Saturday, August 25, 2018

At His Mercy

(Hi! Happy to see my little aside again? No? It's a little annoying? Oh. well, anyways, if that's what you believe you'll be happy to know that this will be my last story for a while! With school starting up and with "The Traveling Stone Pt. 8" being my worst caption in a while I've decided to take a break. That being said hopefully this is a bit better than my previous endeavor as it returns to the style of "Life is a Game" which was my most well received story, ever, I think. Thanks for that by the way. All that said I hope you enjoy the story and as always I hope you have a great day! ^_^)

"Let's get right to the point. I am a wizard. More specifically, I am a bored wizard." 

"A wizard? What, are you high, or do you just think I'm stupid?" A moment later he snapped his fingers and I felt as my body morphed into that of a woman's.

"Now that I've proven myself let's get back to my point. As I said, I am bored, as such I want to have a little fun."

"Fun? What the Hell? Change me back!" As a man that would of sounded threatening but now it didn't have anything to support it.

"Yes, fun. Whenever I see fit I will take the liberty of changing into another beautiful woman to satisfy my needs. Additionally you will be given a choice. Your choice will be simple. You will either masturbate in front of me, give me a blowjob, or fuck me."

"What do I get out of this? Am I just supposed to be your little slave for as long as you want?" Deep down part of me knew that was the most likely outcome and that thought honestly terrified me.

"Well, yes, if that is what you want. If by the end of my little game you wish to change back I will grant you that, and as consolation I'll make you rich."

With that I resolved myself to my new existence for the foreseeable future as I saw no way out. "Well, I'm definitely not going to fuck or blow you so I guess you'll get to watch my first female experience." Everything about that statement set me on edge. I hated that I was about to expose myself and then play with myself for this man that I had nothing but hatred for.

Image result for girl masturbating gif

As soon as my hand touched my delicate womanhood my body exploded with pleasure. This feeling was amazing. How do girls not just lay around doing this all the time? 

"This is about the time that I let you in on a one more of this game's rules. With each choice a new mental or physical affect can be implemented. As I'm sure you can tell I've taken the opportunity to make you exceedingly sensitive to touch."

I hardly heard what he said over the sound of my moans. To be honest I didn't really care what he was saying. I was in heaven and nothing could bring me down. Not even seeing him pull out his cock could ruin my euphoria. So long as I was feeling this pleasure nothing else mattered. By the time he had cum I had been ravaged by too many orgasms to count and I was drunk off the pleasure. I say drunk because by the end of it all I could hardly control myself and when some of his cum landed on me I found myself entranced by it. It was just so warm and felt so good on my skin. Before too long I was playing with it. Everywhere it spread to just felt so right. Sadly, it soon lost it's heat and I was left cold. After that I went to go take a shower to get cleaned up.

As the water danced across my body I began to remember what the wizard had said whilst I screamed in ecstasy. Every little drop of water felt like a wave. It didn't hurt, but, when the drops landed on my new nipples I felt my body erupt. Again and again the water sent torrents of pleasure and was slowly making me unbelievably horny. I fell to the floor of the shower crippled by pleasure. This only made things worse for me though as the water began colliding with my sex and I lost all semblance of control. I was in that shower for so long that the water turned cold before I finally made it out. Soon after escaping that prison of delight I dragged myself to my new bed and quickly passed out exhausted by the evening's events.

That night was filled with wondrous images of sheer orgasmic delight as I dreamt of my female form having her way with a man. That all came to an end as I was awoken by something entering my womanhood.

"I can only image what dreams you must have had if you're this wet." 

"Get your hand out of there you perv!" 

"That's hardly the way you should speak to the man with your fate in his hands."

"You're right, I'm sorry. Just... don't do it again ok?"

"I doubt you'll maintain that outlook for long, but, very well. That being said you have another choice."

"You're crazy if you think I'll fuck, or even blow you, I'll take masturbation again."

"If that's what you want, be my guest. Let's spice things up a bit though shall we?"

With another snap a blue dildo appeared in my hands. "Why is it double sided? Are you planning on recruiting another man for your sick game?"

"There you are with that tone again. It's almost like you want to be punished. To answer your question though, I'm giving you an oral fixation."

Shit. Just as soon as he said it I felt a deep desire to have something in my mouth and somewhat to my horror the dildo looked like just the thing to satiate that craving.

