Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Corruption of the Body and Mind

(Only one image for reasons I explain in the aside at the end. ^_^)

 How did I end up here? I’ve gone over the past few weeks in my head so many times, no matter how many times I run through it I never learn anything. I know I’ve changed, I don’t know why, I don’t know if I care. Curiosity is my greatest vice however so I’m writing this hoping someone out there reads it and can tell me what happened to me.
Four weeks ago I was a normal guy, I played video games far more than it was healthy to, I masturbated, once again, to an unhealthy degree, and I had been single for nearly three years. I’m not sure exactly when it started but about four weeks ago I noticed that when jerking off I was paying more attention to the men than usual. Nothing too drastic but it struck me as odd nonetheless. A few days passed where I paid more and more attention the the guys before I was at the point that cocks looked incredible to me. Before dicks we’re just dicks, y’know? I wasn’t repulsed but I wasn’t exactly attracted to them. I mentioned that I had been having those thoughts to my friend John a few days later and he was surprisingly supportive. That’s not to say he took it one hundred percent seriously though.

“Well, if you want to you can suck me off to test it out.” He said with a laugh.

“Nice try, even if I am switching teams you shouldn’t hold your breath expecting anything from me.” 

“That’s a bit harsh, I’m just trying to help. Jokes aside though, I’m pretty sure there’s a gloryhole at the sex shop, if you’re really questioning it’d be worth a shot.”

“Yeah right, it’s probably nothing, I shouldn’t have even mentioned it.”

“Alright man, but my offer still stands!” He couldn’t help but let out another small laugh.

After about a week I was at a breaking point, I couldn’t think about cock without getting impossibly hard. I was jerking off ten times a day and no matter how many times I came I couldn’t stop thinking of cock. 

About a week and a half passed since the changes started and I had to do something. All I could think about was cock. Every waking moment I was thinking about it, jerking off to it, craving just a taste. That’s what I thought I needed, a taste, that’s all, once I tasted it everything would go back to normal.. right? With my objective clear I started preparing myself for my expedition. I bought a wig, some female clothes and watched about four hundred makeup videos. Once I was passable I took John’s joking advice and went to a gloryhole. I tried not to be conspicuous and eventually made my way into the receiving side. It must have been a minute at most but the anticipation made it days. Once that cock made its way through the hole I froze a bit. I had run through this plan a hundred times. Taste it, realize it’s not my thing, leave. Simple... As soon as I got the tip passed my lips all timidity vanished. This is what I had been needing. I’d needed this cock all my life I just did it know it. I felt complete, as if my place was on my knees doing exactly as I was. 

I felt empty when that first cock pulled away. I had gotten my reward and made sure that I hadn’t missed any but I needed more. Luckily more is exactly what I got. A couple of hours had passed by the time I finally left that booth. From just sucking guys off until they popped I had thoroughly soiled my panties. The amount of precum that dribbled out of my dick was incredible, and that was only the start, I came three times, I never even touched my dick, just the sheer pride and joy I got with each load of cum sent me over the edge. My poor little dick was empty by the time I left that room. Unbeknownst to me however, that satisfaction, that bliss was just the calm before the storm. 

Another week passed with me draining the balls of countless men. I stopped counting at about fifty, but trust me, that is far from the current number. Around that time is when I lost my anal virginity. It was the best sex I’d ever had by lightyears, and with ever new cock my addiction grew. I was so ravenous that the shop owner had a room set up for me with a hole on each side. I alone was probably the reason for a tripling in his clientele. So many people came just for me. I even started to remember some of the cocks. For example the one deep in my ass there I’ve called Bill, don’t know why, it just felt right. Anyway, I love Bill in my ass, it was like my ass was made for that cock, or vis versa. And Tom, the one I’m getting deep into my throat, is my absolute favorite. Whoever Tom’s person is is definitely proud of him, everything about Tom is perfect for me. As much as Bill feels great in my ass, Tom edges him out slightly, while also being an absolute dream to suck and swallow. The smell that dominates my senses anytime Tom comes through is indescribable. It’s a full on assault on every dopamine receptors in my brain. The taste is even better though, it’s like all my favorite things working in perfect harmony together to make my tiny little clitty absolutely drool precum and dribble out my pathetic little orgasms. I always “cum” multiple times when having my way with good ol’ Tom.

The physical changes came soon after that. Over the course of on a get days I no longer needed my wig, soon after that the breast forms were useless to me, as each day passed my pantries fit better and better. My clitty was of course the last thing to fully depart but instead of mourning my losses I celebrated my gains. I went from a flat chest to having a nice, if not a bit small, pair of boobs was amazingly sensitive nipples adorning them. My hair grew from a short, unhealthy, mess, to long, smooth, locks that perfectly framed my face. My once male body had thoroughly shrank while my figure became much more petite. Then of course, the greatest gift from all of this was that of losing my worthless little clitty and it being replaced by a tight, sensitive, beautiful pussy. 

The day my womanhood fully blossomed I texted John to come over. As the minutes grew to fill eternity I sat there, eagerly awaiting my friend’s arrival, with my body on full display.

“OH MY GOD! I am soooo sorry, I must have picked the wrong room.” John was rightfully confused.

“No John, it’s me, Alex.”

“No way, what happened?”

“I don’t know, but that’s not exactly why I invited you over.”

“..Okaaay... why am I here then?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Ok.. wait a sec, you’re suddenly a girl and you want me to have sex with you? Shouldn’t you like, I don’t know, be trying to figure out how to be a guy again?”

“I watched as day by day my clitty shrunk, once it was gone I was so happy. Now, I want you to take my virginity, vaginal virginity that is, bit late on anal.. sorry.”

And take he did, in moments he had me on the floor while he drove his cock deep into me. Each thrust sent me deeper and deeper into the vast ocean of pleasure that I could now experience. Just as soon as the shock faded though I realized something. I knew this cock, I knew it well. I could feel every inch of the magnificent cock and knew that it was Tom. My favorite cock belongs to my best friend. 

That’s where I am now, that’s all I know, maybe you can make more sense of it than I have.

(Well, here I am again. Out of obscurity to post a story with the hopes that I’ll keep writing consistently like I used to only to of course not follow through with said hopes. This break was not wholly unfounded however, about 3 weeks ago my house burned down, I’m not going to go into many details but everyone and our dog made it out safe. Obviously, the last thing on my mind was grabbing my laptop in the moments during discovering the fire. As such, I haven’t exactly had much means to write. Outside of the clothes on my back and my family the only thing I got out was my phone so that I could call 911. That combined with the obvious shock I went through out writing into the back seat for a bit despite having been getting close to writing again just before the fire. That brings us here, I wrote this while I was in a hotel room about a week after the fire and intended to edit it and post it soon after that. Having just now gotten around to doing that I’m not in the mood/willing to go through my normal editing process, and sadly, as I mentioned before the caption, images turned out to be a problem. I had 5 or 6 picked out and ready to go but when I checked today they were all blank because I didn’t add them to the document properly on account of drafting this in the notes app on my phone. As such, seeing as I’m too drained to so much as edit I hope y’all can understand my lack of desire to re-find and replace the lost images. 

That’s all I really have to say, in short, shit happened, I’m ok, to exhausted by life to edit/repopulate this story with images. I hope despite me killing the mood here at the end all of you have been well and as always, I hope y’all have a nice day. ^_^)

(Also, I know the title is way over the top but right now I honestly can’t think of anything better.)

Monday, September 28, 2020

Would You Kindly?

(Most of my asides as of late are at the end so they are easily skipped in the event the reader may not care to read them. This one however is coming partly before the story. That is because the premise/catalyst for the gender swap is a major spoiler for the game Bioshock and its iconic twist. So, if you haven't played the game but plan on playing it or just don't want it spoiled incase you ever do want to play it maybe skip this story. Also, while I have your attention I'm going to throw it out there that this story takes its premise from 'I'm a Man-pleaser!?' by Tgh0100, so if it seems familiar.. that's why, and if you haven't read it, here. It's a great read from the old days of OTGC before the original site went dark. The rest of my aside will be at the end like usual, I just wanted to make sure the spoiler warning and credit for the concept was out there before you got into the story itself.)  

Would you kindly? It's an innocent enough phrase, maybe a bit over the top, but, innocent nonetheless. That is, for everyone except me. Once everyone started getting powers, that innocent phrase gained a significantly less innocent use. Sure, it could still be innocent, but it had the ability to be used in a much darker way in regards to me now. You see, while some people gained flight, x-ray vision, or any other fantasy fulfilment powers myself and, based on news reports, about 10-15% of the powered population got powers that they would rather not have. Powers along the lines of The Thing from the Fantastic Four where they effectively turn to a rock golem, albeit with super strength. Or hell, some don't even get that benefit and are just stuck looking like gargoyles for the rest of their lives. My power or quirk, whatever you want to call it is much less noticeable, and thank god for that, if it was easily detectible I'd likely not be here writing this. My curse is something much more exploitable. I'm what some have dubbed a "pleaser" which is just a fancy way of saying slave if you ask me. Myself and, once again based on news reports, only 7 other pleasers are known, well, those 7 are known and I sure as hell wouldn't want to join that group. Those seven are little more than trophies who've been sold to the highest bidder and although everyone knows it's wrong, there is nothing that can be done. In all 7 cases the pleaser claims that they chose that life, of course, none likely did, they were instead made to believe that was the case by exploitation of their curse. Luckily for me, only one person knows of my status other than myself. That someone is my close friend John.

