Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Corruption of the Body and Mind

(Only one image for reasons I explain in the aside at the end. ^_^)

 How did I end up here? I’ve gone over the past few weeks in my head so many times, no matter how many times I run through it I never learn anything. I know I’ve changed, I don’t know why, I don’t know if I care. Curiosity is my greatest vice however so I’m writing this hoping someone out there reads it and can tell me what happened to me.
Four weeks ago I was a normal guy, I played video games far more than it was healthy to, I masturbated, once again, to an unhealthy degree, and I had been single for nearly three years. I’m not sure exactly when it started but about four weeks ago I noticed that when jerking off I was paying more attention to the men than usual. Nothing too drastic but it struck me as odd nonetheless. A few days passed where I paid more and more attention the the guys before I was at the point that cocks looked incredible to me. Before dicks we’re just dicks, y’know? I wasn’t repulsed but I wasn’t exactly attracted to them. I mentioned that I had been having those thoughts to my friend John a few days later and he was surprisingly supportive. That’s not to say he took it one hundred percent seriously though.

“Well, if you want to you can suck me off to test it out.” He said with a laugh.

“Nice try, even if I am switching teams you shouldn’t hold your breath expecting anything from me.” 

“That’s a bit harsh, I’m just trying to help. Jokes aside though, I’m pretty sure there’s a gloryhole at the sex shop, if you’re really questioning it’d be worth a shot.”

“Yeah right, it’s probably nothing, I shouldn’t have even mentioned it.”

“Alright man, but my offer still stands!” He couldn’t help but let out another small laugh.

After about a week I was at a breaking point, I couldn’t think about cock without getting impossibly hard. I was jerking off ten times a day and no matter how many times I came I couldn’t stop thinking of cock. 

About a week and a half passed since the changes started and I had to do something. All I could think about was cock. Every waking moment I was thinking about it, jerking off to it, craving just a taste. That’s what I thought I needed, a taste, that’s all, once I tasted it everything would go back to normal.. right? With my objective clear I started preparing myself for my expedition. I bought a wig, some female clothes and watched about four hundred makeup videos. Once I was passable I took John’s joking advice and went to a gloryhole. I tried not to be conspicuous and eventually made my way into the receiving side. It must have been a minute at most but the anticipation made it days. Once that cock made its way through the hole I froze a bit. I had run through this plan a hundred times. Taste it, realize it’s not my thing, leave. Simple... As soon as I got the tip passed my lips all timidity vanished. This is what I had been needing. I’d needed this cock all my life I just did it know it. I felt complete, as if my place was on my knees doing exactly as I was. 

I felt empty when that first cock pulled away. I had gotten my reward and made sure that I hadn’t missed any but I needed more. Luckily more is exactly what I got. A couple of hours had passed by the time I finally left that booth. From just sucking guys off until they popped I had thoroughly soiled my panties. The amount of precum that dribbled out of my dick was incredible, and that was only the start, I came three times, I never even touched my dick, just the sheer pride and joy I got with each load of cum sent me over the edge. My poor little dick was empty by the time I left that room. Unbeknownst to me however, that satisfaction, that bliss was just the calm before the storm. 

Another week passed with me draining the balls of countless men. I stopped counting at about fifty, but trust me, that is far from the current number. Around that time is when I lost my anal virginity. It was the best sex I’d ever had by lightyears, and with ever new cock my addiction grew. I was so ravenous that the shop owner had a room set up for me with a hole on each side. I alone was probably the reason for a tripling in his clientele. So many people came just for me. I even started to remember some of the cocks. For example the one deep in my ass there I’ve called Bill, don’t know why, it just felt right. Anyway, I love Bill in my ass, it was like my ass was made for that cock, or vis versa. And Tom, the one I’m getting deep into my throat, is my absolute favorite. Whoever Tom’s person is is definitely proud of him, everything about Tom is perfect for me. As much as Bill feels great in my ass, Tom edges him out slightly, while also being an absolute dream to suck and swallow. The smell that dominates my senses anytime Tom comes through is indescribable. It’s a full on assault on every dopamine receptors in my brain. The taste is even better though, it’s like all my favorite things working in perfect harmony together to make my tiny little clitty absolutely drool precum and dribble out my pathetic little orgasms. I always “cum” multiple times when having my way with good ol’ Tom.

The physical changes came soon after that. Over the course of on a get days I no longer needed my wig, soon after that the breast forms were useless to me, as each day passed my pantries fit better and better. My clitty was of course the last thing to fully depart but instead of mourning my losses I celebrated my gains. I went from a flat chest to having a nice, if not a bit small, pair of boobs was amazingly sensitive nipples adorning them. My hair grew from a short, unhealthy, mess, to long, smooth, locks that perfectly framed my face. My once male body had thoroughly shrank while my figure became much more petite. Then of course, the greatest gift from all of this was that of losing my worthless little clitty and it being replaced by a tight, sensitive, beautiful pussy. 

The day my womanhood fully blossomed I texted John to come over. As the minutes grew to fill eternity I sat there, eagerly awaiting my friend’s arrival, with my body on full display.

“OH MY GOD! I am soooo sorry, I must have picked the wrong room.” John was rightfully confused.

“No John, it’s me, Alex.”

“No way, what happened?”

“I don’t know, but that’s not exactly why I invited you over.”

“..Okaaay... why am I here then?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Ok.. wait a sec, you’re suddenly a girl and you want me to have sex with you? Shouldn’t you like, I don’t know, be trying to figure out how to be a guy again?”

“I watched as day by day my clitty shrunk, once it was gone I was so happy. Now, I want you to take my virginity, vaginal virginity that is, bit late on anal.. sorry.”

And take he did, in moments he had me on the floor while he drove his cock deep into me. Each thrust sent me deeper and deeper into the vast ocean of pleasure that I could now experience. Just as soon as the shock faded though I realized something. I knew this cock, I knew it well. I could feel every inch of the magnificent cock and knew that it was Tom. My favorite cock belongs to my best friend. 

That’s where I am now, that’s all I know, maybe you can make more sense of it than I have.

(Well, here I am again. Out of obscurity to post a story with the hopes that I’ll keep writing consistently like I used to only to of course not follow through with said hopes. This break was not wholly unfounded however, about 3 weeks ago my house burned down, I’m not going to go into many details but everyone and our dog made it out safe. Obviously, the last thing on my mind was grabbing my laptop in the moments during discovering the fire. As such, I haven’t exactly had much means to write. Outside of the clothes on my back and my family the only thing I got out was my phone so that I could call 911. That combined with the obvious shock I went through out writing into the back seat for a bit despite having been getting close to writing again just before the fire. That brings us here, I wrote this while I was in a hotel room about a week after the fire and intended to edit it and post it soon after that. Having just now gotten around to doing that I’m not in the mood/willing to go through my normal editing process, and sadly, as I mentioned before the caption, images turned out to be a problem. I had 5 or 6 picked out and ready to go but when I checked today they were all blank because I didn’t add them to the document properly on account of drafting this in the notes app on my phone. As such, seeing as I’m too drained to so much as edit I hope y’all can understand my lack of desire to re-find and replace the lost images. 

That’s all I really have to say, in short, shit happened, I’m ok, to exhausted by life to edit/repopulate this story with images. I hope despite me killing the mood here at the end all of you have been well and as always, I hope y’all have a nice day. ^_^)

(Also, I know the title is way over the top but right now I honestly can’t think of anything better.)

Corruption of the Body and Mind

(Only one image for reasons I explain in the aside at the end. ^_^)   How did I end up here? I’ve gone over the past few weeks in my head so...