have felt it slip away. Regardless it was now gone and anything else that could make me a man was gone with it.

Whilst examining my new body I came to the realization that this foreign room was not quite as unknown to me and infact was actually my room. Everything was different from when I was a man but the layout was more or less the same. I ventured through the rest of the place and I soon confirmed that suspicion as everywhere I looked was subtly different but mostly the same. After my expedition I got dressed in clothes that I knew I did not previously own. I then decided that my best course of action was to call up Madeleine to tell her about what I did.

"Hey Maddie."

"Who are you and why do you have Brandon's phone."

"Well, I am Brandon."

"You're fucking with me right? Are you Brandon's girlfriend? He said he wasn't dating anyone"

"No, really I am Brandon"

"Prove it then"

I proceeded to tell her everything I could think of to prove my identity and the more I talked the more she began to believe me. After a while of just talking I think I had her convinced and she told me to come over as a final test as she hadn't told many people where exactly she moved to. When I got to her place she pulled me inside and demanded I tell her everything. And so I did. I told her about my neighbor's offer and I told her why I decided to do this. She pulled me in for a kiss and to be honest I was shocked. She said that she would live up to what she yesterday and she guided me to her shower. She was so much bigger than me now and I was putty in her hands. I was at her complete mercy and everything she did my body followed. She turned on the water and stripped both of us down. I was still so in shock that I hardly reacted. She then pulled me into the shower and in for another kiss. At this point I snapped out of my trance and started making out with the love of my life. I was so much smaller and unexperienced so I just let her take the lead. This turned out to be the best decision I'd made as she knew exactly what to do.

What she did to me in that shower and after was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I wasn't a virgin but none of the other times I'd had sex came close to comparing to what was happening. We we're not fucking, no, we were making love. With every touch, with every motion I grew closer and closer to climax and soon enough I was able to return that favor. We made love for so very long that night. The next morning we woke up in eachother's arms and I knew that I would never need to change back. The only barrier keeping us apart was now gone and there was no way in hell that I was letting that barrier come back. That weird part of every relationship where you're trying to get to know eachother wasn't there. We had been doing that our entire lives so we could now get on with everything else a relationship entailed.

We obviously started dating soon after that night. That was a couple years ago and I think I may propose soon. I know a couple years isn't very long to wait before marriage but in my defense we've effectively been in love for most of our lives and I can tell she feels the same. So I guess now that you know my story I should tell you my name, my new name. I decided a while ago that Brandon didn't quite fit anymore and Maddie agreed so I changed it. I didn't want to forget my former life so I selected a similar name. In the end I went with Brianna. My last name is less important though as I plan on taking my love's name pretty soon.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Lust? No. Love.

This is it. I am finally able to make my own decisions. I've been trapped by that group for so long that it's hard to believe that I am free. six months ago the sight I am seeing now would absolutely mortify me. Starting up at a man that I just blew. Six months ago I would have sooner died than so much as touch another man's cock. Now though, I'm more upset that I can't swallow his load. This man is special. You see, the group that captured me very clearly did things to me. For one, I used to be a man. Second, I used to be a nobody. I had no friends and most of my family was dead or just gone. That's what made me the perfect target for these people. If you abduct someone who nobody cares about there is much less backlash to deal with. After all, these people were not in the kidnap and ransom business here. No, what these people do is much different. These people kidnap nobody's such as myself and steal their sexual essence. These people then take the sexual essence that was just forcibly donated and replace it with that of a paying customer's essence. This meant that my gender was stolen so that some rich bitch could see things from a male perspective. After having your essence swapped your features change and so does your personality. This happens in a matter of minutes and worst of all they make the kidnapee watch. So yes, I watched as the person who stole my essence lose her large bust and gained a truly massive cock. All the while I became androgynous due to a lack of male or female essence. Then to add insult to injury my captors chose to preserve the client's female essence inside of me. This of course meant that after watching my cock disappear moments earlier I was now forced to see breasts and a wet pink slit form between my legs.

That was only the beginning though as to them I was still an asset or at very least product. This became horrifyingly clear when they started pimping me out to clients who wanted to try out their new equipment. I spent three weeks being fucked by a new man every couple hours before being locked in a cage for safe keeping. My cell irradiated a stench of cum as I was never allowed clean it off before being thrown in my cell. Call it Stockholm syndrome of just desensitization, but I started to find the smell bearable after a short time and would even say pleasant after a little more. Just as I began to adapt though a wrench was thrown into the works. They took my female essence and gave me male essence in return. They then promptly locked me back up. As a man I hardly left my cell. As it turns out not many men came to change and thus there were not many clients eager to experiment. Thus I remained in my cell but for some reason they would routinely give me porno mags. At first I thought nothing of it, but soon I realized why they did this. For one, they were harvesting sexual energy from me so it only made sense to keep me active in that department. Second though was troubling, I hadn't realized until this point but it seemed that I was almost always hard. I'm not talking half-way either, I'm talking full mast non stop. They had surely done something to me that would force me to masturbate. And so I did. I couldn't stop quite frankly. I jerked off about twenty times a day until I was selected again.