I plunged the dildo into my sex and started working it in and out before I was overcome by my new cravings. At first I just licked the tip but once I did that I needed it in my mouth. It was just rubber but I wanted nothing more than to suck on it as if it was the most delicious thing I'd even tasted. Given my heightened sense of touch I'm sure that I was enjoying that more than I should have. Nevertheless, it was amazing. Feeling that thing glide through my lips and brush my tongue before colliding with the back of my throat was so satisfying. I hardly even paid attention to my pussy as I worked the dildo in my mouth; regardless, I still came an inordinate amount of times before he was finally finished. When his cum landed on me I remembered what happened the night before and knew that I couldn't go take a shower lest I be trapped by pleasure again. Consequently I went to wipe it off of me in hopes that I could postpone the need for a shower. As I touched it though an idea flashed into my head. Taste it, go on, what could it hurt? And so I did. Surprisingly, it wasn't awful. I didn't want to spit it out. In fact, I sorta liked it. I played with it on my tongue for a while before swallowing. Had I just done that? Had I just ate another man's cum? 

"Yeah, you did."

"What... what are you... talking about..?"

"You just ate my cum. Oh yeah, and you liked it"

"I'll repeat myself..."

"No, there is no need. I can read your mind. It's one of the perks that comes with my powers. Anyhow, I'll leave you with that thought for now."

I pushed that away. I knew that he wanted me to go crazy thinking about what had happened and I couldn't let him have his way. At least, not this time. Instead of playing directly into his hand I spent the majority of my day trying to curb the need to have something in my mouth. That inevitably led to more time with the dildo as something as simple as a light breeze made my pussy ache to be played with. 

"I see that you're getting ready of you next choice. Or... is it that maybe, you're just really enjoying being a girl?"

"Oh fuck you, you've given me the libido of a teenager."

"There's that tone again. I can't have you lashing out at me constantly. It kills the mood y'know? How about this, since you can't seem to grasp that I demand respect, you may only refer to me as Master from now on."

"You're insane Master!" Why did I even think that it would be a choice?

"I can't say that it's much of an improvement, but, an improvement no mater how small is still an improvement. Now, for that next choice. This time though since you need to learn a lesson, masturbation is off the table."

I should really keep my mouth shut. If I had I could just masturbate for Master. Really? I can only call him Master in my head too? Whatever, I'm over it. Nevertheless I still had a decision to make, and this time it was much harder. Which was worse? Should I suck Master's cock or should I let Master have sex with me? 

"I'd like to suck you cock Master." In the end I felt that if I wasn't receiving pleasure from a cock it wasn't as bad.

Soon after starting I decided to keep my eyes closed in hopes that I could just tell myself it was another dildo, an extremely realistic one, but a dildo nonetheless. That worked for a while, I even found myself enjoying it a bit due to the oral fixation. It all came crumbling down though when he began guiding my head along his shaft. I could no longer keep up my illusion of sucking a dildo after that. I didn't stop enjoying it though. Despite being very aware of the fact that I was sucking Master's cock, I truthfully enjoyed it. It's weird to say, but I did, the sensation was just as amazing as it had been with the dildo before and I was inexplicably beginning to like the taste. 

"By now you've likely figured what the change was this time."

"Mhmm" was all I could manage as he continued to use my mouth as a toy. Though with that statement I knew that Master made me enjoy the taste of his delicious manhood.

"Oh, no, that's not all my little plaything. I also made you crave it, and more specifically, my cum."

Soon after that he came and I discovered just how right Master was. I wanted his cum like I had never wanted anything else. I found it hard to even swallow as I knew that the taste would fade once I did so, and that prospect horrified me. I never wanted to let go of this taste, of this sensation, of this otherworldly pleasure that I was deriving from this cum. 


NO! I felt my body act on it's own and was devastated as the last of his seed slipped down my throat. I needed more. I immediately latched back onto Master's cock in order to claim whatever was left but, no matter how hard I tried there was no more.

"Please, just let me blow you again. You have magic, you can cum as much as you want without fatigue right? Please, please, please, just give me more cum Master! I'm begging you, please!"

"Hmmm, what would I get out of it though? I mean, yeah, another blowjob, but what else? It seems like you'll end up with more."

"Anything, I'll do anything!" I was desperate. 

"I don't know... I can do just about anything myself with little to no effort."