John and I discovered my curse when he decided to replay one of his favorite games, Bioshock. Some may already know where this is going based off just that and my overwrought intro to this journal entry, if that's the case, you can skip this paragraph, but for those that are unaware, I'll catch you up to speed. In the game a character helping you throughout the game requests you do things with the phrase, "would you kindly?" It's revealed at the end of the game that the phrase is not just a friendly request but a hypnotic trigger implanted into you by said character. That's where I come in, now that our world has been infected with powers. Each person sentenced to my same fate has some 'trigger' of their own. My trigger is the same as the one used in Bioshock, though, it's not a hypnotic trigger, it is much more powerful. If I hear the phrase "Would you kindly?" I go on autopilot, I lose all control over myself and must do as I was commanded immediately preceding or following my trigger phrase. It doesn't even necessarily need to be a command in the strictest form of the word. And, as with other pleasers it can even force physical changes in my body. 

Now that that is out of the way, here's what happened, John was replaying Bioshock and like so many times before, heard the friendly phrase, also, like so many times before, he began using the phrase jokingly whenever he would ask me for something. It started off simply enough, he'd ask for small things such as, "would you kindly get me a drink?" and other things like that whenever we'd hang out. Seeing as the requests started out as things I'd generally do because they weren't exactly outlandish, I didn't notice that I had little choice in the matter. The problem arose when he got toward the end of the game and started thinking of 'what ifs.' That combined with the knowledge of the existence of pleasers lead to our little discovery.

"Imagine if you had that power though man."

"I mean, anything is possible now John, I mean hell, just look at those poor fucks that drew the short straw and have to obey every command."

"Yeah, if only it was more common right? Like what if you could just go up to a random person and hit them with a, "Would you kindly suck my dick?" and-"

He didn't get to complete his thought, before either of us knew what was happening I was ripping his pants off and greedily sucking his rapidly hardening member.

"Yo! What are you doing, stop, stop man, stop!"

It was no use, neither of us knew what was happening for sure in that moment, all he knew was that I was suddenly acting like a nymhpomaniac with boundary issues and all I knew was that I NEEDED to suck him off as if my life depended on it. With the combination of confusion and shock John froze letting me do my job. The only saving grace for that situation was that I evidently was a good cock sucker because, before too long he blew his load and left my apartment in a hurry. I didn't know what to feel in that moment. Shame? Disgust? Pride? All I did feel was complete and utter confusion. It was a month before either of us worked up the nerve to say anything to the other, despite the time that had passed, there was little more than an air of awkwardness when we finally spoke again.

"Uh.. hey man? H-how have you been?" was all I could think to say after that fateful night.

"I've uh.. I've been good I guess.. And you?"

How do I even answer that? "I.. yeah, no, I've been fine.. y'know, same old same old."

"That's good.. I uh.. so.."

"John, I think we gotta address the elephant in the room.."

"I mean... shit, what is there to say? You sucked me off."

I'll spare you the rest of the exchange since nothing really came of it. All we knew was that we had no clue what happened. And that's how it stayed, until about 2 weeks later when we were hanging out again and I brought up Bioshock.

"So, did you ever finish up that playthrough?"

"After you, y'know.. Nah man, it was like the game came to life and I couldn't handle that shit for a while."

Fuck, how did we not realize it. "Ask me to do something."

"...Ok... Can you get me-"

"No no no, say would you kindly."

I saw understanding wash over his face. "Would you kindly do a backflip?"

That same eerie feeling of disconnectedness washed over me. I had never even done a somersault with grace much less a full on flip but I landed it with the ease of a career gymnast.

"Holy shit man! You're, you're a pleaser! We gotta tell someone, there's only like 10 of you in the world!"

"Hell No! I don't want to be kidnapped and sold to some sleazy rich guy with more money than I'd make in 10 lifetimes!"

"That's... a good point, didn't think of that. But dude, do you know what that means? We could make you an adonis. You could pull so many chicks if we messed around with your looks!"

That's what we did. We spent 4 months fucking new girls every night after using my power to transform my body into a godly visage and making me charismatic enough to pull girls for John as if he shared the same looks as I now did. It was great. Girls that wouldn't have given us a second thought before all this were now desperate for even a second alone with us. After a while though we got bored. We both kinda wanted to settle down for a bit atleast and find some girls to be with for an extended time. I landed us some bombshells and though I was able to hold on to them for a bit longer John would only be with each new girl for a week at best. Soon he grew tired of trying.

"Imma just give it a break man, they only stick with me long enough to realize they aren't going to get into your pants."

"Come on John, I'm sure we just haven't found the right one for you yet. I'm sure there's someone out there that'll love you for everything."

"I doubt it.. but maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place."

"What does tha-"

"Would you kindly call and break up with your girlfriend?"

Within minutes I was single.

"What the he-"

"Would you kindly stay quiet until I tell you otherwise."

I could no longer speak, no sound escaped my throat.

"Now, let's start making you my perfect woman. Would you kindly take on a more petite frame?"

No longer was I a 6' 250 pound man. 

"Let's try something to make this a bit easier, Would you kindly treat every command I give as if had prefaced it with would you kindly?"

Nothing as far as I could tell changed with that one.

"Let's see. Change into a woman."

Not that I could directly see a change but I now felt a small weight on my chest and I could no longer feel my dick between my legs.

"I'm a bit surprised that one worked, now that I don't need to say your trigger anymore though, this should go much faster. Rapid fire it is then. Grow breasts that are about... let's say 32A, take on a height of 5' 6", weigh 110 pounds, and grow long dark brown hair."

With every oddly worded command my body shifted, clearly caring not for perfectly sensible commands. 

"Damn, I've done good on you. Hmmm, what else, should I do? Go ahead, any ideas?"

"How about you turn me back, this is some sick shit man, I'm not some clay figurine for you to mold to your liking."

"I don't really like that idea, ooh, I've got one, go change into something sexy, do your makeup , and think of some commands you'd give if you were in my position."

Emily Grey Content | APClips.com

This is my life now huh? I made my way to my bedroom and grabbed some lingerie my girlfriend... ex-girlfriend had left at my place and without any thought expertly applied makeup as if I had been doing it my entire adult life. Sadly, alongside my drone-like actions my mind filled with different ways to irreparably change my own life. By the time I was ready to show off my new look I had several things to suggest to John.

"Damn, I mean, I knew you'd look good, but damn. Anyways, whatcha got for me?"

My stomach dropped as I began to lay out the plan for my own imprisonment. "Well, first I'd make me only able to be controlled by you."

"Go on..."

"I'd make me naturally act like a girl, never desire to leave you, crave sex with you any time you're in the mood, and love making you cum more than having an orgasm of my own." 

With that he gave every command as I suggested, my trigger word would now only work for him, my entire demeanor changed to be more shy if not a little slutty since he was horny already, when he spoke my last suggested command I wasn't immediately changed as far as I knew but I was certain I'd soon find out just how well it had worked.

And find out I did. Our long night of pleasure started simply with a blowjob, something I had not been looking forward to doing again after the night we initially discovered my curse. Much like that night I was a skilled cocksucker evidenced by just how quickly he finished in my mouth. When he did finish that last command came into play, I had derived no physical pleasure from sucking him off but I had never in my life felt so satisfied with myself, making him cum made me inexplicably proud in a way that I had never been before. The taste itself wasn't bad but I knew before long it'd become addicting if I had that same response every time. I had little time to contemplate my impending pavlovian training however as he quickly commanded me to strip and present myself for him to truly make a woman out of me.

Time To PLay.. featuring Emily Grey | Twistys.com. Rating = 8.82/10

I did as I was told removing my ex's lingerie before laying back, cupping one of my small breasts, and spreading my eager lower lips to prepare to accept John's cock. As he entered me for the first time I evaluated what was likely to be how I'd be having sex for the rest of my life. It, wasn't awful. It felt quite nice actually. Being on the receiving end of that which I had been giving countless girls over the past year was actually really enjoyable. The feeling of fullness was so satisfying and I felt an orgasm slowly but surely building with every trust. Whereas I had always preferred being in control in bed as a man I was clearly on the opposite side of that coin as a woman. I found myself enjoying the growing sensation in my pussy before the dam that had been holding all that pleasure in burst, washing my body with a delicate warmth and a pleasure not quite like anything I had felt before. It was mind melting as I felt another orgasm building directly after I had been ravaged by the first. 

I ultimately lost count of just how many orgasms I had been given throughout the rest of that wondrous night but I did keep count of how many I was able to give John. Over the course of the night I made John cum 5 times, each warping my mind more than the last. By the end just the thought of sucking him off  left my pussy dripping wet. The taste went from lack luster to something unimaginably crave-able

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I became little more than a sex doll for John but I couldn't make myself care. The pleasure I drowned in every time we made love was unparalleled by anything I had so much as dreamed of as a man. When we weren't indulging in our more animalistic urges life was actually great. Life wasn't constant sex, we actually spent a lot of time as if I was still a man. It was as if nothing had changed between us in those moments. 