Luckily, I only stayed a man for a few days though before a new client claimed my second manhood. Consequently I was back to getting fucked and having to blow clientele. This time around though I knew their game. I also knew that cum must be off of me before my cell returned to smelling like a teenager's pants. So I sought to solve one of my problems. I began swallowing every load, not because they or I wanted to but out of necessity. I couldn't smell cum twenty-four seven for another month. It drove me crazy that I had to swallow but I didn't have much of a choice as it was the lesser of two evils. I now knew two things about this place though. One, mostly women come to become men at this facility, and two, sexual energy was a critical part in the procedure. So I plotted my escape. First thing was first I needed to be selected. To accomplish this I began masturbating as a woman so that when the next male client came I would be selected due to my massive amount of sexual energy. This worked, I was selected only one week after turning into a woman this time.

My plan had worked! Well, part of it had. I was still stuck here and now I was stuck in a cell near constantly. So I began my work. By the end of the second day my cell looked like a Jackson Pollock painting, smelled awful, and I was picked. Now once again a woman it became clear that the only way I'd escape was as a woman. This was because they were simply given more freedom due to their service to the clientele. The only problem now was figuring out how to switch places with a female client. As I saw it that was likely the only way out. And so I waited, and waited, and waited, I spent months being toyed with in mind and body by these people as both male and female, that is until one day opportunity knocked. A formerly male client wanted to explore a bit and not only with men. So I was the lucky winner who got to provide the lesbian side of the equation. I did my absolute best to rock this now woman's world and evidently I did just that as she passed out after about twelve orgasms. This was my chance. She looked very much like me and I had access to all of her clothes. So I did what I had been planning for months. I stole her clothes and other belongings then walked out as if I were her.

As soon as I escaped I went to the police and reported the place as a sex trafficking ring which led to its demise. I was free! I was finally free! There were a few problems though. First and most obviously I was not a man anymore, and second I was unbearably horny. It occurred to me now that the had still fucked with my mind and now I had a libido matched by nobody. Well, except for the people trapped like I was. I quickly went back to the police and requested records on the people saved and found the hottest guy amongst them. Once I found him it was clear that he too was incredibly horny non stop. So with the lemons life had given us we made lemonade. We fucked constantly. We only stopped to eat, drink, and sleep before returning to our love making. After a month of endless sex I woke up one day and was greeted with his morning wood. This time though I didn't become overwhelmed with the sight. No, this time I starred for a moment before wrapping my luscious lips around his masterful cock as I had done so many times before. This time though I did this out of love, not out of lust. He soon woke up and it was clear that he felt it too. He came shortly there after and for the first time in almost half a year I let his cum pour out of my mouth. My lust was no longer in control and though I had grown to enjoy the taste of this man's cum I was more moved by my ability to make the decision not to swallow than the taste of his cum.

We sat there in shock for a while. We had no words. Our lives had been demolished by these people and in the end we were finally free of the conditioning they had drilled into us. We were finally free.
After a few minutes I broke the silence.

"We never exactly shared our names."

"Haha, I guess you're right, My name was Samantha, but that doesn't exactly fit any more now does it?"

"I used to be Alex, how convenient that neither of us ended in our old gender"

Samantha: "I know right? you'd think for sure that you'd end up as a guy again, I mean there were so many male customers"

Alex: "Wait a second, there were far more female customers for me"

I then realized that we didn't end up with these bodies on accident. They wanted me to escape. They wanted all of us to escape. They were playing a game with our lives where the odds were against us. I stewed on that for a moment before Samantha interrupted my thought.

Samantha: "In the end we're out now and even though we didn't leave as we came I'm perfectly happy that it's over"

He was right. Shouldn't I be pissed or at least upset that my gender was stolen from me? Then it hit me and I had to ask Samantha something.

Alex: "When did you think it would be best to attempt an escape?"

Samantha: "As a man for sure, it just seemed easier"

Alex: "I saw it as much easier as a woman..."

I knew now that everything went just as they planned. They wanted us to end up as the opposite gender. Not because they were twisted monsters. No, they did it for us. I thought about going to the others that had escaped but a part of me knew they'd say the same thing. Those people who kidnapped us somehow knew that all of us were better off or at least content as the opposite sex and did what they did to better our lives. I shared this with Samantha and as he pieced it all together he came to the same conclusion.

