Thursday, May 10, 2018

Surprising Developments Pt. 3

This is what I now lived for. Ever since that night I wished to become a girl my life has been pure
bliss, it was like a dark cloud had lifted off my shoulders and I was finally free to be who I was so
clearly supposed to be. There was no more denying who I was. I loved every second of being with
Cameron whether we were cuddling or having sex but I loved my daily blowjob the best. Don't get
me wrong, sex was amazing but not even his glorious cock impaling my wonderfully sensitive pussy
could compare to my love for the feel and taste of his cock moving past my lips, over my tongue, and
tickling the back of my throat only to eventually release his hot and tasty cum onto my eagerly
awaiting tongue where I could then play with it in my mouth for a second until I was ready to swallow
it down and lick his cock clean.

When we weren't having sex I was surprised to discover just how much I truly loved Cameron. I
guess there was a reason that we were such great friends when I was a guy and although I wouldn't
say that I loved him like I do now when I was a guy. Regardless my male past no longer mattered as
I wasn't Alex anymore I was Alexis and I can say that I honestly wouldn't change that for anything.
Because of this I now knew what I needed to do. While Cameron was at work I resolved myself to
moving on from my old self. I went to where I had hidden the lamp after becoming female and
summoned Sam one last time.

"Hello Alexis, what would you like to wish?"

"Sam this is where I will be saying my goodbye."

Sam seemed terribly confused by this statement "Alexis why are you doing this, what have I done

I laughed a little. "Sam you have done nothing wrong, in fact the things you have done have only
made my life better."

"Then why is this goodbye? None of my previous masters ever given me up willingly."

"I simply have all that I could want."

I could see tears welling up in her eyes and I felt sad for her. That is when it suddenly occurred to
me. I was likely the only person who didn't want to keep her enslaved for the time I owned her lamp
rather I was willing to give her up. This changed my mind, I couldn't let her go back to being a
servant for the rest of eternity so I decided on two last wishes. I first wished that Sam was free of
that accursed lamp so that she would never again live the life of a slave, and lastly I wished that she
had lived a normal human life so that she would not be so lost entering this new frontier.

I took my time with the subsequent blowjobs as to make sure that our goodbye was not short lived.
After the final wish had been granted Sam did something wholly unexpected. Sam flipped me over
and rammed her cock deep into my pussy. With every stroke my pleasure built until my body erupted
into orgasm, the onslaught didn't stop there though as she continued pumping into me sending me
to orgasm several more times before she came deep inside of me. When she did my mind flooded
with new memories of growing up with her and having sleepovers as kids. At this point her cock
shrank away and we both passed out.

I awoke hours later next to Sam and knew what had happened. Sam was now human and she had
been my best friend my whole life. Sam awoke moments later and explained that she no longer had
a desire to be a genie lamp or not. She wanted a normal life and to accomplish that she needed
more magic than a simple blowjob could produce and such she harnessed my sexual energy in
tandem with hers to change her history. I was speechless, I had freed her and the only thing she
wanted was to stay. Although I knew that the memories of our shared childhood were fabricated I
didn't care. Those memories, real or not, painted a clear picture of friendship and I was overcome
with happiness and In the end the lamp that I all but blamed for my troubles turned out to be the very
thing that solved my biggest problem.

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