"You can fuck me whenever you want!"

"What's to say I can't do that already?"

"I'm sure you can but that's not what you want. You want me to want it. Why else would you go through all this trouble Master."

"You're finally getting it huh? Well, as far as I see it you don't want to be fucked, you just want cum. No deal."

Those two words hit me harder than anything else. I was at Master's mercy and all he wanted to do was watch as I painfully waited for him to give me what I so desperately needed. Those next couple hours were hell. Nothing I did could get my mind off of Master's cock. I tried everything. Not even using the dildo in the shower could satiate me. After what felt like an eternity Master entered my room which by that point smelled of sex and desperation.

"I think it's about that time for your..."

I didn't even let him finish. "I'll blow you!"

"I can only imagine that your pussy is getting a little lonely while you blow me so, I'll have to remedy that."

I didn't even miss a beat. I watched as a dildo appeared in front of him and I swiftly mounted it before going to town on his masterful cock. All was right in the world at that point. I was no longer agonizing over when I'd next get my sweet treat. My pussy no longer ached for him. I no longer needed anything. I was at peace and nothing could top that feeling. I was pleasing my master and soon enough I'd get my reward. Well, soon is a relative term. Master would not cum for me so easily. It took me well over an hour before I finally had Master ready to burst. When he did though, everything changed. When his seed finally escaped into my eagerly awaiting mouth I was overwhelmed. It was better than I remembered and dare I say it was the best thing to ever grace my mouth. Below me a puddle had developed as I squirted upon tasting that sinfully sweet substance. Not even a minute later though I swallowed. 

"Master, I know you just came, but, would you fuck me? I think that's what I want now." 

"Certainly my love."

Those words were music to my ears. Just as soon as I heard them I had mounted his delightful cock and began slowly riding him. In that moment I felt everything change. Where a simple breeze could make me cum before I now felt something different. The sensation of impaling myself with this man's cock was wonderful but not overwhelming. Similarly I no longer wanted his cock in my mouth, I found the idea pleasing, but I didn't need it anymore. He had removed the affects placed on me during his little game. Why had he done that?

"Simple, our little game is over. Though you do have one more decision to make."

I didn't even reply. There was no point. If my continued endeavors on his cock didn't tell him he'd surely know by reading my mind that there was no way I'd return to being a man. I loved this too much. I loved him too much. I was his little slut forever and always and nothing else could make me happier.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Traveling Stone Pt. 8

(This title is bound to bring up a few questions. As such, I'll address them here so you're not left wondering. Question One: Where are the other parts, I only see part 8? Well, they're on other websites. All of them can be found on my blog at If you want to catch up. Question Two: How is this part 8, I only see up to part 5 in your catalog? Well, some of you that read the original series on the old OTGC may have deduced this by now, but, both "Life is a Game" and "Fruitless Search" are part of this universe and both include the stone. Technically speaking "Subtle Changes" is also part but I think of that as more of a prologue. Question Three: Why are you trying to revive this series, it didn't last long before? Honestly? I just want to see my baby walk again. The original intention of this series was to get the community involved. The first caption of this series was an open call for collaboration and the captions that came after were some of my favorites. Consequently, with the new OTGC I thought that I'd give this a new shot. If you want to write to it the only rule is that the person has to wish to be unaffected by the stone's magic in the end. That, or, you could do as I did with the aforementioned captions that were just in universe and leave it open ended. If that's what you do it will be assumed that they made that wish and subsequently passed it on at a later time. Regardless of whether you choose to join in on this series I hope you enjoy the captions that may or may not come of it, and, as always, I hope you have a great day! ^_^)

I can't believe I've finally found the stone! To think that it was just lying around outside a park. I've been searching for this thing for so long. Just imagine what I could do with this power. I used its magic first to know its history. Having followed the website for a while I knew some, but, there was no way that a couple people on a conspiracy site had all the knowledge. It was amazing! This stone had been the cause of so much that had happened in the world and yet it always seems to switch owners after a very short time. Even more perplexing it seemed to change its internal rules quite often. In fact, recently the need to expressly say "I wish" seems to have faded as the two most recent owners never once uttered those words before a wish. This stone was more than I could've imagined. It wasn't some random magical object. It had a sentience to it. It wasn't alive, no, but, it wasn't inanimate. It was like a genie almost. It didn't twist your wishes like all the stories would suggest. but, it did sway its owner. It had an agenda. It had a reason for letting me know this. With this knowledge I decided to play it safe and limit my wishes. I didn't want this stone to make me do something that I wanted no part of. First things first though, I needed money. I wanted to live in the lap of luxury as so many before me and the stone quickly granted my desire. 

