Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Break

I am a cosplayer. I've always enjoyed dressing up in costume as characters from tv, movies, and video games. As a man, I generally stuck to doing male characters. That said though, I've really wanted to cosplay as my favorite character from one of my long time addictions, League of Legends, for a long time now. The problem with that though is simple, my favorite character is a woman, Caitlyn. So, I never could pull that off believably, until now. You see, I recently told all of this to one of my close friends who is also a cosplayer since I was hoping she'd make a cosplay for Caitlyn and I could kind of live vicariously through her. Well, she was already half way through a different costume build and instead offered to help with makeup and making my body look the part so that I could actually cosplay as Caitlyn. I was hesitant at first but I trusted her and my desire to make the costume work lead me to accepting her help. So, I figured out what skin I wanted to emulate and settled on her pool party skin with the thought that I may as well go all out. I gathered the closest things I could find from stores around my house to make the costume and with a bit of help from Belle... drum role please!

Image result for sneaky cosplay

Ta-Da!!! If I didn't know better I'd think that was actually a picture of a woman. Well, anyways, thank you all for reading and for all the love I've already gotten for the costume!

And with that posted to Twitter and Reddit I feel like it's time to enjoy our handiwork. With the costume still on and looking great I made my way to the pool to get some more pictures and then relax. That's when a man came up to me and asked if I'd like him to take some full body shots. Not really thinking anything of it I accepted handing him my camera. When he heard my voice, he seemed surprised, but he didn't say anything... at the time. After taking a few pictures we had this exchange.

"I could never understand how a man could be such a sissy."

"Annnnd, what is that supposed to mean?"

"Well, you're dressed as a woman, you're wearing makeup, and you have your penis tucked away."

"Ok... and? Just because I enjoy cosplaying and I happen to be cosplaying as a woman you think I'm a sissy? I'm not, I'm just comfortable with myself enough to dress however I like, in this case in a female costume."

"I'll pay you a thousand dollars, right here, right now, if you can prove that you're not just a little sissy in denial."

"I'll take that bet, how can I prove it?"

"Leave that to me."

With that he pulled out a stone from his pocket which almost seemed to glow a sickly green color and everything changed. We were suddenly in a hotel room without clothes and somehow, I had turned into a woman... well, almost a woman, I still had my penis. Before I could question anything though my body began to move on its own. I tried my best to resist my body's moves but nothing I did changed the fact that my body was approaching and then mounting the man. As I started to feel the head of his cock being positioned for insertion my anxiety grew exponentially, no part of me wanted this, I was straight, I wanted nothing to do with what my body was seemingly about to do. Despite my best efforts I couldn't seem to do anything in protest. Luckily though, it seemed like I had suddenly regained control, well, partial control, I could not decide to move but I wasn't getting any closer to losing my anal virginity. That's when he finally spoke.

"So, here's what's going to happen, you're going to ride my cock, whoever cums first loses. I you win, I'll give you your money and that'll be it, however, if I win, I get to do whatever I want with you."

Image result for sissygasm gif

As soon as he finished his statement all of my perceived control vanished, with no hesitation my body swiftly impaled itself on the man's cock and before almost pulling back off of his shaft only to repeat the process. I hated it. I hated what was happening. I didn't like it. That's what I told myself, but my body betrayed me, after only a few short minutes my penis was shooting off warm jets of cum while I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life.

"What do you know? Looks like you are a little sissy slut. Only a sissy would cum from being fucked in the ass."

I was still in complete shock and had so many questions, luckily, I could now ask them.

"What the fuck? Why do I have tits? Why do I sound like a woman? Why couldn't I control my body."

"Hush now my little sissy. All-"

"Don't call me a sissy, asshole! You did this, I don't know how but I know you did. You probably rigged it from the start, You probably made me cum with whatever you did to give me tits."

"I'm sorry sissy, but you can't talk to me like that anymore... as I'm sure you will soon discover."