After that we sat silently for a while longer before he broke the silence.

Samantha: "Hey, whether it happened or not is out of our hands now and I for one am not going to let that ruin the rest of my life. From now on I'll be Sam, just Sam.

Alex: "You're right, we shouldn't mope. Call me Alexis"

Sam: "I mean, Alex would have worked just fine, it's kinda unisex"

Alexis: "I know, but I prefer Alexis. It just feels better"

Sam: "Alexis it is."

Alexis: "Uhm, Sam?"

Sam: "Yes?"

Alexis: "I think we should stick together, y'know, until things become normal"

Sam: "You have a point"

And so we did. We lived together for a month before I confessed feelings for him and he for me. It turns out that we were both into eachother from the start but just too scared to admit it on account of our first month together. It didn't take long before those feelings became I love yous and then that led to our marriage a year later. In the end we were both immensely happy with our new lives and honestly a little grateful that we got kidnapped as fucked up as it sounds.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Bringing Out My Feminine Side

(This caption took on a life of its own. It ended up way longer and if I do say so myself way better than I initially believed it would. I may come back to this concept later as I kinda fell in love with the idea. Regardless whether or not you I do is not important. What is important is that I hope you enjoyed the cap and have a nice day. ^_^)

Recently my life changed and though at the time I did not like what was happening I cannot dispute the results. You see, back then I would do anything if it meant getting laid and I mean anything. This came to a point when my girlfriend suggested that I wear a pair of her panties on a date. At first I said simply "Hell No!" But when she said she'd fuck me anytime I wanted for the next week all I could say was "Fuck it, make em' lacey." She came back a few minutes later with some nice looking black lace panties and I did as I was told. I put the panties on and despite being small they were surprisingly quite comfortable. After that we went on our date and she held up her end of the bargain once we got back to my place. That night I had some of the best sex I'd ever had and then passed out shortly thereafter.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs which was good because damn was I hungry. I went to the kitchen and found my beautiful girlfriend cooking breakfast topless. I came up behind her and kissed her neck then said that after breakfast I wanted to continue where we had left off the last night. She smiled and served our breakfast shortly there after. After we ate we of course had sex as that was part of the deal from the previous night. After we finished that though she told me that she wanted me to keep the panties. I thought that was an odd request but said sure regardless as in the end it was a pair of panties that had belonged to my girlfriend so, why not, right?

The next week went by exactly how you'd expect a week would go if a teen was told he could have sex anytime he wanted. If we weren't in class or otherwise occupied I was fucking her brains out and as far as I knew, living the dream. After that week though things calmed down a bit as we stopped fucking like rabbits. That week we actually spent a lot of time apart as the previous week we didn't have any alone time. After about three days of not seeing my girlfriend and only really talking through text I began to feel a little lonely. That is when I stumbled upon the panties again and thought "what harm could come from wearing these again." As far as I was thinking it was just a way to be close to my girlfriend while we were apart sort of like when a girl steals her boyfriend's hoodie. So, I put them on and as they had stretched from the last time I wore them they fit quite well and were even more comfortable than before. I wore them for a while while alone in the house but once my parents got home from work I quickly changed back into my boxers and hid the panties so they wouldn't think differently of me. Then my girlfriend texted me saying that she was missing me about four days later. I took the hint and left for her house with the panties hidden away incase I wasn't home before my parents.

At this point I forgot about the panties for a while as I was seeing my girlfriend more often and thus didn't need to feel close to her for a while. Eventually though I found them again and felt compelled to wear them for some reason. I chalked it up to wanting to be close to her again and didn't think much of it. I wore the panties off and on for about a week with no consequence and once even wore them to school. You see, I had accidentally slept in them and then woke up late so I didn't have time to change as I quickly put on a shirt and some pants then ran out the door. That entire day felt off. Actually it didn't. In fact every other day suddenly felt off. As if I should have been wearing these panties all the time. I brushed it off though as I realized I was probably just tired as I hadn't slept well. When I got home that day I washed the panties and once again hid them away.

