Monday, September 9, 2019

The New Me

"So what you're saying is that you found a glowing rock and suddenly had magic?"

"I think it's mainly the stone doing the magic but yeah, I guess so."

"So, the first thing you did with the 'magic' stone was turn me into a woman... What the hell is that about?"

"Well, I didn't mean for it to be you but I am incredibly horny."

"Well, change me back."

"Why don't you help me out here first, then I will."

What other choice did I have? If I wanted my dick back I'd have to help with his. I sat there stroking his cock for thirty minutes before he told me that he massively increased his stamina with the stone, and that I'd have to put it in a warmer place. Assuming he wasn't lying and not wanting to feel him inside a place I shouldn't have, I apprehensively wrapped my lips around his manhood. Minutes later he blew his load into my mouth. Instinctively I spit it out before demanding that he turn me back.

"What the fuck?! You better turn me back and make me a fucking millionaire after that."

"Oh calm down, if you weren't so hyper masculine I'm sure you'd love the taste."

"I'm not joking asshole."

"Fine, chill out, here."

With that I was back to normal, and when I checked my bank account I was considerably more well off. I thought after that I would never have to be in that position again, but, to my dismay, John seemed to have other plans. He did this same thing three more times over the course of the next week, each time giving me something in return. By the end of that week my crush was madly in love with me, I had a huge cock, and I could orgasm multiple times without fatiguing. I didn't want to admit it, but, I hated the experience a little less each time. It didn't stop there, every couple days I'd become a woman and each time I didn't need as compensation after. I even started getting into the blowjobs.

I had stopped even trying to give him handies, there wasn't much of a point anymore, he never came until he was in my mouth. This cycle continued for months, by the end of the second week though, I wasn't getting anything after turning back. By the end of the second month, I couldn't fuck my girlfriend without thinking of a cock. Month three and I spent more time as a woman than as a man. Soon after that I was asking to blow him instead of waiting for him to ask. I was blowing him and swallowing his cum three, four, five times a day even. I couldn't stop myself, If I didn't have my lips around his masterful cock I wasn't satisfied. That is, until he took my virginity. Knowing he still had the stone I insisted that he make himself able to orgasm multiple times so that he could thoroughly fuck my brains out. He of course had already done this, but had not told me. We had non-stop sex that day. By the end of it, I had been creampied twice and after that I had him finish in my mouth the rest of the day so that there would be less cleanup. I lost count of how many loads I had eagerly swallowed up like the slut I was. After two days of this my girlfriend came to our house trying to figure out why I wasn't responding to her texts or calls and found John filling my pussy with a sizable load of his cum.

"Why don't you clean up my cock while I explain what's going on to your girlfriend Alex."

"Gladly!" was all I said as I began savoring each drop that I was able to greedily lick off his cock.

"Belle, as you may have heard, this is Alex, your 'boyfriend'."

"He has been acting weird for a few weeks, what did you do to him?!"

"Well, I have this." John then grabbed the stone off the side table showing it to Belle.

"And what does a glowing rock have to do with anything?"

"It's not just a glowing rock, it's magical, that's why Alex is so enthralled by my cock."

"Don't get me wrong, I love Alex, but I fail to see how he... she will be satisfied with me anymore. She clearly loves cock now."

At this point I had to chime in. "I still love you Belle, I just, oh my god I love cock. It's soooooooo yummy." I had already spent for too long away from my sweet treat and immediately went back to my favorite pastime.

"See? She's a little cum slut now, she could never be happy with me now." Belle said holding back tears.

"That's where this comes in." He used the stone and I watched as my once petite, athletically built, adorable Belle grew. She gained about a foot before the rest of her body began molding into my new wet dream. Her body stayed athletically built but instead of breasts she now had pecs, her hair was much shorter, she had a chiseled jaw line, and of course and nice, big, yummy looking cock for me to play with to my heart's content.

"Thank you for making me fit his new preferences John but you still haven't told me what you did to Alex. I have to know."

"Fine, but first, Alex, why don't you go help Belle explore her new body."

I didn't even respond this time, I was too absorbed with Belle's delicious looking cock to think of anything else.

"At first, it was an accident, I didn't intend to do anything to Alex. As soon as he started sucking me off the first time I knew I couldn't be satisfied by another blowjob again. He was and as I'm sure you can tell still is an amazing cock sucker. Given his talents I couldn't let him go. So, I used the stone to make my cum addictive, just a little at first, I increased the addictiveness a bit more each time. Until eventually, he was mine, he was so obsessed with cum that he couldn't conceive how he ever lived without it. The rest was human nature."

I probably should've been pissed that John had done what he had done. I couldn't make myself mad though. Not when I still had such a yummy cock in my mouth. Soon I had Belle experiencing her first orgasm which was quickly followed by a second one confirming what I had hoped John made her like him in that regard. That's when John came up behind me and filled my ass while I continued with Belle's cock.

This instantly became my new favorite position, with my new boyfriend's cock in one end and my best friend's in the other, now, if only I had a third so I didn't have to leave out any of my very eager holes.

(Hi, I don't understand myself anymore. I enjoy writing these, I really do. I'm just so terrible at actually sitting down and writing that I never do it. When I do try to start, I can never think of anything. Even if I know exactly how I want the story to be told. I can have every story beat plotted out in my head and then just... not write, as if I can't come up with the words that I want to say. Then, there's times like this. I wrote this entire story in 2-3 hours and not once did I start feeling as if I couldn't put my thoughts down. Either way, regardless of my struggles with what I can only assume is writer's block, I hope you enjoyed the story. >_<)

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