Thursday, May 10, 2018

Surprising Developments Pt.2

After that night with my friend at my house I haven't been myself. I took the week to relax and try to think about my situation but as it turns out I couldn't focus on just about anything but porn past two days into my break. I spent nearly every waking hour jerking off and reminding myself of the terrible situation I found myself in as with every orgasm I couldn't stop myself from eating my cum. Despite the fact that eating my cum completely mortified me I couldn't stop myself and no matter how many times I came I couldn't satiate my horniness.

Three days passed before I couldn't take it anymore and decided to confront the genie.

"You have some explaining to do."

"What could you possibly mean Alex?"

As I explained my past three days the genie seemed more and more perplexed.

"None of my other masters have ever had this reaction to my first spell."

"I have been wondering about that too, what was that spell supposed to do?'

"My spell simply freezes the person in place and then makes the taste of my cock and cum appealing to my master."

My heart sank after hearing this. I suddenly knew exactly why her spell had such an intense effect on me. Up until this point I had been telling myself that I hated the blowjobs and more specifically the cum but as if I could finally see for the first time everything became clear to me. I had spent my entire life under the impression that I was a normal straight man but evidently that was untrue. The reason the genie's spell made me cock crazy was simple, before her spell I subconsciously already loved cock and had just been denying it my whole life. Because of this her spell cranked the dial to eleven and I no longer had control of my hidden desires.

"What is your actual name Genie?"

"I was never given a name Alex, my former masters always just called me Genie."

"In that case I will call you Samantha, Sam for short, now Sam I wish that you would remove your initial spell"

"Alex if I do that you will have to endure unpleasant acts any time you want to make a wish."

"I appreciate your worry Sam but I sincerely doubt that."

"As you wish" she then dropped her panties and as I saw her wondrous cock I lost all control for what was hopefully the last time. Although this was not the first or last time I would be on the receiving end of a cock this was fundamentally different than the times before. Despite not being in full control I was actually able to enjoy the cock in my mouth and took my time working her shaft. Sam enjoyed the interaction as much as I did which was good as there was no stopping me until my wish was granted.

She came shortly thereafter and while I was able to accept my newfound love for cum I wasn't going to eat it off the floor this time. This served to confirm my suspicions that her spell wasn't designed for someone with my desires hidden or not. I took a few moments to savor my new favorite part of sex and then stood up and hugged Sam. It took a while for her reciprocate but eventually she did and we shared a genuine moment before she began to pull her panties up. Before she could though I stopped her and said that I had one more wish for now.

"Sam, I wish that I had been born a girl."

She seemed confused so I went on.

"In the past few minutes I have come to realize something very important about myself. I love cock. Furthermore I know  now why none of my previous relationships have worked out. I haven't found "the one" because I have been looking in the wrong places."

"As you wish but I suggest that you add that you followed a similar life path otherwise you way have never found my lamp."

I added that to my original wish and began my last act as a man. This time as I was in complete control I was able to truly accept the very thing that I had spent my entire life denying. I edged Sam for what felt like hours until I was finally ready to move on. All at once I felt every part of my body change. My hair grew, my chest expanded, my cock slipped away getting replaced by an very wet pussy, my legs and arms slimed, my body in general took on a much more feminine form, and finally my t-shirt and boxers morphed into a bra and panties. I took some time to lick Sam's cock clean and then let her put it away.

"Alex should I return to my lamp?"

"You may but first I'd like for you to address me as Alexis from now on."

"As you wish"

And thus she vanished into her lamp once more and so I was left to explore my new body. Ironically I didn't start off by playing with my boobs or pussy which is what I would've assumed i would've done. Instead I found myself staring at myself in the mirror until I heard my front door open and a familiar voice shouting "Alex I'm home." The voice belonged to my friend Cameron whom I forcibly blew in the shower the other day. I shouted back and moments later he found and subsequently pulled me in for a kiss. This made me absolutely melt and led to me pulling his pants down and opening my mouth to let my former friend and now apparent boyfriend choose to let me give him a blowjob rather than me forcing myself upon him.

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