The next time I decided to put the panties on was weird. There was no way I felt I needed to be close to my girlfriend as we had just had sex earlier that day, regardless I once again felt the need to don the panties. And so I did. I wore them the rest of the day and even jerked off that night wearing them. That night was only made weirder though as the whole time I was masturbating I felt more turned on by the guys and more specifically their cocks. After I came I didn't think much of it though and simply cleaned up then went to sleep. I don't dream often. When I do dream it's always super fuzzy when I wake up. That night was different though. That night I had a wet dream. The girl was the most beautiful person I had ever seen and the guy was an adonis. It was only halfway through the dream though when I realized that anything I did the girl mirrored. I then realized that I wasn't feeling anything. I didn't feel like I was having sex. Consequently I realized I was dreaming and suddenly I was lucid. At that moment I realized why I wasn't feeling anything. My unconscious mind was blocking my sense of touch for some reason. I didn't quite understand why though until I removed the block. You see, when I became lucid everything stopped exactly where it was. That included the monster of a cock that I was suddenly aware of. For the first time in my life I felt a cock and I mean truly felt a cock. I felt every vein, curve, every inch of that cock. The only problem now was that it was inside of me. Well, that wasn't exactly a problem, but you get my point. I then reached down and to my horror, no, my delight I found not my large cock that I had grown to treasure but instead I found nothing. Well, not nothing. I found a small nub that I soon realized was my new clit. As I touched it my body erupted with pleasure. It then came to the realization that time was still frozen. And just like that I felt the monster inside be pistoning in and out of my foreign sex sending wave after wave of pleasure overwhelming me until I woke up covered in sweat with lace panties covered in my own cum.

That night tripped me out for a while. I hid the panties after once again cleaning them and tried my best to forget that dream. I didn't though. For the life of me I could not forget that dream. What was wrong with me? Why could I not forget that night? My entire life I have never been able to clearly remember even my best dreams but one night I'm raped, no, fucked, no, made love to by a god of a man and tortured, no, pleasured to climax until I awoke in a sweat and yet for the life of me I couldn't repress that memory. I was distraught but moreover I was confused. What happened to me? I was the perfect man and suddenly I felt like a scared little girl. I avoided everyone for about a week after that night. I hardly even texted my girlfriend and she understandably started to get worried. At that point I sucked it up, pulled myself together, and faked being fine so that she wouldn't worry. We didn't have sex for a month. Every time I thought about having sex the memories of that dream flooded my mind and I couldn't think of anything else. Eventually she surprised me with some new lingerie she bought and even though I didn't want to I fucked her because I knew that if I didn't she'd know something was up. Then I found the panties again. At first I wanted to throw them out or burn them. I didn't though, I put them on once again and for some reason I got insatiably hard. I had never in my life been so erect and to be honest it kinda hurt.

I immediately took the panties off and tried everything to quell my erection. I jerked off and came three times in the span of ten minutes but nothing could give me release. I wanted it to stop and eventually I thought that maybe I needed another person's help. I called my girlfriend but she didn't answer and I could no longer think straight. I thought "there is a gloryhole at the club that I used to go to when I was single." I couldn't handle it anymore. I drove to the club and went straight to the gloryhole. That's when everything took a turn. In my rush I had gone into the receiving booth and there was already a sizable cock sticking through the wall waiting to be serviced. My first thought was simple and normal "get the hell out of here." What followed though was not normal in the slightest. I thought "go ahead, taste it." I was paralyzed. Here I was, a straight man, well I guess bi now, having thoughts about sucking a cock for the first time and honestly, I couldn't move. That is until I heard "Hey! I don't got all day. Get to sucking!" His voice was so commanding and who was I to deny his request. He wasn't asking. He was demanding service. And I was in the room after all. I had to do it right? I couldn't say no. I really had no choice. So, I kneeled in front of this disgusting, no, delicious looking cock and I let my inhibitions melt away. I pulled down my pants and went to pull down my boxers, but I was instead greeted with the panties. How? When? Why did I put those back on? "Nevermind that." I thought, and pushed them aside so that they wouldn't be in the way. "In the way of what?" I thought to myself for a moment but just as soon as I questioned it I answered it. "Because you're going to masturbate while you suck his cock of course, after all sucking cock is super hot and you love stroking your shaft while a man fucks your throat." And so I did just that. A few minutes later he came in my mouth and I felt my own cock spurting out cum in response. After that my erection finally went down and I felt relieved. Then just as I was about to leave the room I heard the door next to me open and shut followed by a zipping sound. I then thought to myself "I better make sure that I don't get hard again, I should suck one more cock just to make sure." I did exactly that and a few more short minutes later I had another man's cum in my stomach.