(This is kind of an abrupt ending... If I'm being honest, it's not exactly what I had planned for this story. I wasn't very sure how to finish it but in the end fell this somewhat open endedish ending. I think having the story end in a spot where it's still a little fucked like most of my stories where it's not entirely consensual but it also has a more lighthearted ending more akin to Quirky, which, of course, is in this same universe. So, once again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'm happy with how this one turned out. I don't know if I'll be coming back to this universe soon or at all, I mean, sure, there's plenty of potential for stories but if there's anything I've learned from writing these over the years is I don't do incredibly well when I keep to one universe for too long unless it's a much more ambiguous connection. I don't expect this one to do as well as Quirky, for one, I told people to not read at the beginning and, well, I don't feel that it turned out quite as well either. I like it but personally I think Quirky was more well written. If you agree with that assumption or not I hope you enjoyed this one regardless. ^_^)

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


No, no no no, NO, Fuck! God.. That is practically the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. Shit, y'know what, maybe the message will fail to send. Maybe I wont have to explain this to him. Only time will tell.

Well, it didn't fail. He hasn't responded to the text yet though so maybe he hasn't seen it. Maybe it screwed up on his end. I'm going crazy trying to think how on earth I can explain THAT picture. I mean, sure, he knows about my Quirk but I've never sent anything like that to him. Maybe I should explain myself. For a few years now everyone on years has been getting powers, some good, some bad. Once it became evident that it wasn't just a handful of people, society had to adapt. Based on who you talk to and what they prefer; these abilities will get you different titles or have different names. For simplicity the worlds governments just call people with powers, which at this point is nearly everyone, powered individuals. Some people were more partial to Marvel or DC's names such as Mutants and Meta Humans. Others, like myself liked the sound of 'Quirk' as a descriptor for your power a la My Hero Acadamia. Regardless, they all meant the same thing. You have some random power. For example, my power is shapeshifting.. kinda. Well, that's what it is, but it's more.. restricted. You see, the more I fall in love with a person the more my body will change to match their idea of a perfect partner. This has obviously led to some great situations and some not so great ones. It has gotten me plenty of lays and lost me a few relationships. Now that that's out of the way here's what I just sent to my longest time friend Mark...


Yeah... not exactly something you send to a friend... To explain this, I've been dating a girl who tends to swing towards the fairer sex, though she does enjoy the genuine article to any.. rubber or plastic alternatives, so since I fell for her my body has been growing more and more effeminate while I luckily got to retain my manhood. Things had been going pretty great with her and we've been sexting regularly for a while now. That's where that picture comes from. It was meant to go to her but I accidentally sent it to Mark since her name is Mary... I didn't pay enough attention and since they were both at the top of my recent text conversations and have similar names... I fucked up.

After an hour or so of waiting for some reaction, some reply, anything from Mark, I heard a knock at my door. Upon further investigation I realized it was him. He was at my house for some reason. This can only end awkwardly..

"Oh, hey man, whatcha doing here? I didn't get a text or anything from you saying you were coming."

"Well, I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop by. Oh yeah, and there's the picture you sent me."

Shit, he had gotten it. "Oh... yeah... sorry about that, it was meant for Mary, I hope it didn't weird you out to much.."

"Weird me out? Nooooo. I mean, what's an accidental sext between friends, nothing really."

I sighed in relief. "Good, I was a little paranoid there for a bit when you didn't respond."

"Yeah, I can understand, and one sec, I did have something to give you actually."

Thank God, he wasn't even phased, this can all be a thing of the-

"Here it is!" He said as he pulled out a maid costume from his bag.

"I appreciate it man but.. I'm not really into crossdressing.."

"I bet you'd really enjoy wearing this man."

It was like a switch flipped in my head. Why not try it? Could be fun dressing up and hell.. maybe Mary would be into it. With that thought driving me I grabbed the costume and went to change. It fit surprisingly well and Just like Mark had said I was really enjoying the way it made me feel. After a bit of admiring myself in the mirror I made my way back to the living room and sat in my chair to continue talking with Mark.


"So, how does it feel?"

"It feels great! I've never done anything like this before but it really feels good."

"You really look like a girl all dressed up like that, maybe you should commit to it a bit more, y'know, put on a bit of an act."

"You're so right." Without a second thought I struck a sultry pose trying my best to really look feminine. "How's this?"

"Geez, it's perfect, I almost want to strip you out of it and take you like a woman. I mean, we could experiment a little, y'know, see what things are like with a guy. If nothing else, I bet it would be great to find out more about yourself."

Never in my life had I given such an idea any thought. I was fine with anyone's sexuality but I was pretty confident that I was attracted to women. Now though? I really wanted to find out if gay sex is something I like.

"I think you're right, so who's going to be receiving first?"

"Well, as excited as I am to try it out, I feel like you'd feel better as the girl in this situation."

He was right, as he said it I knew that's what I wanted, I mean, I'd had sex with girls plenty of times, I've done anal too, so how new could being the one giving really be?

"You're right again, let's go."

As he started to strip I got up and leaned on my chair presenting my ass to him, waiting for him to take me.

At first it was nothing special, It felt fine but it's not like I was experiencing overwhelming pleasure or anything, it was just kinda ok. He on the other hand seemed to really enjoy it. He was grunting and and saying how tight I was. After a while I was about to stop him since I wasn't really getting much out of it, but as I turned to tell him he looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I bet this feels way better for you man!" It gave me pause, up until that point I wasn't particularly enjoying it but suddenly it was as if he started to find all the right spots. I went from kinda bored to riding a pleasure high. It felt incredible. It was so much better than using my penis to fuck a girl. I was rock hard in mere seconds once he started hitting all those sensitive spots.


Either he is super experienced or his quirk is something to do with having enormous amounts of stamina because he was ramming my ass for what felt like hours. He was fucking me for so long that I was able to cum four times. Four! And I was even building to another. I hadn't even touched my dick once and yet I'd had four orgasms back to back. I was moaning like a porn star and never wanted it to end. You know what they say about all good things though.

"I'm nearly there man, I'm about to cum. Why don't you get the full experience and finish me with your mouth?"

What a great idea! I was loving his cock in my ass I may may as well see if I liked sucking dick too!

Amedee Vause in Deep Throat Land - Busty Maid BlowJob Part 1of 2 ...

Once again, pretty underwhelming at first but after a while I guess he saw my hesitancy and chimed in, "You're really good at this man, you're probably loving this." Suddenly I realized just how right he was. His cock felt like the thing my mouth had been missing my entire life. Every inch just felt right. What before just tasted bland  now coated my mouth with incredible flavor. Thank god I had cleaned myself up for that buttplug earlier or this would likely be a much different story. "I'm not gonna last much longer, I hope you really like what comes next..." Part of me was worried about him finishing in my mouth, but given how incredible this thing had made me feel; I was not about to chicken out before finishing him off. Within a minute it happened. His cum flooded into my mouth, it coated my tongue and everything else, it felt like It just wouldn't stop. I was determined though, I wasn't going to waste a drop. Best. Decision. Ever. It was amazing. It was like nothing I'd ever tasted before yet perfect in every way. It was the perfect reward after sucking him off. I played with it in my mouth for a few seconds savoring the flavor before I eagerly swallowed and latched back onto his cock to scavenge every last ounce that had escaped me before. It wasn't much but the thin layer still on his cock and the small bit that had yet to come out was every bit at good as the rest. Maybe better.

"That was great man. It seemed like you really enjoyed it too. I'd offer to receive now but judging by the floor I doubt you've got much left in the tank."

I blushed. "Uh.. yeah. I couldn't help myself I guess.. I never thought taking a dick could feel so good."

"Good? It seemed like you were loving it, like you loved my cock, hell, like you loved me."

He was right, god was that the understatement to end all understatements. "It was great, amazing even, Way better than having sex with a girl! Does that mean I'm gay?"

"Maybe, I mean, we've always been close. I've loved you like family for a long time, and you me I assume. Maybe, instead of brothers we're spouses. Then again. I haven't exactly taken a dick yet and as far as I know I've always been straight."

"Well, we could hang out for a bit until we've recharged and you could give it a go!"

"You're right, you should keep the costume on though, It might help speed things up."

After about half an hour he seemed ready for round two but I didn't feel hard at all, it felt like my legs were wet from what I assumed was precum but when I reached down to start trying to get my dick hard, I wasn't met with my usual appendage. As you may have inferred I instead found a vagina. I froze at that realization, either Mary had suddenly decided that she was done with dicks forever or I loved someone else. I wanted it to be the former, I really did, but I knew.. My love had shifted. Over the course of the past few hours I had officially fallen for Mark. It was odd how fast it all happened, I was never usually this quick at falling for someone. Then again I guess maybe I had already fallen for him long ago but I now viewed it differently given the night's events. Either way. I knew what I had to do.

