Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Opportunity Knocked a request from Brandon Noble

Hi, my name is Brandon, well I suppose it used to be Brandon but that doesn't really fit anymore as you can see.  You see, I have always been the 'good samaritan' type and as such I always tried to be helpful and kind to pretty much everybody. Because of this it's easy to see why when my neighbor asked for help rearranging some furniture I agreed without much thought. After all, she had always been nice to me and she was getting up there in the years so it seemed like the right thing to do. So I did just that, she didn't really ask for much, I moved a couple chairs around and turned her couch slightly, but all in all it wasn't much trouble at all. Because of this I was surprised that she insisted that I be rewarded, I mean I hardly did anything and though I had helped her in the past I was still surprised that she felt so obligated to give me something. She claimed that within reason she could give me almost anything my heart desired. That kinda tripped me out, anything I desired? I should have been skeptical but for some reason I whole heartedly believed her. Given such a choice I was overwhelmed and she must have picked up on that as she said she'd give me a couple days to think it over which I gladly took as I didn't want to make a poor decision. 

The following few days I thought on what to ask for and at first nothing came to mind. That is until one choice became so very clearly the best. You see, my whole life I have loved my friend Madeleine and I mean love. She has known this for a long time and it's not that she's an evil person or anything like that it's just that she doesn't swing that way so to speak. She realized she was a lesbian not too long before I confessed my feelings to her and she did her best to let me down easy but I never stopped loving her. We remained friends despite this and we had always been quite close and we always helped each other out when we could. As such she asked me to help her move and I gladly agreed as it was an excuse to be near her if nothing else. The first day of this, where we just got her stuff into a truck, was more or less uneventful. That night however was something special. As we normally did whenever we hung out we got to talking and eventually the conversation shifted to our love lives. I confided in her that as was normal for me I was not in any form of relationship nor had I been in one since we last spoke. I could tell that she felt a little guilty because she knew that was partially because of her but nevertheless she told me about her recent relationship that had just ended. She said that the physical attraction was there but she just couldn't deal with the girl's personality. She then said that she wished I was a girl because she knew that she loved me in almost every way she just couldn't be attracted to a man. At that she got sad because she knew that there was no way to change that as far as she knew. There was a way though, and now I knew exactly what to do but that would have to wait.

The next day we finished moving her in and said our goodbyes. After I left her new house I went straight to my neighbor and told her what I wanted. I told my neighbor that I wanted to be a woman to which she didn't seem surprised. She didn't even question my decision, instead she just smiled and said that in the event I wanted to change back she would revert the change no questions asked. I could tell that she didn't think I'd want to change back but before I could think on that for too long as I was transported to a foreign room and my body suddenly felt horribly uncomfortable. I felt hot and off balance. I soon ripped my clothes off and my body started to change shortly thereafter. I felt like everything around me was growing as my body began shrinking from my former height of 5'11 to a much shorter 5'4. After that I felt a tickle on my shoulder as my once short boyish hair grew much longer and silkier. Whereas the hair on my head grew exponentially I felt the rest of my body hair seemingly vanish and I suddenly no longer felt hot. My transformation was not complete though as my stomach slimmed away and my chest and hips expanded leaving me with a more feminine figure. And just like that I felt normal again. That feels so odd to say given that only moments ago normal would have been completely different, but none the less I did feel normal.
I stood there in this room that I did not recognize for quite some time before I snapped out of my daze and decided to examine myself as to take inventory of all the changes. Alongside the changes I felt there were a few I did not. Firstly upon looking in a mirror I saw that my face had softened and adjusted to appear much more feminine. I then noticed that my hands were much more dainty and felt gentler. Lastly and most strikingly I noticed that I no longer had a penis. I suppose that shouldn't have surprised me but I felt sure that I should have felt it slip away. Regardless it was now gone and anything else that could make me a man was gone with it.

Whilst examining my new body I came to the realization that this foreign room was not quite as unknown to me and infact was actually my room. Everything was different from when I was a man but the layout was more or less the same. I ventured through the rest of the place and I soon confirmed that suspicion as everywhere I looked was subtly different but mostly the same. After my expedition I got dressed in clothes that I knew I did not previously own. I then decided that my best course of action was to call up Madeleine to tell her about what I did.

"Hey Maddie."

"Who are you and why do you have Brandon's phone."

"Well, I am Brandon."

"You're fucking with me right? Are you Brandon's girlfriend? He said he wasn't dating anyone"

"No, really I am Brandon"

"Prove it then"

I proceeded to tell her everything I could think of to prove my identity and the more I talked the more she began to believe me. After a while of just talking I think I had her convinced and she told me to come over as a final test as she hadn't told many people where exactly she moved to. When I got to her place she pulled me inside and demanded I tell her everything. And so I did. I told her about my neighbor's offer and I told her why I decided to do this. She pulled me in for a kiss and to be honest I was shocked. She said that she would live up to what she yesterday and she guided me to her shower. She was so much bigger than me now and I was putty in her hands. I was at her complete mercy and everything she did my body followed. She turned on the water and stripped both of us down. I was still so in shock that I hardly reacted. She then pulled me into the shower and in for another kiss. At this point I snapped out of my trance and started making out with the love of my life. I was so much smaller and unexperienced so I just let her take the lead. This turned out to be the best decision I'd made as she knew exactly what to do.

What she did to me in that shower and after was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I wasn't a virgin but none of the other times I'd had sex came close to comparing to what was happening. We we're not fucking, no, we were making love. With every touch, with every motion I grew closer and closer to climax and soon enough I was able to return that favor. We made love for so very long that night. The next morning we woke up in eachother's arms and I knew that I would never need to change back. The only barrier keeping us apart was now gone and there was no way in hell that I was letting that barrier come back. That weird part of every relationship where you're trying to get to know eachother wasn't there. We had been doing that our entire lives so we could now get on with everything else a relationship entailed.

We obviously started dating soon after that night. That was a couple years ago and I think I may propose soon. I know a couple years isn't very long to wait before marriage but in my defense we've effectively been in love for most of our lives and I can tell she feels the same. So I guess now that you know my story I should tell you my name, my new name. I decided a while ago that Brandon didn't quite fit anymore and Maddie agreed so I changed it. I didn't want to forget my former life so I selected a similar name. In the end I went with Brianna. My last name is less important though as I plan on taking my love's name pretty soon.

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