After that day I began to question what had happened. It was like I was someone else. I had never had an inkling of feelings for another man then one day I'm talking to myself about sucking cocks as if it's my favorite pastime. I dwelled on that for a while until I accepted that I must be bi right? I mean I still loved my girlfriend. Or so I thought. We had sex two more times before I realized that I wasn't being excited by her body anymore. I could no longer masturbate to the thought of her any more. I decided that it was best for us to break it off so that I didn't lead her on any longer. She didn't take it too well but I comforted myself by saying that it was better for this to happen sooner than later. After the break up I didn't try to fool myself anymore. I was no longer attracted to boobs big or small nor did I find pussy appealing anymore. All that I desired was one thing, one simple thing, cock. Big, small, medium, it didn't matter to me, I just loved cock. I found myself wearing the panties more after the break up. Not because I wanted to feel close to her, that was now clear. I wore them because I liked them, I wore them because they felt nice, I wore them because girls like me wear panties, woah, woah, woah, I wasn't a girl, I just liked cock now, men can like cock, I was NOT a girl. I shook off that thought and as had become regular by that point I fantasized about a big strong man shoving his cock down my throat and deep into my pussy, wait a second. My pussy? Something was off with me clearly. I had a cock. A decently sized cock. A cock that I'd love to suck if it was on a real man. Ok that's enough. What is happening to me? I scoured the internet for answers but nothing came up except for erotic captions about men turning into women. I continued my search though and decided that if there was no natural cause for what was happening there must be some supernatural cause right?

That's when I stumbled upon some websites dedicated to the occult. Normally I would ignore these, but today I needed answers that no normal source could give me, believe me, I checked. So now here I am, reading up on spells and rituals when curses catch my eye. I dove deeper into that topic and for a second I thought I had struck gold. I found a page on cursing clothes to change people in almost any way imaginable. This page included specifics on the mind altering capabilities of these types of curses and even listed a way to check if something was cursed. I thought "this is insane," but trudged onward as nothing made sense anymore. I gather the materials the website detailed which to my surprise were very normal. No bones or blood, just household items. Regardless I performed the test on the panties thinking that surely they must be the culprit. When I completed the incantation smoke billowed out of the bowl I had the ingredients in and surrounded the panties. I was in shock. Magic was real? Before I could dwell on that though the spell finished and the panties were cursed with... Nothing. Wait, what? These panties were not what were causing me to change? What the hell was wrong with me then? I sifted through the website and found another spell that would simply check if a person were effected my magic in any way and quickly performed it only to find that... There was no magic of any form effecting me. I then continued my search through the website thinking there must be something, some answer, anything. That's when I found a spell that was so powerful that supposedly if you used it more than once you'd likely die. The spell afforded you complete and total knowledge of any one topic. I thought to myself "It's all I have left to do" and performed one last spell.

I used the spell to give me total knowledge of what was happening to me. After performing it I passed out and woke up hours later with the answer I was looking for. There was no magic causing this. There was no outside force causing me to change. There was only one thing that had caused those changes within me. The panties. Ok, wait a second, let me explain. No, the panties were not cursed or magical in any way. They were simply black lace panties. The reason they caused this? They didn't. Not exactly. You see, they simply... let's say, brought out my feminine side. Before I put on the panties I was an ordinary teenage boy who thought of nothing more and nothing less than sex. After wearing the panties though my feminine side was set free. She, or rather I, was allowed to be myself, my female self. I could 'fix' this but in the end I'd be killing a part of myself. I couldn't do that. A couple of months ago I could, but now I could not. I was no longer a man or even a boy. I was gentler, more caring, and strangely happier. After that I calmed down. I had my answer. There was no longer a thing in the world bothering me. I knew what I had to do. I searched through that same website one last time. That's when I found it. The only spell that could solve my current predicament.

This spell was equally as powerful, actually it was more so. This spell had to be cast over the course of three full days and the person who cast it would never be able to use magic again. The spell's purpose was simple. The spell would change reality to whatever a person desired so long as it only effected them and the people who knew them. If you attempted a more drastic change you would die there was no 'likely', no this was a promise. I knew that I needed to do this though, so I called in sick to school with the flu and told my parents that I needed alone time to finish a project so that they wouldn't bother me. I spent three full day chanting that spell with only one change in mind. My change was simple and I'm sure you know just what it was. I made it so that everyone remembered me as... wait, I never told you my name huh? Well It used to be Alex. Now though It was Alexis. I know, that's a little boring, I mean I hardly changed it, but in the end that doesn't matter. I was now Alexis and everyone remembered me as Alexis. Even my ex-girlfriend seised to remember Alex. He was no more. I was no longer him. I was now, am now Alexis, a small, sporty brunette with a tight pussy and a love for cock and I loved every second of it.