I excused myself under the guise of needing to use the restroom and took a moment to tell Mary everything. It was hard, really hard, but it had to be done. I told her that I had cheated and that I didn't deserve to be with her. She was rightfully furious and stopped texting me very quickly. I didn't get to the part about my cheating being with a guy, but, either way it was over between us. It hurt to hurt her like that, but, I knew it would be way worse to drag her along when I didn't feel the same way toward her. I took off the costume after that, aside from the stockings that is, I was a bit worried I'd mess them up removing them, and it just felt right to wear them. I then prepared myself for what was to come next. I knew what I wanted, I knew what I needed to do to get that. It was still petrifying all the same. I kept building up the courage to do it until I heard Mark knock on the door and I froze.

"You good in there? It's been a while."

I couldn't just not answer, he'd likely assume the worst and make his way in if I didn't say anything.

"Uh." I couldn't help but be surprised by how much higher my voice had gotten. "Yeah, I'm fine, one sec."

"Alright.. I just wanted to check.." He didn't at all seem phased by my voice's new register.

Once I was pretty sure he had returned to the living room I went to lay on my bed. How was this so hard? I've never been this nervous about telling someone my feelings before. After what felt like an eternity I called out for Mark to come to my bedroom. My heart was racing, I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt faint. I had never in my life been this anxious for something like this. That soon faded however. When he opened that door all my reservations melted away. I was ready for this. I was ready for my man to take me. Properly this time.

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He didn't need further prompting. He saw me naked and waiting with an eager pussy between my legs. He grabbed my legs and spread them before christening my new womanhood and sealing my fate. If what I had felt earlier was incredible, this feeling was indescribable. I had never before felt so perfectly complete. After years of bedding more women than I could count, I had found something that truly felt real. I no longer needed my Quirk because in that moment, on that bed, with the man I love's cock pounding away at my delicate womanhood, I knew that nothing could ever amount to this again. I was at peace. I was whole. I can't tell you how many times my body erupted into orgasmic pleasure that night, or how many times I wished it would never end. Like I said earlier though. All good things...

The next morning I woke up before Mark. We had fallen asleep in eachother's arms and there was a high likelihood that I may become a mother, based on my best recollection of taking his seed inside me at least twice. I wriggled my way out of his embrace trying my best to not disturb him before catching a glimpse of his morning wood. I nearly dropped back to the bed to wake him up in the best way I could think of, but cooler heads prevailed and I left him to rest after the long night we had. I made my way to the bathroom to shower seeing as I did not break away from him at all last night and desperately needed to clean up before doing anything lest I smell of sex the entire day. Something I didn't entirely object to but seeing as I'd likely need a new wardrobe I decided an aroma or sweat and cum, wouldn't quite be the best to have in public.

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After my shower I took note that I probably needed new shampoo and body wash, my hair and skin felt a bit weird, not bad, just not exactly good and I felt that they make different types of shampoos and body washes for women for that very reason. If nothing else I was sure that I wanted to take better care of my hair and skin now. After that mental note I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked very similar to how I had the night before. Like, before the events of the previous night. My features were smoother, rounder, and looked more feminine though it was like I was being put through a filter rather than transforming completely. I guess Mark just has a similar taste in women  Mary. I brushed it off and spotted some makeup left by Mary or one of my previous girls, I couldn't remember anymore, regardless, I decided to try well, doing my makeup. I had never done it before seeing as I never had too but I just felt like the right thing to do. After a while I realized why it takes girls so long to get ready. This was hard, admittedly, my lack of experience played a role, but, I could tell even with years of practice I'd likely still not be terribly quick at it. I didn't do too much, as, well, I didn't think I could do much more, but I felt pretty, so I counted it as a win. I then snuck back into my room and found a shirt left by one of my exes that they had never returned for. I took likely the only well fitting shirt I still had and my earbuds to listen to music while I waited for Mark to wake up.

After about an hour I started to hear movement from my room and knew that he was finally awake. Before long he made his way out of my room still sporting his morning wood and scanned the house before finding me waiting in the living room.

"Well, looks like I wasn't dreaming then?"

"Nope, I can't say you were."

"So, we... had sex, and you..."

"Turned into a woman on account of my Quirk?"

"Uh, yeah.. So that means..."

"I think so, I can't really deny that I love you. I mean, look at me." I said blushing slightly.

"I uh.. yeah.."

"You should probably shower. You could borrow some clothes, or I guess, take some clothes. I'm sure one of my previous builds was similar to yours."

"Yeah, thanks... I'll uh, I'll do that."

With that exceedingly awkward exchange my heart sank. I was worried that he did not feel the same for me as I did for him. All I could do was wait now. Maybe he was just a bit shaken. It was all really sudden.

<-Mark, the morning after, immediately following the awkward conversation.->

Fuck. Did-did I really do that.. Fuck. He-err-She's going to hate me. I have to tell hi-her. Hopefully this isn't the end of our friendship. Fuck. Why did I do that. I have no self control. I'll have to work up the nerve while I get cleaned up.

<-Back to my POV... I haven't mentioned my name huh? Well, it was Samuel, I might still go by Sam though so I guess it's not terribly unfitting, it'll obviously be short for something else now though.->

As I waited for what felt like an eternity, watching every excruciatingly slow minute pass I felt awful. I'd been rejected before, not commonly, mind you, seeing as I slowly approached their perfect partner visually it's not like most people wouldn't be down to at least try a relationship, but there were times, mostly with girls who actually had boyfriends or husbands, but... y'know... this isn't terribly important to explain. My point is, I have never and I mean NEVER been this absolutely mortified by the idea or even the occurrence of a rejection. Maybe it was hormones or maybe he truly was the one, I could not bear the thought of him turning me down. Eventually I would have to wait no longer however. Before long I heard the water turn off and heard him searching my closet. Time only felt slower during this stretch but I knew soon it would be over... for better or worse.

He sat down next to me on the couch. "Uh, hey.. I-I have to tell you something."

This is it. He's going to say he doesn't have feelings for me like I very clearly now have for him. I swallowed hard and responded in a very defeated tone, "I get it, I mean, I wouldn't want to risk our friendship either." It was getting much harder to hold back tears.

"No, no no no, Sam. That's-that's not it. I-fuck, how do I say this? I-I have a Quirk that I've never told you about. I-I'm extraordinarily persuasive, like, scarily so. Every suggestion I made, ever comment-" he was on the edge of tears himself now, "I fucked up. I screwed with your head man.. I'm so sorry.. I don't know if you could ever forgive me. I bet-"

I didn't know what he was going to say next but I couldn't risk it being what I dreaded it might be. I stole his lips and pulled him in to a deep kiss to shut him up. After a few blissful moments I pulled away and took the opportunity created by his shock to get my point across. "Hey, it's ok.. I wouldn't change what happened last night knowing that or not."

"But I-"

I placed another delicate kiss on his lips to quiet him again. "Wether you screwed with me or not isn't all that relevant to me, it happened, I agreed to it. It's not like you bent me over and forced me to like it."

"I di-"

Another kiss brought his thought to an end. "I get it, I don't look terribly different than I did before last night, I was clearly very much your type."

"Yeah but tha-"

A deeper kiss this time, not as up front as the first but deeper than the last one nonetheless. "We have been friends almost as long as I can remember, every step along the way we were there for eachother. That's about as close to loving someone as I could think of."

"You're just saying that because I made you think that. You should-"

I grabbed his hands this time and stared deeply into his eyes. "Tell me that I should speak only my true feeling toward you, not what you think you made me think last night."

He sighed heavily. "You should tell me how you really feel, how you felt before last night."

I was a bit taken aback. My plan hadn't failed, though it hadn't worked entirely either. "I am not madly in love with you."

"See I told-"

"Shhhh, I'm not done. I'm not madly in love you, no. That part was due to your Quirk I guess, but look." I lifted my shirt exposing my still present womanhood. "I don't have a dick. So unless I've somehow fallen for someone else with identical tastes in women as you, I DO love you. So don't undo what you did.. or do.. it wont matter. I'm still here. And this-" I pulled him in to one last passionate kiss, it seemed to last for eons, I wanted it to, truthfully. "Is still what I want. So let's at least give this a try, I'd regret it if we didn't."

He was stunned. He truly believed that this would be end end of our friendship, he believed he had ruined everything. He didn't, sure, I'm not incredibly excited by the fact that it only happened because of his Quirk, but I'm not mad either. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

<-Five months later->

"Sammy, I'm home"

I excitedly made my way to the door to greet my love.

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"How was your day Honey?" He always gave the same answer but I loved hearing it nonetheless.

"It's much better now that I'm with you."

Not much in the way of talking followed that exchange, I had been bouncing off the walls waiting for him and at this point I was unbearably horny. As such I wasted little time before starting something that also almost always followed my original question.

As good as the first time? Maybe not. It was still fantastic though. In some ways it was better because now I wasn't under some spell... Quirk..? You get the point, I still loved it, I loved everything about giving him pleasure. This position never lasted long though. We'd always somehow end up with him on the floor.