As I went to hurl more insults and demands none of my words came out. Rather, I said "I'm sorry master, I promise I'll be a good girl from now on."

"That's better. now, to answer your questions. I used this." in his hand rested the same odd stone from before. "Long story short, this is magic, it allows me to do whatever I want, like this." As if on cue his cock grew longer and thicker.

"Now, in regards to our little bet, though, it was indeed a rigged game from the start, I did not cheat. Your inner sissy simply showed herself, as I knew she would. Now, for my winnings I'd love it if you finished what you started and suck me off until I feel satisfied."

Seven, I have been spectating some weird female version of my body for seven loads of this monster's cum. My body reacted to every load as if it was a gift from the gods showing it off before swallowing it and opening my mouth to both show what a good girl I was being and get ready for the next round. I don't know what I hate most about all of this, could it be the presence of his cock in my mouth? All the cum I've swallowed? What a slut I am being despite my complete lack of control? Or, that I'm starting to like it. With ever slimy load that slithers down my throat I seem to be experiencing another orgasm. I say seem because I haven't produced cum of my own since the fourth load I swallowed. I can also tell that with each ounce of this man's seed that's forced down my throat my mind and body are further feminizing. My penis is more of a clit now and I can even feel a slit forming just underneath it.

"You are doing so well sissy, you're already getting better at pleasing a man. I'm so proud of you taking back control and really going for it."

"What do you mean master? The stone is still in control."

"No sissy, It hasn't been in control since my second orgasm. Everything after that was all you!"

"Stop lying to me master."

"I'm not lying, in fact, how about this. I'm going to stand here with my cock inches from your slutty little mouth, and you get to decide what happens. You can either start up, what was it, round eight? or, you can walk your girlish body to the door and leave. If you leave now I'll reset everything, you'll be a 'man' again, and hell, i'll even fill your bank account with enough money to to buy four mansions every day for the rest of your life. Sound like a deal?"

I want to say I stood up and left the instant he quit talking, or even that I wasn't in control and couldn't. Neither of those options were true though. I sat there, staring at his cock for ten minutes. Ten full minutes. Every time the thought of leaving crossed my mind another though crept in behind. 'Have just one last taste.' 'It wasn't that bad.' 'You were starting to enjoy it.' I had two competing voices in my head and for ten minutes neither was gaining ground. Then, something broke.

In an instant everything became so clear. I never was a man, I was always a little sissy girl but I was too scared to show it. He brought the real me out, I was free, and most importantly, I had a nice big cock in front of me to play with. I didn't start sucking him off yet though, no, that wouldn't be good enough. I was mesmerized my the size, smell, texture, everything. Everything about it was amazing to me. I could remember every detail about it from when it was inside of me and nothing excited me more than giving in to my desires.

Image result for janice griffith blowjob gif

With no more inhibitions I gave his beautiful cock a few strokes before eagerly beginning my new life. This was the blowjob that made everything right. All those years I spent lying to myself about being a man were all worth it for this moment. I was so happy to finally be me and after I made him cum three more times my penis was completely gone, replaced by a tight little pussy that craved to be filled as much as my mouth did. After my transformation was complete the man told me to leave claiming he had no need for a needy cock slut. I did as I was told, mostly because he used to stone to make me, and left. I was sad I couldn't keep playing with his cock forever, but, soon enough, I found that my sadness was unwarranted. As it turns out, everyone only ever knew the female me apparently, that was a relief since I wouldn't have to explain my transformation to everyone and risk them thinking I'm crazy. And, as a great side product I was, let's say, much closer to a couple of my male friends than before.

Related image

In the end, my love of cosplaying fell by the wayside to make room for my love for all things cock. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to mix them some day, for now though, I've got a lot of catching up to do on behalf of all those wasted years as a man.