That brings us to now. I have been Alexis for a little over a year know and though there are many things that changed in my life, some for better, some for worse, (aka periods oh my god they are awful) but what truly surprised me was what hadn't changed. As a man I was obsessed with sex. I would do anything for it. Now, I still would. This trait is mirrored by my boyfriend who also obsesses over sex. So, in order to shake things up a bit I ask him to wear some of my panties on a date to which he replies "Hell no!" but when I tell him we'll fuck whenever he wants for the next week he says "make em' lacey." I obey his command and after our date I have the best sex I've ever had.  The next morning I wake up and make breakfast topless only for my well endowed boyfriend to sneak up behind me and suggest round two. That's when the deja vu hits me. I say yes because it was part of the deal and afterwards I ask him the keep the panties. We fucked like rabbits for the next week after that though we only texted for about a week and then, y'know what, I think you might know where this is going. Before you ask, it seems that spell doesn't effect people who have experienced the occult as I soon saw Samantha, formerly Sam, start dating a boy who then, well, you know.

Surprising Developments Pt. 3

This is what I now lived for. Ever since that night I wished to become a girl my life has been pure
bliss, it was like a dark cloud had lifted off my shoulders and I was finally free to be who I was so
clearly supposed to be. There was no more denying who I was. I loved every second of being with
Cameron whether we were cuddling or having sex but I loved my daily blowjob the best. Don't get
me wrong, sex was amazing but not even his glorious cock impaling my wonderfully sensitive pussy
could compare to my love for the feel and taste of his cock moving past my lips, over my tongue, and
tickling the back of my throat only to eventually release his hot and tasty cum onto my eagerly
awaiting tongue where I could then play with it in my mouth for a second until I was ready to swallow
it down and lick his cock clean.

When we weren't having sex I was surprised to discover just how much I truly loved Cameron. I
guess there was a reason that we were such great friends when I was a guy and although I wouldn't
say that I loved him like I do now when I was a guy. Regardless my male past no longer mattered as
I wasn't Alex anymore I was Alexis and I can say that I honestly wouldn't change that for anything.
Because of this I now knew what I needed to do. While Cameron was at work I resolved myself to
moving on from my old self. I went to where I had hidden the lamp after becoming female and
summoned Sam one last time.

"Hello Alexis, what would you like to wish?"

"Sam this is where I will be saying my goodbye."

Sam seemed terribly confused by this statement "Alexis why are you doing this, what have I done

I laughed a little. "Sam you have done nothing wrong, in fact the things you have done have only
made my life better."

"Then why is this goodbye? None of my previous masters ever given me up willingly."

"I simply have all that I could want."

I could see tears welling up in her eyes and I felt sad for her. That is when it suddenly occurred to
me. I was likely the only person who didn't want to keep her enslaved for the time I owned her lamp
rather I was willing to give her up. This changed my mind, I couldn't let her go back to being a
servant for the rest of eternity so I decided on two last wishes. I first wished that Sam was free of
that accursed lamp so that she would never again live the life of a slave, and lastly I wished that she
had lived a normal human life so that she would not be so lost entering this new frontier.

I took my time with the subsequent blowjobs as to make sure that our goodbye was not short lived.
After the final wish had been granted Sam did something wholly unexpected. Sam flipped me over
and rammed her cock deep into my pussy. With every stroke my pleasure built until my body erupted
into orgasm, the onslaught didn't stop there though as she continued pumping into me sending me
to orgasm several more times before she came deep inside of me. When she did my mind flooded
with new memories of growing up with her and having sleepovers as kids. At this point her cock
shrank away and we both passed out.

I awoke hours later next to Sam and knew what had happened. Sam was now human and she had
been my best friend my whole life. Sam awoke moments later and explained that she no longer had
a desire to be a genie lamp or not. She wanted a normal life and to accomplish that she needed
more magic than a simple blowjob could produce and such she harnessed my sexual energy in
tandem with hers to change her history. I was speechless, I had freed her and the only thing she
wanted was to stay. Although I knew that the memories of our shared childhood were fabricated I
didn't care. Those memories, real or not, painted a clear picture of friendship and I was overcome
with happiness and In the end the lamp that I all but blamed for my troubles turned out to be the very
thing that solved my biggest problem.

Surprising Developments Pt.2

After that night with my friend at my house I haven't been myself. I took the week to relax and try to think about my situation but as it turns out I couldn't focus on just about anything but porn past two days into my break. I spent nearly every waking hour jerking off and reminding myself of the terrible situation I found myself in as with every orgasm I couldn't stop myself from eating my cum. Despite the fact that eating my cum completely mortified me I couldn't stop myself and no matter how many times I came I couldn't satiate my horniness.

Three days passed before I couldn't take it anymore and decided to confront the genie.

"You have some explaining to do."

"What could you possibly mean Alex?"

As I explained my past three days the genie seemed more and more perplexed.