Before learning of the stone's nature I would have wished nearly non stop. I would have done everything with it. I fully intended to use the stone to cook, clean, and even get laid. That was before learning of its inner workings. I didn't want to use many wishes as with each new wish the stone affected its owner more. This is why many of the recent owners had used the stone to either change themselves or others into the opposite gender. Ever since that redhead did it the stone has enjoyed changing people's genders. Maybe that's why the stone divulged its true nature to me. I was also a redhead and maybe it liked that about me. Who knows, maybe it was just bored. 

Life with the stone was much less fun than I had thought it'd be. I wanted to play and have fun but I was scared of it. With two wishes already used what could the stone have done to me? Am I only a few wishes away from being a woman? Do I care? Wait... That's it! That must be what the stone has done! It has started working towards changing me! I didn't care if I turned into a woman, or, at least I couldn't find it within myself to dislike the idea. I immediately thought I should get rid of it. Why should this rock be able to play with any human it wanted? Wait... it... wanted me... 

Image result for redheaded guy

Soon after putting the pieces together I realized what the stone had done to me with my first wish. I couldn't get rid of it. Any time I tried to discard it I chickened out. The stone made me scared of losing it. That is, at least until it was done with me. I was fucked then right? If I made more wishes it would change me further and if I didn't it would just find someone else to mess with after I died. I hated how curious I was. I had to know what it wanted with me. I had to make more wishes. I had to get to the bottom of this. Initially I wanted to wish to know what it wanted with me. Before going through with that though I decided that it probably wouldn't tell me. It already would have if it was going to. I had to think of another way. That's when it hit me. I wished that I knew what small magic it was using on me with every wish. I thought that maybe I could find out more if I just kept a mental not of each one. Obviously it would continue turning me into a girl but maybe it would try something else. Unsurprisingly it continued its plans towards turning me. After my newest wish I would start feeling more attracted to men.

Had my plan backfired? Had I just accelerated my fate? I couldn't think like that. This stone chose me for a reason. I had to know why. I then wished for the ability to read minds whenever I wanted. I knew that this wish wouldn't help me learn more about the stone but being as curious as I was it was something I always wanted. The stone took this opportunity to make me want to try cock. At this point I knew that I wan't making any head way. I put the stone in a drawer and tried my best to forget about it. I spent almost two months ignoring the stone. I used my power and yes, I had a few gay experiences, but nothing made me want to use the stone. I was mad at it, and I wanted it to know that. After a while though curiosity got the best of me and I used the stone to make me more charming. This time the stone made me happy. I don't mean that I enjoyed the outcome, no, I mean it used its magic to make me happy. I thought on that for a while. Before finding the stone I wasn't depressed. Hell, I wasn't even dissatisfied with my life. Why did the stone make that change? 

After that I was more intrigued than ever. In hindsight though, that may have just been the stone trying to gain my trust as after three more wishes it took away my attraction to girls, made me crave sex, and made me want to cross dress. I was in a corner now. With a few more wishes the stone would have me craving womanhood and I was no closer to knowing why. So I made the wish. I wished to be a girl and in response the stone took away my desire to cross dress. I suppose that the stone didn't want me thinking I wanted to be a guy again so it had to remove that affect. I thought for a while on what to wish for. I didn't really want anything. Yeah, I was a woman but wishing myself back would just waste time. All  I could think of was to make myself attractive. I wasn't hideous but I could certainly use a few touch ups. As such I wished for a slimmer figure, a cuter face, and knowledge of how to use makeup. Now for the stone's responses. One, the stone made me a constant flirt. Two, the stone made me crave the taste of cum. Lastly, the stone took away my desire to find answers about it. That pissed me off to be honest. I played its game and it just fucked me over! I tried to wish for that drive back but where I'd normally get a response affect it just replied no. It could do that? It could refuse me? I mean, I kinda assumed that it could but still.