(Wow, another story already, I'm on a roll! Jokes aside, I enjoyed writing this and I hope you have enjoyed reading it. As a bit of an aside, I didn't cheat with the first picture, that really is a guy, I know, hard to believe but it's true. He's a professional League player who, with the help of his girlfriend, 'crossplays.' I don't know, I think it's kinda cool. Either way, I once again hope you enjoyed the story and I hope you have a good day. ^_^)

Monday, October 7, 2019

Just a Dream

"You like that don't you, you love my cock."

"Yes, yes yes yes, oh my god yes, I can't get enough of it!"

That's when I woke up. Another wet dream. What the hell is happening to me? Ok, so, since I've decided to write this out, I suppose that I should give the whole story. For the past week or so I've had a wet dream almost every night. The weirdest part of that though is that I'm a guy, a straight guy, yet, in all of these dreams, I've been a woman. Moreover, I've been kind of a slut, like, I seem to have an insatiable lust for cock. Weirdest of all, the man who without fail has been in every dream despite nothing else being a constant, is my closest friend John. It's always him, to be honest, I don't even think I could possibly see my female self with anyone else. It's as if had I been born a woman we would've been made for eachother. God, that sounds so weird, even as I say that though, I somehow know that it's true. I can't write anymore, it's way too weird and I have class.

Today was another normal day, it's so surreal going from my borderline porno dreams as of late back to normal life as if nothing is wrong. To an extent, I'm scared to go to sleep, I know that I'm going to have to live through another chapter of "How much of a slut can Alex be?" I can't afford to not sleep though, my grades would suffer too much. That's where I'll leave this little journal for the night I guess, here's hoping I don't wake up covered in cum again.

"I'm close babe, get on your knees, it's time for dessert!"

"With pleasure! You know how much I love your cum baby, I can hardly live without it."

"Well I hope you're ready because  here it comes."

"Ohhhhh yeeesssssss, why do I ever let you finish anywhere else?"

Well, since I'm writing again I probably don't have to mention this but, obviously, it happened again. I mean, it wasn't exactly the same, he actually had an orgasm this time. That's new, I wish he hadn't, I can still taste him. *Sigh* I miss the feeling of having him in my mouth. God, what is happening to me? Why, why why why, why am I having these fucking dreams?! I'm skipping class today, I can't focus on anything right now.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Hey, Alex! You in there? You weren't in class and I wanted to make sure you were ok."

"Just, leave me alone, I'm busy having a crisis."

"I just want to make sure you're ok man, come on."

"I said leave!"

John just came to my door trying to check on me. I appreciated it, but, after these last couple of weeks, I'm afraid to be with him alone lest I somehow transform into the woman from my dreams and spread my legs right then and there. I'm not going to sleep, I can't, I refuse to be that person again, I wont lose myself and become that slut willingly.

"Crisis over man?"

"Yeah, I guess, I'm better today at least."

"Jesus man, did you sleep?"

"Can I just say yes and avoid you being worried?"

"Hell no! Don't make me drag you to a doctor or therapist to make you get help for your... whatever you have going on."

"I was up late watching youtube, it's nothing, I'm fine."

John is definitely getting worried, I don't blame him but it's not like I can just tell him what's happening. What, do I just call him up and say "Hey John, I've been dreaming of you. In each dream you fuck me like a slut and I love every second of it. That's why I'm having trouble sleeping." I can't do that, just imagining me saying it is convincing me that I am actually crazy. I can't keep writing this out, it just makes me think of the dreams, and, that is the absolute last thing that I want right now.

Four days, four days was how long i made it before exhaustion got the better of me. My fears were confirmed as soon as I actually did sleep though, I was that woman again. Four has more importance for this entry though. I swallowed or otherwise played with my friend's cum four times. I've been awake for hours now and I can't get the taste out of my mouth. Worse yet, I don't want to. I love the taste, I love the feeling of John's cock in my mouth while I danced my tongue around it to solicit my 'dessert.'

*Knock* *Knock*

I knew who it was, I knew what he wanted, I knew that I needed him. It's still so weird, but at this point. what option do I have?