"None of my other masters have ever had this reaction to my first spell."

"I have been wondering about that too, what was that spell supposed to do?'

"My spell simply freezes the person in place and then makes the taste of my cock and cum appealing to my master."

My heart sank after hearing this. I suddenly knew exactly why her spell had such an intense effect on me. Up until this point I had been telling myself that I hated the blowjobs and more specifically the cum but as if I could finally see for the first time everything became clear to me. I had spent my entire life under the impression that I was a normal straight man but evidently that was untrue. The reason the genie's spell made me cock crazy was simple, before her spell I subconsciously already loved cock and had just been denying it my whole life. Because of this her spell cranked the dial to eleven and I no longer had control of my hidden desires.

"What is your actual name Genie?"

"I was never given a name Alex, my former masters always just called me Genie."

"In that case I will call you Samantha, Sam for short, now Sam I wish that you would remove your initial spell"

"Alex if I do that you will have to endure unpleasant acts any time you want to make a wish."

"I appreciate your worry Sam but I sincerely doubt that."

"As you wish" she then dropped her panties and as I saw her wondrous cock I lost all control for what was hopefully the last time. Although this was not the first or last time I would be on the receiving end of a cock this was fundamentally different than the times before. Despite not being in full control I was actually able to enjoy the cock in my mouth and took my time working her shaft. Sam enjoyed the interaction as much as I did which was good as there was no stopping me until my wish was granted.

She came shortly thereafter and while I was able to accept my newfound love for cum I wasn't going to eat it off the floor this time. This served to confirm my suspicions that her spell wasn't designed for someone with my desires hidden or not. I took a few moments to savor my new favorite part of sex and then stood up and hugged Sam. It took a while for her reciprocate but eventually she did and we shared a genuine moment before she began to pull her panties up. Before she could though I stopped her and said that I had one more wish for now.

"Sam, I wish that I had been born a girl."

She seemed confused so I went on.

"In the past few minutes I have come to realize something very important about myself. I love cock. Furthermore I know  now why none of my previous relationships have worked out. I haven't found "the one" because I have been looking in the wrong places."

"As you wish but I suggest that you add that you followed a similar life path otherwise you way have never found my lamp."

I added that to my original wish and began my last act as a man. This time as I was in complete control I was able to truly accept the very thing that I had spent my entire life denying. I edged Sam for what felt like hours until I was finally ready to move on. All at once I felt every part of my body change. My hair grew, my chest expanded, my cock slipped away getting replaced by an very wet pussy, my legs and arms slimed, my body in general took on a much more feminine form, and finally my t-shirt and boxers morphed into a bra and panties. I took some time to lick Sam's cock clean and then let her put it away.

"Alex should I return to my lamp?"

"You may but first I'd like for you to address me as Alexis from now on."

"As you wish"

And thus she vanished into her lamp once more and so I was left to explore my new body. Ironically I didn't start off by playing with my boobs or pussy which is what I would've assumed i would've done. Instead I found myself staring at myself in the mirror until I heard my front door open and a familiar voice shouting "Alex I'm home." The voice belonged to my friend Cameron whom I forcibly blew in the shower the other day. I shouted back and moments later he found and subsequently pulled me in for a kiss. This made me absolutely melt and led to me pulling his pants down and opening my mouth to let my former friend and now apparent boyfriend choose to let me give him a blowjob rather than me forcing myself upon him.

Surprising Developments Pt.1

This is absolutely not what I had in mind when I found that damned lamp. I have always believed in the
supernatural and the second I saw it I knew things were going to turn around for me. You see I had
been down on my luck as of late and I was on the fast track to rock bottom. That is until I found the
lamp; well at least that is what I thought. I knew what to expect when planning my wishes, I knew I had
to word everything supremely carefully otherwise the genie would screw me over. That being said this
genie threw a wrench into the works. After rubbing the lamp a plume of pink smoke erupted from the
spout and gorgeous woman was left in its wake.

Once the smoke had completely cleared the woman addressed me saying "Hello master I am the
genie of the lamp and so long as you are in possession of my lamp I will grant you unlimited wishes."
Hearing that was music to my ears, I assumed I would get only three wishes and knowing now that I
would have an infinite number excited me to no end. While reveling in my newfound blessing the genie
asked me if I wanted to make my first wish now or if she should return to her lamp for now.