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That too only lasted so long before he made it a point to take control and return the pleasure I'd given him and then some.

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Let's just say, our couch gets a good work out most days. <3

(Hi! It's-It's been a while. Sorry about that. If you saw my previous post on OTGC you'll know part of the reason. I've been wanting to write now for a few days but kept putting it off. I made it a point to not continue that into tonight though... Obviously... Anyways, I don't know how regularly I'll post seeing as the only thing that is certain about my writing schedule is that is very random... Once again, sorry. Here it is though, a new story, one that I am actually proud of. A lot of the time I base how well written one of my stories is by the comments or likes but this time I doubt that'll play much of a part. I really enjoyed writing this one, I also really like how it turned out. And, at the risk of sounding like the most broken record on this website, it's not what I initially thought I'd write, it took on a life of its own, and of course, how could I forget, it's not necessarily my style. This one isn't terribly far off though so I'm mostly including that last one to complete the repeating theme that seems common amongst the most recent asides I have written. All of that said, I hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it... <forgot to repeat that one earlier I guess... And hopefully this time I wont disappear for months on end. God, this aside has gone on for a long time now... I'll finish up... Thank you for reading, I'd love to see what you thought of it in the comments, and finally I hope you have a great day! ^_^)

(Oops... one last thing. I debated including Mark's Quirk in the story. I eventually settled on writing it in... obviously... but I do want to know if you would have preferred it being left out and just being a mystery, what his Quirk was, or if he even had a Quirk. I am still kinda torn, I mean, I like it being stated since it redeems Mark in a way, but, I also like the idea of it just being an unknown. If I end up writing a similar story, such as one contained in this universe, like I have done in the past with my traveling stone series. I'd love to know wether you believe it would have more of an impact being stated such as here, or, having it left up to interpretation similar to the ending of Inception, where the top isn't shown stopping, leaving you wondering if Cobb is dreaming or not... That was a bit of a specific example... Anyways, my question stands. Please comment what you would have preferred since I'm really tempted to run with this universe a bit.)

Friday, March 13, 2020

The Act

"Whoa. You sure this is your first time doing something like this?"

"Dressing like a girl? Yes. But you know I've been a makeup artist for years."

"Yeah, but, I just... I mean-"

"Are you getting turned on by me dude? haha, I'm not that convincing, come on."

"Wanna bet?"

"First off, what? Second off, what? Third off-"

"Let me guess.. what?"

"Yeah, wanna answer my questions?"

"It's simple, I'll take your picture right now, send it to a few of our friends saying you're my new girlfriend, and see how they react."

"Ok, but like, what do either of us get out of this? It's a bet right? What do we get if we win?"

"I hadn't really thought of anything. I mean, I suppose I wouldn't mind you paying my share of the rent this month."

"Alright, and when everyone wonders why you're suddenly into such non-feminine women. I get to dress you up and tell all our friends that you have a new pastime."

"Hell no man, that's extreme!"

"Alright, we'll tell then after a week or if they start acting weird, we'll also tell them that I'm the 'girl' in the picture you sent."

"That's still crazy, but fine, I know I'll win so whatever, I hope you're ready to pay up come rent time."

"And I hope you're ready to be thought of as a sissy for a week."

Image result for ashe maree

It was astounding just how quickly I lost our bet. Within the hour everyone that received a picture was practically bowing at his feet since he had landed 'such a hot piece of ass.' Sexism aside, I was disappointed in our friend's gullibility, until I took a look at the picture. That's me? My surprise soon subsided though as I remembered that I now owed Jack's share of this month's rent.

After that day things were pretty normal, and once I’d honored my side of the bet, I expected the whole situation to be a thing of the past. I was wrong. I started getting texts from our friends commenting on Jack’s ‘girlfriend’ asking if she was a beautiful in person as she was in pixels seeing as we were roommates and if anyone had seen her in person it’d be me. I tried to not say much considering that y’know, she doesn’t exist. Just saying things like “yeah, she pretty” and other short answers. After covering for Jack for a while I had to confront him.

“This has gone on long enough don’t you think? Seeing as your ‘girlfriend’ doesn’t really exist you should probably tell the guys that you have broken up or something, anything to kill the character so to speak."

"I agree, their questions are endless man. I was on the edge of texting that all day to be honest."

"Oh, ok then, good. That's all then I guess."

Within a week I was bombarded with requests for her number. All of our friends heard that Jack dumped her and immediately saw an open door. You can't even imagine how awkward that whole situation was. First, they were kinda breaking rule number 1 of the bro code completely unabashedly and secondly, my friends were super thirsty.. because of me. It almost sent shivers down my spine to be honest.

"Things were much easier when they though you were dating... did we ever even give female me a name? -Anyways, we need to claim y'all are dating again, it's way too weird getting thirsty texts from everyone asking about.. her.."

"Huh, they haven't said much of anything to me. I thought they had dropped it. It's kinda fucked that they haven't honestly, she's my ex after all.. kinda. Whatever, how do you propose we go about this then? Just claim we're back together?"

"Well, firstly I think she needs a name, and we ought to get another picture of her I'd say."

"Well, I've always liked the name Ashe, so there's a name, I suppose the rest is on you huh?"

I can't believe that not only did I sign off on this but that it was my idea. Not only that, but why did I decide to go this far?

Image result for ashe maree

I mean, it definitely will get the point across that they're a thing again, I just can't tell you why I was so into taking this picture. Whatever, at least it was done.

"Damn, Ashe has an a-"

"Imma stop you right there. It's still me there."

"Yeah, but still, damn."

"Just send it to them so I stop getting their horny texts."

Sadly, yet, maybe a bit unsurprisingly, the sexy picture only made them act more like horny teenagers. Oddly though, I stopped hating it, the comments they made were kinda flattering despite knowing that they weren't exactly directed at me. I may have even taken it a bit too far after that. I began to crave their reactions as weird as it was.

Image result for ashe maree

I was dressing as Ashe and having Jack send photos at least once a month and though I initially dialed back the sexual nature of the pictures a bit I didn't care to keep that up for long.

Image result for ashe maree

Sexy costumes like this only lasted a short time before I returned to varying states of undress.

Image result for ashe maree

I was even trying to be cute in some pictures.

Image result for ashe maree

It was 6 months of this before I decided to take things a bit further. I was enjoying making myself pretty every once in a while so much so that I thought I'd give actually being Ashe a go. Luckily for me, the local gender clinic had really fair pricing compared to others in the area and I was able to hop the fence without breaking the bank. Naturally, my first picture actually as Ashe was one showing off my new assets.

Image result for ashe maree

Soon after sending that picture to Jack I realized I wasn't sending it for the compliments, I knew damn well that I was sexy by now and at this point I was just having fun teasing our friends. As such, I knew the next logical step to further my little game. It was time for our friends to actually meet 'Ashe.' Jack was of course all for it, he gets to have a beautiful woman on his arm to impress his friends and we both get to laugh at their inevitable thirsty texts in regards to.. me.

Image result for ashe maree

At this point I should've known I'd never really go back to being a guy. I mean, just look at me. I was taking selfies for myself at this point just because I felt pretty and a bit silly, so why not. Our little date was pretty fun all things aside. The texts after it all were hilarious though. They were all speaking of Ashe like she was a goddess and acting like I had missed the opportunity of a lifetime by not being there with them. Admittedly it was a bit weird just how much I was enjoying tricking all of our friends, but I didn't care and I was more than excited waiting for our next 'date' with the guys.

This little charade continued for weeks before it finally hit me. I wasn't going out with Jack to mess with the guys anymore. Some part of me just wanted to be around him. Once I realized that I started looking at my actions since taking on the Ashe character. It started off just being for the joke but before too long I started enjoying the compliments and then shortly after my trip to the clinic, I began looking at Jack differently. And now? Now I had truly become my character, and I was finally ready to embrace it.

Image result for ashe maree

"You probably shouldn't send this one to the guys" was all the context I gave before texting him my first ever nude. He was outside with me in seconds after seeing it.

"What.. what is this about.?"

"Well, you've never really commented on me like our friends, I wanted to see what you thought of your girlfriend.." I said nervously.

"I-I just-wha-why- Okay, This is too weird.. Imma just-yeah."

Before he turned to leave I jumped up and wrapped my arms around him before moving in for a kiss. He didn't resist anymore after that, he eagerly returned my kiss and one thing led to another. We didn't leave bed for the rest of the day, hell, I didn't want to leave that bed for the rest of my life. The shear pleasure I felt with each touch drove me wild. I was in heaven and in that moment I knew that Ashe was here to stay.

It has been 6 months since the new me was born in that bedroom and though we weren't sending pictures of me to our friends anymore, I certainly hadn't stopped sending them to Jack, we were an item after all and I liked keeping my man happy.

Image result for ashe maree gif

(This is not what I initially set out to write. This was going to be closer to Acceptance and Denial in theme but as I wrote the story took a life of its own as it always seems to do when I write and though I could have made it fit my initial idea for these pictures I'm glad I didn't. I enjoyed writing this despite it not being my usual style and I hope you enjoyed reading it despite that as well ^_^)

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


"You have a magic rock? What's next, are you gonna pull out a broom and fly around on it?"