"Hey John."

"Woah dude, you look exhausted, have you still not slept?"

"Oh, I slept, that's my problem."

"What does that even mean? What has been going on with you? Are you ok?"

"Well, here goes nothing."

I explained everything to him, every little detail, when I described his manhood I could tell that I was excruciatingly close to perfectly accurate based off his reaction alone. Just as I was about to finish catching him up, everything started to change. Small things at first. I felt like I had just gone through a mani pedi, my nails were perfect. My hair slightly changed color. Nothing drastic, but my normal brunette hair was darkening. At this point the changes were much less subtle. It was hard to tell at first but I soon knew that I had lost a few good inches of height and that my hair had grown much longer. My entire body seemed to shrink, my arms and legs narrowed slightly while my once decently sized penis withered away to something that could only generously be considered as phalic. Lastly, the big changes began. All of my body hair vanished in an instant. My chest began swelling into two modestly sized breasts while my nipples became much more sensitive. Finally, I felt as if my entire body was being resculpted in clay. My face took on a more feminine appearance, my tiny little dick pushed further back into my groin while moist lips parted just below leaving me with a tight new vagina and an incredibly sensitive clitoris. During that time, my body shape moved closer to that of an hourglass with my waist becoming narrower and my hips flaring out proudly.

"What, the, hell? Wai-wha-what just happened. That was like, magic right? I'm not crazy, right?"

"I-I don't know, I mean... you're a woman now? Wha-waaaaait wait wait wait, that dude wasn't lying?"

"What do you mean? Because right now, I'm reaallly confused."

"Ok, so, some random dude walked up to me before class one day and told me that he had a magic stone. More specifically he said that he had used it to change his friend into his slutty girlfriend and no longer needed it."

"So, you did this to me? What the hell man?"

"I-I guess, I didn't think it would do anything. I did what the guy said and wished for a beautiful girlfriend who was also my bestfriend. I guess the stone made you that girl..."

"Thank fuck, you can change me back then right? Do you still have the stone?"

"No, when nothing happened other than some cheap glowing effect I tossed it thinking that I had wasted my time."

I was a bit floored by that line. I had no way back. I was going to be a woman for the rest of my life. Would it really be all that bad though? I never disliked his cock in my dreams, in fact, I REALLY liked it. Maybe I should see if those dreams were accurate.

After we talked for a while my curiosity got the better of me and I placed my hand on his inner thigh which was a good enough sign for him to take control. When he took my virginity I couldn't help but smile, it hurt, but in a good way. After the pain subsided it was all pleasure. He wasn't fucking me, he was making love to me, he was gentle yet commanding. I was putty in his hands and every second felt like thousands. I felt right, I felt like I was who I was always meant to be. I loved this, I loved what we were doing,  I loved him. Magic or not I did. It's not a perfect love story by any means, but it is ours, and that's all I needed. We made love for what felt like an eternity, sadly though, all good things must come to an end.

"I'm nearly there Alex... er, Alexis. Where do you want me to finish?"

I didn't even have to think. "My face."

As each jet of cum hit my face a little less of me cared what had happened. Whatever magic or otherwise caused me to turn into a woman did not bother me at all. I was happy, truly happy. Something I hadn't been able to say in years honestly.

"Well, was it all that you dreamt it to be?" He said failing to hold in a laugh..

I couldn't help but let out a laugh of my own before responding "Yes, yes it was."

(This one is really different to most of my recent stories. There is still, of course, the traveling stone because I just really enjoy using that particular catalyst. I hope that though it isn't in the same vein as "Life is a Game" and "The New Me" that you still enjoyed reading it. This was one of those times that I just sat down and had a lot of fun writing it. Wish I knew what to do in order to make that happen every time, but I digress. Once again, I hope you enjoyed reading my story and I hope you have a great day! ^_^)

Corruption of the Body and Mind

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