Before the revelation of my excess of wishes I had planned on wishing for the cliched "I wish I never
had to worry about money again," but as I didn't want to worry about the exact wording of every wish I
ever make I instead wished that the genie would have to tell me how any wish I made could backfire
on me. This is where the genie became the route of all of my problems. Before this moment I thought
that to grant my wish the genie would make some gesture or say some magical phrase and poof, wish

For a split second I thought my suspicions were correct when the genie snapped but instead of my
wish being granted her magic forced me to my knees. That's when the most beautiful woman I had
ever seen began stripping and I got unequivocally excited. The thought crossed my mind that the
genie's magic was activated by sex and I got super horny. That is until she started to drop her panties
and to my horror I did not see a beautifully pink pussy, rather I saw a cock appearing from behind her
cheetah print panties. My nightmare only intensified as her cock continued to grow the lower she pulled
her panties.

Eventually her cock stopped growing and I still couldn't move. Her cock was easily twice the size of
mine and she wasn't even hard yet. As I sat there horrified at the sight in front of me the genie spoke
"I understand your confusion master let me explain. As you have probably guessed by now my magic
is derived from sexual energy." She was right of course I had thought that but that didn't take away
from my shock. "Of course by now you have also realized that I am not a normal woman, my magic is
only so strong if I cum on or in my master and as I vastly prefer being dominant I have endowed
myself with the male sex organ." My stomach sank faster than ever before, I was not gay or even bi
but to "cache in" my wish I would have to have at least some interaction with a cock.

I couldn't just call off the wish either as that would just lead to more time on the wrong side of someone
else's cock. "I hope you don't mind but I am partial to blowjobs." It was like the genie knew that I would
be absolutely mortified by anything she could do and she loved that thought. "Don't worry I am not
completely evil, there is a slight surprise waiting for you once we start." Her reassurance meant nothing
to me but as she inched her python closer to me I had no choice but to accept my fate. "Open up." I no
longer had control over any part of my body and did exactly as I was told. I tried my absolute hardest to
close my eyes but my efforts were of course fruitless. That is when her enormous appendage slipped
past my lips and touched my tongue making me supremely aware of the genie's surprise.

My body went on autopilot the instant her cock touched my tongue I was working her cock like no
other, I had suddenly gained the cock sucking expertise of every porn star I had ever watched. I was
so good in fact that the genie only lasted two minutes and seemed absolutely stunned by what had just
happened. Unbeknownst to me I had apparently had an orgasm of my own during the duration of my
first experience with a cock. This is when everything took a turn; my body still on autopilot instantly
dropped to all fours and I began to tear into my own cum. I was trapped in my own body until after my
mess was cleaned up. Apparently this was a first for the genie as she remained completely frozen until
I had finally fallen out of the trance caused by her cock.

After the excitement died down she pulled her panties up making her massive cock vanish as quickly
as it appeared only to then stare blankly at me for what seemed like an eternity. I eventually broke the
silence by asking what the hell had just happened.


"I just sucked your cock I think you should just address me by Alex"

"Ok, Alex I cannot describe what just happened, I have never seen or felt anything like it, I have
roamed Earth for millennia constantly being traded from master to master yet never have I experienced
anything quite like what just happened."

This is possibly the worst answer I could have received as I surely meant that her magic was not solely
to blame. After five minutes of awkward silence I instructed her to return to her lamp and once she did
I hid the lamp away in an attempt to distance myself from what had just happened. The next day my
best friend was over to chill and play video games and while I normally demolish him in pretty much
any game we play I was on a losing streak the entire day. My apartment was terribly hot as earlier in
the day the AC went out so by the end of our session we were both pretty sweaty on top of that
towards the end of our lazy day I accidentally dumped coke on my friend. As to not coat his seat in a
mixture of sweat and coke I offered him my shower and a change of clothes.

He didn't want to ruin his car seat either so he took the offer and headed to my bathroom. This wouldn't
have been a problem if I didn't have a clear glass shower door and if I didn't have to take a piss. I
thought that he wouldn't mind me coming in for a short time as we had been friends forever so I
entered to empty my bladder but got instantly side tracked. I caught a glimpse of his cock which
normally wouldn't be a problem as it had happened in the past due to the fact that we played high
school football together and had to use communal showers.That being said when I saw his cock this
time I was completely overcome with lust.

It was at this point that my body switched into autopilot once again and I blew my friend. He was so
shocked as to what was happening that he didn't react. After he came he quickly got dressed and left
my house as quickly as he could. Once I regained control of my body I ran to where I hid the lamp,
summoned the genie, and promptly wished that my friend had no recollection of the events that had
just transpired which meant that I had to give another blowjob. Once that was out of the way I sent the
genie back into the lamp and tried my best to sleep hoping that everything would sort itself out without
me having to interact with another cock.

Corruption of the Body and Mind

(Only one image for reasons I explain in the aside at the end. ^_^)   How did I end up here? I’ve gone over the past few weeks in my head so...