"No, really, it's magic."

"Dude, magic isn't real, it's probably just catching light in a weird way to look like it's glowing."

"Let's make a bet then, if I can prove it's magic I can use it to do whatever I want to you."

"And when I inevitably win, you have to pay my share of the rent next month."


Just as soon as he said that, I had lost our little bet, within seconds I was dressed in a school girl outfit with an all over much more feminine frame.

"What the hell?!"

"I told you it was magic, you should've listened."

"Change me back dude, this is crazy."

"Uh uh uh, I get to do what I want to you, this is what I want."

"Why though? Why do you want me to look like... this."

"It's simple Alexis, you've always called me a sissy and now I intend to make you my sissy."

"Come on, you know I was just teasing you man."

"Nah, I think I'll go ahead and have some fun, think of it as me teasing you. Now, why don't you go get acquainted with your your new body, maybe snap some naughty pictures."

His words were like commandments. No matter how hard I may try to resist I couldn't. I was a passenger in my own body as I made my way to the bathroom for a little photoshoot. I cycled through so many outfits that I lost count, and with each photo more degrading than the last I was losing all sense of self. I looked in the mirror and didn't see myself. I saw this.

And this.


And eventually, even this.

None of this scared me as much as what happened after taking that lingerie clad picture though. I could immediately tell that I wasn't leaving the bathroom to get another outfit this time. In short time I realized where my body was actually taking me. To Jack's room. After what had just happened I could only dread what was to come when I made it to his room. When I opened the door to his room my fears were confirmed. There he was, laying naked on his bed with his cock fully erect, waiting for me. My entire world flipped in that moment looking at his cock brought things into perspective. That was a cock. A glorious cock. A beautiful cock. The idea that I ever thought I had something even comparable to it was laughable to me now. No, I don't have a cock. I have a pretty little sissy clitty. With this newfound knowledge my mouth began watering like never before. My body craved that cock, I needed that cock.

Related image

When my tongue finally touched his manhood I couldn't control myself. The taste of his precum alone drove me up the wall. It was the best thing to ever grace my tongue. It was everything I had ever wanted in life. His cock was taking me to places that I could've only imagined and I could only yearn to know how it would feel inside of me. While lost in my cock induced bliss my body further changed. My chest ballooned slightly and though the majority of my body was already very effeminate after the first set of changes, one thing remained from my male form. That of course was my little clitty, though, that was no longer the case. The last shred of me that I could vaguely be considered male soon slipped away, leaving only a tight, dripping wet pussy, aching to be filled by the very cock I was currently devouring.

"Alright Alexis, I think it's time I make a woman out of you."

Hearing those words were everything to me. Sucking his cock was amazing enough but now I get to take him inside me? I get to service this amazing thing with more than just my mouth? Yes please!

He maneuvered me off the bed and somewhere along the line he must have used the stone to put me in a lace top which served to make me feel truly sexy. Outside of its effect on me it seemed to also get him more worked up, as when he slowly penetrated my delicate womanhood I could feel that he was harder than he had been when he was in my mouth. Hardness was not even close to the forefront of my mind though. I was way more focused on how deeply and fully he filled me. I had never felt anything nearly as incredible as this before. With every thrust any minuscule shred of 'maleness' I had left eroded away. Each thrust drove home just who I now was. I was his woman. I was his slut. I was here only to service his glorious cock. And when he finally exploded deep inside me everything was set in stone. I had fully accepted my new place in life, my true purpose. All I could ask for now was that he didn't have that long of a refractory period, I was already desperate for round 2.

(So, goodbye was more of a see you later I guess. When I wrote that post I truly believed that I just couldn't write a good story anymore. I had plenty of ideas that I could just not fully flesh out. Furthermore, I hadn't had the desire to write these types of stories in quite a long time. That brings us here though. 'Acceptance.' Acceptance has multiple meanings here actually. For one, I recently wrote another story that I had the drive to write out of nowhere. That story was only posted on OpenTGC and it was called 'Denial.' I'll be editing it and posting it on my other usual locations since I've now... accepted that though sometimes I'll be in a drought for story ideas I'll probably always come back at some point. I've also accepted that I can't force myself to write. I've known this for a long time but when I wasn't writing I almost felt... guilty? It makes no sense, but yeah, guilty. As if I owe it to everyone to put something out. I'm not going to do that anymore. If I'm not really into writing a story I just wont write and I wont feel bad about that anymore... hopefully. So yeah, I suppose I'm back. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you enjoyed Denial aswell.)

(I wanted to explain more about Denial for those of you on OpenTGC. First off... I'm sorry I misled you a bit with it. I didn't want to post it on my normal account because I wasn't sure if that bit of inspiration was a one time thing or not. In an effort to further hide that it was me I also didn't edit it past the editing I do as I write. I of course also laid it out differently than I normally do. I wasn't sure just how distinct my writing style happened to be to readers so I did my best to change just enough so that with my misleading aside it would be unlikely that someone would realize it was me and think that I was back. Lastly, I wanted to say thank you for the support on that story, it really helped in me deciding to come back, knowing that I can actually still write good story regardless of the reputation I've built as SexyCaps. I know that's a ridiculous idea, that people only like my stories because of my account, but I've never been confident in my writing so stupid thoughts like that still worm their way into my head.)


"So what you're telling me is you can do almost anything so long as you think it?" I wasn't buying what Jack was trying to sell me.

"Yeah, I haven't ever done anything to you though don't worry."

"Well, now I'm starting to think you have... Why are you telling me this anyways? Is this some weird prank?"

"Not at all, I just feel like I've known you for long enough to let you in on my secret."

"How is that even possible? Also, what can you do to make me believe any of this?"

"Come on Alli... actually, I think I know how I can prove it."

"You know I h-" before I could finish telling him how I hate his nickname for me for the 12 thousandth time, my entire body started shifting and molding into something completely different.

My hair grew much longer than I had ever let it get, my waist narrowed, my chest pushed outward forming 2 modestly sized breasts, and my hips exploded outward completing my new hourglass figure, my body hair also receded leaving my skin astoundingly smooth, finally my skeleton reshaped leaving me indistinguishable from a woman... outside of one small thing, I still had my penis.


"What the... what.. how.. why..."

"You wanted me to prove myself, so I did."

"I didn't mean turn me into a woman... at least... mostly a woman."

"I mean, you can't argue that it's a very clear cut way of proving myself."

"Yeah, but like... did you have to mess with my head too?"

"I-What do you mean? I didn't change anything mentally..."

"Then why am I short of breath and have butterflies in my stomach when looking at you? Better yet, why is my mouth watering so much thinking of your cock..?"

"Oh, shit, I forgot that since you were a straight man you'd be a straight woman, let me just-"

"No no no... it's okay... I think I want to try something... can you turn these dumb boy clothes into some sexy lingerie for me?" My voice was dripping in sex by this point.

"Alli, you're not thinking straight, let me just-"

"Shhhhhh, just do it for me... pleeeease."

"I'm going to hell for this. Fine."

Sissy training: programming him to be a better, hotter sissy by sucking his Master's cock while jerking off.

I wasted no time once my clothes changed. In less than a minute I had my lips wrapped tightly around Jack's amazing cock, with my hand stroking my limp clitty. The feeling of having his manhood in my mouth was indescribable. I'd personally always though that blowjobs were only for the guy, I mean, the girl is just using her mouth right, how can she get pleasure from that? This is how, right here, maybe I was just really slutty but this just felt so right. My pe- well, it's a bit generous to call it a penis now right? My cute little clitty never got hard yet the lightest touch felt like a nuclear bomb compared to how it used to feel when I masturbated as a guy. I lost track of time and before too long I got my reward, a nice think load of Jack's cum. His cum, oh my god his cum, speaking of indescribable, I found it hard to swallow, it was just too good to ever not have it in my mouth. Alas, if I didn't swallow it, how would I be able to get more when Jack was ready for round 2?

After I finished cleaning off his beautiful cock and savoring every last drop of his cum Jack changed me back.

"I am so sorry, I had no idea that you'd react like that. I have never seen anyone react like that before. I am so, so sorry. I wont do it again, can you forgive me?"

Still a bit dazed by everything I could hardly muster a response. "Yeah, no problem, I asked for it I guess.."

"I still shouldn't have let it happen, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

"It's not a problem man, I'm just processing."

"Wait, I can just wipe your memory so it doesn't have lasting effects"

"NO! No, I don't want that, I'll be fine, just give me a bit to calm down."

"Come on man, I don't want all that fucking with your mind, let me help you."

"Jack, I said I'm fine. Just leave it alone alright."

"Fine, but if you change your mind I'm always right here."

"You're fine, imma just head home for the night."

"Cya man."

I was back to normal now. No tits, no hourglass figure, nothing feminine about me. After a few hours I had mostly forgotten about the whole thing which was lucky since I doubt I'd be able to sleep with all that craziness running through my head. When I woke up though things weren't so normal. For one, instead of my normal morning wood I was laying in a puddle of my own cum. I must've had a wet dream, too bad I couldn't remember it. This alone wasn't anything too crazy but it with the fact that I took 40 minutes in my room picking out an outfit for the day, and the hour I spent making my hair look just right, made me start thinking of last night. I remembered distinctly how the weight on my chest felt, how my soft lips engulfed his meaty appendage, how my limp clitty gave me pleasure greater than my penis ever had. All this thinking succeeded in one thing. I was super horny, I tried masturbating for hours, literally hours, I was getting nothing out of it. I could barely even get hard and I was getting nowhere with normal porn. By this point you may have guessed that I have at certain points indulged in sissy porn, given my usage of the word 'clitty'. Something about a man's will being broken down before he finally embraces his... her true place in life as a submissive sissy slut, just got me going from time to time. With my current predicament I decided it was worth a shot, I'd never felt this kind of horny before and it seemed like it might be just what I need to get going.


Seeing captioned pictures like this in the past had always made me wish I had a little sissy plaything, but now? All I could think of was being that sissy. Just looking at this beautiful woman should make me want to dominate her and make her crave my cock. It used to. With that thought in my mind though I was soft, I was turned off be the idea in fact. Thinking of being her though made my penis rock hard. What I wouldn't do to be in her position. Hair tickling my neck, breasts hanging from my chest, lingerie on my smooth skin, and most importantly, my tongue delicately dancing on the tip of nice, big, juicy cock before plunging the thick shaft deep into my throat. I came within seconds as I was envisioning that encounter. After I came though, I was seemingly normal. No cock craving, no desire to be dominated or subservient. Just normal me. Due to this I brushed it off as a fetish that I was just really feeling. It had happened in the past so I was sure it was just that.

When I was hanging out with Jack a bit later I didn't even mention my morning, it was a fluke after all and I didn't want to concern him. He kept asking if anything weird was up after last night and I kept giving him the same answer. "Nope, nothing too out of the ordinary." Eventually he dropped it and we just played video games for a while. When the next morning I ended up doing the some thing I wrote it off as a phase, once again, it had happened in the past. After a couple weeks of the same morning routine I decided that it might be fun to kick things up a notch. I bought some cute clothes to wear and started practicing doing makeup. Eventually just wearing my girly clothes and doing my makeup wasn't enough anymore. I wanted to feel girlier. In response to that feeling, I bought a dildo, a ton of the sissy stuff I had been watching encouraged using a dildo to train your, as they called it, 'boipussy' and though I didn't plan to have anything other than that dildo there, I still wanted to try it out. The first time I used the dildo was crazy, it was so different from normal masturbating, yet so much better. Before too long I started trying to achieve a 'sissygasm' where you cum without touching your clitty. It took a lot of tries, but eventually, I had one. It was incredible, it was the best orgasm of my life and I wanted nothing more than to have another. So I did. A lot more actually. It was the only I was cumming anymore. I didn't even get hard anymore, I didn't need to.

At this point I couldn't ignore it anymore. That day had changed me. You'd think Id have Jack fix me and wipe my memory of all the sissy stuff I had been doing since that day but no, that's not what I wanted. I wanted him to finish my transformation. And the next time I saw him, I told him everything.

"So yeah, that day may have changed me a bit after all."

"Alright, I'll reset you and you can go back to normal, I'm so sorry for causing all of this."

"I never said I wanted you to reset me. I want you to fix me."

"I'm not sure I follow... Why do you want to remember all of that?"

"Simple, I want you to make me a real woman, pussy and all."

"No, that's all the conditioning you've done talking."

"NO, you said nobody had ever reacted like I did, this is why. You didn't make me a woman, I already was one, I just didn't know it yet. Now please, make me, me, make me your little Alli cat!"

"You're asking me to completely change who you are man, I can't do that."

"No, I'm asking for a favor, I'm asking to be me. You asked me if there was anything you could do to make it up to me after that day, this is how, please Jack, please."

"Fine, fine fine fine. I can't believe this is happening. What do you want to look like? The same woman minus the penis?"

"I'm glad you asked."

I explained every little detail of what was, my perfect woman, but was now, the perfect me. Long red hair, blue eyes, small but perky breasts, slim athletic build, smooth skin from head to toe, and on and on. I took about 30 minutes for me to finish my description, but before too long I was the perfect me, and I could only think of one way to thank him.

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I missed this feeling so much, god was it good to have his cock in my mouth again. This time though I also had a dripping wet pussy aching to be filled to the brim, and before I finished him off I had to satiate that hunger.

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This amount of times I'd described things as indescribable seemed silly now, THIS was the thing that befitted that title. With my virgin pussy sliding over his glorious cock everything felt right. I couldn't describe it any other way. It just felt so right, as if this was all my life had been leading to. By the end of that night I had lost count of the amount of orgasms I'd had riding him for all he was worth. I knew that I had made the right decision and I could only hope that I could make him feel as much pleasure as he gave me.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

An Eye Opening Week

"How could you!"

"How could I what babe?"

"Don't play stupid with me, I know you're cheating on me!"

"Woah, where is this coming from, I've never cheated on anyone, certainly not you, you're the love of my life."

"Explain these then you asshole!"

My jaw hit the floor, on her phone were pictures of someone who looks exactly like me fucking her best friend.

"That's not me, I promise you. Where did you find those pictures?"

"John sent them to me. He said that he was on his way to hang out with Jess and he heard moans coming from her pool, he snuck around to see what was going on and caught you in the act you cheating pig."

"Babe, John has been tormenting me my whole life and he's been trying to break us up since we started dating, he probably photoshopped those pictures so that you'd think I was cheating."

"Just get out Alex, I'm tired of the lies!"

I was stunned, how could John go to such extremes to break us up? I left Belle to cool down in hopes she'd come to her senses. As I got in my car to leave our apartment I noticed the passenger side door open only to reveal John with his devilish smile.

"Get the Hell out of my car! I want nothing to do with you, you've possibly ruined my life you absolute piece of human waste."

"Shhhhh calm down baby, you're gonna be fine, in fact, by the end of this week I'm sure you wont even care about sweet little belle any more."


"Hmm, I expected a response to the baby comment, anyways, why don't you drive to my house, you can stay with me while you figure out your living situation."

"I'M GOING TO-" Suddenly I couldn't move, I was frozen in time and as I looked at the bastard who caused all of this he held a stone with a sickly green glow.

"Now that you've calmed down... Yes, I'm the reason your little photoshoot both happened and made its way to your lovely, now, ex-girlfriend. They are not fake though. Trust me. You really did fuck her best friend. You just, weren't the one in control. Your body did the deed though. This stone? It's magical, I used it to make you have a little fun with another woman and I snapped the photos. I'm sure you can work out the rest. Now, for why you are now going to start driving to my house... or should I say mansion. Either way, petal to the metal darling."

As quickly as I froze my body moved on its own to start up my car and begin driving, I was powerless to resist. What was happening? Magic isn't real, it can't be, then again, how can he be doing all of this if it wasn't?

"I'm sure you want answers and though it would be fun to leave you in the dark I feel I may as well tell you why I'm going to do all of this." Going to, that doesn't sound good. "The long and short of it is this. You got the girl, sure, I got every other girl and slept with all of them but you got the one I really wanted. She was the one piece of ass I truly wanted, and you took her, I'm going to make you pay for that."

I don't remember much between that moment and now. What I do know though is that things are probably going to get worse before they get better. John had been my long time bully, he strived to make every day my new worst day ever, and for the most part, he was successful. If he truly did have magic now, I'm scared of what is to come.

"Well, let's get down to business shall we Alex? Oops... that wont quite fit you anymore in a few moments." I was terrified of what was to come... and as it turns out, that's exactly how I should've felt. "Hmmm, let's see, ah, I've got it! We'll say about 5'6" My body instantly shrunk to that size. "Long, flowing red hair," my vision became obstructed. "Tits is the B range, not too big" I felt my chest expand. "Overall a more girly build with smooth skin." I could describe the feeling I had if I wanted to, it was far too... weird, like swimming in jello and being stung by wasps. "Of course, last but certainly not least, a clean shaven pussy just made to milk cocks." The sensation of my penis almost slithering inside of my body is by far the most horrifying thing I had ever felt, just thinking about if makes my skin crawl... "Now, for the good part, I am a merciful god after all, that is what I am to you now, a god, I will give you an out, At the end of this week I will grant you a wish, it can be anything so long as it doesn't negatively impact me. Do we have a deal?

"It's not like I have a choice, but I'd do anything to get her back."

"Excellent, now, for the rules, they're simple. You cannot leave this house without my express permission and you will be so grateful for me letting you leave for even 5 minutes that you'll thank me with a blowjob. Lastly, you can't act manly at all, I want you to have the full female experience, you can't even think of yourself as a man."

"You're delusional, this is ridiculous, I'll tell you right now that you wont be getting any of those thank you blowjobs, I guess that I'll be inside all week. But there's nothing you can do to enforce that second rule, I am a woman, not a man... I meant to say not a man... Fuck you. Where's my room for the week?"

"There is a guest room of course but if you ever want to, there's plenty of room in my bed."

"I'll see you in a week, when this is all over."

"Don't be so sure, I bet you'll see me much sooner. Oh yeah, and one more thing, put on some appropriate clothes, you're a woman after all."

Image result for natalie lust

With that I was wearing a lacy blouse and panties, both of which did excellent jobs of reminding me of my new features. One week, that's all, and I'll be back with Belle and everything will be normal again.

The first full day was remarkably uneventful, I was still me, just... female, peeing was weird but other than that nothing was all that different, so far this is seeming like it's going to be an easy week.

Day two and everything is still mostly the same but I did find myself getting horny, I didn't do anything about it though I still feel too weird when I'm naked.

Day three, oh my god how do girls do it. I'm going stir crazy, If I don't start... well... you know... soon my... It's still hard to say without shuddering... my pussy, is going to explode. Four more days, that's all, I can make it.

Day four, I couldn't help myself, I was too worked up. I masturbated, It felt so weird, so so weird, but oh my god did it feel good. It was like experiencing fireworks for the first time. I'll definitely do that again before I get back to normal.

Day five, I can't get enough, no matter how many times I cum I'm still horny. I even took a cold shower trying to calm down. The only thing I can think to do is go on a walk, take my mind off things, maybe go see Belle, even if I can't talk to her. Fuck it, I can't stay here any more.

"Back so soon huh? Did you enjoy your trip? Or were you just finding a reason to suck me off?"

Fuck, I'd hoped he wouldn't notice. I wasn't gone for that long. "I needed some fresh air, girl's gotta leave the house every once in a while y'know." I rolled my eyes as I referred to myself as a girl but I still had to face the consequences of leaving, If I break his rules he'll leave me like this forever.

"We, both know you wanted a go at my cock babe, it's fine, if I was a woman I'd never leave it alone."

I wasn't forced to move, he hadn't used the stone to make my body move on its own. I swallowed hard as I knelt down and and pulled off his pants.

Image result for natalie lust blowjob gif

As soon as I saw his cock a switch flipped in my head. I suddenly knew everything there was to know about sucking cock. I just... knew it, as if I had done this a thousand times. At least that means I can get him off quickly and be done with this awful exchange. Thirty minutes have passed and he still hasn't had an orgasm yet. I'm doing everything right he just has the stamina of god, he's not going to cum until he wants to... hopefully that's soon... About an hour and a half later he forced my head down onto his cock and he came... Directly into my mouth... I didn't know what to do, reflexively I swallowed. Oh my god I just swallowed his entire load, every drop. the way it oozed down my throat made my skin crawl. At least it was over. Two more days. That's it. Two days and I'm free.

Day six, I've had seven orgasms in the past two hours. Just as I climaxed each time I was thinking of a nice, big, juicy... er a disgusting cock. I don't want to go on another walk but at this point I don't have much of a choice, it worked last night, I wasn't horny afterwards. As I was about to leave I saw him and froze. He was watching porn and jerking off in the living room. I want to say that I ignored it and continued on or went back to my room but I didn't. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. It looked... so so good. My panties were soaked through, my mouth was watering, my head was racing. I needed it... I inched closer to him and he noticed me.

"Ah, hey babe, enjoying the show?"

"I was just about to leave, to-to go on another walk... I'll-I'll... I'll stay actually, if you need me I'll be in my room."

Just as I turned around to walk away I froze.

"Now Alex, Alexis, Lexy, whatever you want to be called. Don't lie to me. Why are you not going on your walk?"

I tried with every fiber of my being to stay quiet, to walk back to my room and not come out until this was all over. No matter how hard I fought it though, the magic won out... "I-I just-I was going to walk because I'm unbearably horny but when I saw your cock I went blank, all I wanted in the world in that moment was to just on top of you and ride you for all your worth." My body relaxed, the weight of the world lifted off of me, the magic had done its job and it wasn't fighting me anymore to make me speak.

"Well that's all you had to say, though, I'm more of a top."

"No, I think I'll-"

"Oh no no, you're going to get what you want, I wouldn't want to let a girl down."

I felt as if I was being pulled toward him. As if the world itself was pulling me in. I couldn't stop myself, I couldn't fight it. I made my way to the couch, stripped, and bent over presenting my drenched pussy, aching to be filled.

"That's my girl!"

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This is... horri-who am I kidding, this feels amazing. it's what I've been needing for the past few days, a good, hard dicking. It was so satisfying, I felt every little detail of his amazing cock, my pussy was dripping wet. I came five times in ten minutes. God, this is amazing. Girls have it good in the sex department...

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He fucked me for hours, we tried every position thinkable, every one was a new level of awesome. If I had to live the rest of my life as a woman I would almost be okay with it because of the sex. I can't even comprehend how a person could experience such pleasure. I'd miss this when I was a man again.

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"Plea-please tell me you didn't just do what I think you did."

"Cumming inside? Yeah... sorry, guilty as charged. I didn't know you wanted it in your mouth so much babe, I'll remember next time."

"Tha- That's not what... y'know what, whatever, I'll be back to normal tomorrow anyway, once I'm back with Belle I can forget any of this ever happened."

"If that's truly what you want. I'm going to call it a night though, it's gotten pretty late, you couldn't seem to get enough of my cock. Nighty night."

He just... left. He came inside me and then just said cya. What a prick. Whatever, I'm going to get cleaned up and sleep, I'm so exhausted... and sore.

Day seven, I haven't seen John all day. He's been locked up in his room all day while I've been trying to keep my mind off him. The day is almost over, I am so close to having my life make, just a few more-... His door just opened revealing him... totally naked... god, I'm so horny I almost want him to come force himself on me and have his way.

"So, time's almost up, is there anything you want to do for the last few hours? I know you're still horny, I can see the wet spot under you on the couch."

I crossed my legs to cover the aforementioned spot and went to respond. "I-"

"The truth please, I just hate being lied to."

Fuck, fuck, fuck, ugh, just like yesterday-I-I feel like I'm drowning. "I want another go at you babe, I need you inside me."

"Just what I wanted to hear."

He walked back into his room and I was compelled to follow, with every step my mouth watered a little more, my pussy ached with more intensity, my mind raced with everything I intended to do to him.

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I started with sucking him off, I hated just how much I wanted his cock in my mouth but that didn't change anything. I worked his shaft with my mouth for a while before I could no longer ignore the emptiness in my pussy. It's just one last time right? I'm just going out with a bang.

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We fucked until we fell asleep. I dreamt of a life where I stayed like this. It wasn't so bad. If I had the life from that dream as a woman it'd be hard to go back to being a man.

Day eight, I woke up before him and before my raging hormones could convince me to wake him up with a blowjob I left to my room. Ten minutes later he appeared at my door.

"Well, I did say at the end of the week, it's technically the next week now. I don't have to give you that wish, not that I think you need it anymore."

"I can't be without her." I said almost in tears.

"Ok, ok, you can have your wish but, I don't want you to lie to me."

Those words again. There was no point in fighting it. "I love being a woman. Sex is amazing, not having to deal with random boners is great, I love my hair and my skin, I love being smaller and having someone who can defend me. I love being a woman. I can't live without her though, I just can't, I love her too much." I broke down after that, there was no containing my emotions. I was so conflicted.

"I never said you had to make everything the way it was idiot. I've had my fun, I got my revenge, you paid me back for taking the one that got away. Make a damn wish so this can be over with."

I was stunned. That, was it? I couldn't process what was happening. I was frozen.

"Any day now, I've got people to screw with and well, people to screw now that I have this stone. Oh... wait.. I almost forgot."

Another switch flipped, I felt... normal..?

"I made you more of a slut each day, That's gone now. Make your wish before I change my mind."

Everything was different now, I still wanted to be a woman. Don't get me wrong. I meant every word of my confession, forced to be a slut or not. I wasn't nearly as conflicted though, I knew exactly what I wanted now.

"I wish everyone remembered me as a woman and that aside from that everything was back to the way it was."

"That's two wishes. You're damn good at giving head though so I'll let it slide for one more blowjob before I let you go."

I didn't hesitate. Cock was still very appealing to me so I had no qualms with one last hurrah. After an admittedly drawn out blowjob I was suddenly back in mine and Belle's apartment.

Belle turned to me and gave me a deep, loving kiss before talking.

 "I didn't notice you come in babe, how was hanging out with John?"

"It was great... eye opening really... I almost feel like a different person."

"I hope that new person is as horny as I am. What do you say we make our way to the bedroom?" she said with a smile.

"I'd want nothing more!"

(I don't know how I feel about John. I feel like I could've written the end a bit better so it wasn't such an abrupt shift. Something felt right about it though so I'm happy with it. I'd love to know what you think of the story though. I do write for myself but I'd be lying if I said that nobody else reads them. Sooooo... give me you comments, criticisms, and well... anything you might want to see in future stories. I have enjoyed writing in this style for a while now and part of me wants to try something new. Any ideas to take me slightly out of my comfort zone would be appreciated. ^_^)

Corruption of the Body and Mind

(Only one image for reasons I explain in the aside at the end. ^_^)   How did I end up here? I’ve gone over the past few weeks in my head so...