That was it then huh? I lost. I hadn't learned anything about the stone and now all I could think about was sex. Speaking of... I REALLY needed to suck a cock. And that's all I did, for weeks all I did was suck off or fuck just about any guy that was willing. I was a complete slut now and it was all because of that damn stone. After that week I found myself wondering how many more things I could do with the stone. I grabbed it and as always it glowed. I wanted to just throw it away but due to its power I couldn't. That's when it hit me. Every recent owner had rid themselves of it after a short time. That meant that the stone either made them or at least wanted them to do so. All I had to do was keep wishing until it was ready for me to go. As such I started using the stone for everything, and I mean everything. Need milk? Wish for some. Want to have sex? Wish for a guy. Just want to watch tv? Hell, why not wish for your favorite show to be on? 

With each new meaningless wish the stone used its power on me. After only a few wishes it removed my cravings for sex and cum. Aside from that the stone was more or less innocuous for a while. It made me comfortable in my body. It made me enjoy sex but not crave it. It made cum appealing but not addictive. It turned me from a hardcore slut to a normal woman. It also made a lot more of those 'happy' changes. By the end of it all I was a veritable ray of sunshine. I had everything. Everything made me happy. That's when it made two very important changes. First it took away my fear of losing it. Second it made me want to wish that its magic could no longer impact me. I sorta laughed at that. Like it or not it used me as it had every other recent owner. I still had no clue why, but, it had. Due to its magic I couldn't even really care anymore. As such I made my wish and passed it on for whomever was to find it next. 

(Hopefully this isn't just a pipe dream and some of you will join in. Either way, I hope you enjoyed it. ^_^)

Monday, August 20, 2018

Fruitless Search

(What is this?!? A second story from me in a week?! What is this, the end of days? Jokes aside I really wanted to write this one. I've had these pictures saved waiting for a story for the longest time, but, I never got around to it. Once again this one is a bit different from my normal style... Or... maybe this is just how my style is evolving... I'm not sure yet. Either way I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and similarly I hope you enjoy reading it and of course, as always, I hope you have a great day! ^_^)

I was so thankful that I had John in this trying time. Recently my life got turned on its head when suddenly I became a woman. Worse yet, nobody believed me that I had been a man except for my friend John. Since becoming a woman I haven't gone in to work, but, luckily John was fairly wealthy and more than willing to let me live with him until I got everything sorted out. For now, my best bet is just to search the internet for cases similar to mine.

I took about a month but I finally found something! I found a website dedicated to following weird occurrences supposedly caused by a small stone. People on this website claimed that it glowed when touched and seemed to switch owners fairly regularly. The best part? I could swear that I had seen it before! That meant that it could still be around here and I might just be able to find a way out of my situation!

"You look pretty happy there Alex."

"I am! I think I may have found a way to be a man again!"

"Is that so? Care to enlighten me?"

I showed him what I had found about the stone but he didn't seem to be convinced.

"That's just folk lore Alex. How could you possibly believe that stuff?"

"Because I have to ok. I can't just stay a girl forever!"

"That's another thing. You seem to have gotten quite comfortable as a girl. You're even wearing your own clothes now instead of stealing mine."

He was right. I spent my first few weeks as a girl roaming around in his clothes trying my best to avoid having to wear panties or a bra. Now though, I've kinda started enjoying the way these panties feel on my crotch and not having my tits flopping around was a bit of a bonus too.

"Just because my body feels better with proper clothing doesn't mean I want to be a woman John!"

"You're right, sorry. I just, I thought that, maybe you were settling in a bit,  y'know?"

"No, I'm sorry. You're just trying to help and I'm making it hard."

I did feel really bad. John had done so much for me and I was practically roaming his house naked. If I were still a guy I could only imagine how that would make me feel. That's when I felt a sudden urge to make it up to him. Lacking money I only really had one thing to offer the guy. My body. It was insane. Why was I suddenly thinking that I should fuck my best friend? I mean, yeah, he had been helping me but that's a bit crazy is it not? Regardless, I now felt a growing emptiness in my pussy and I knew what I wanted and needed to do. John then got up to leave me with my research.

"Hey! Wait!"

"What's up Alex?"

"Uhm... How do I say this? Uh... Do you, uh, do you want, to uh... have sex... with me?"

"Well that's a little out of nowhere!"

"I know, I know, but, I'm really horny and you've done so much for me... And..."

 Before I could even finish my awkward statement he had me flipped over with my legs spread.

His cock was much larger than I had imagined. I mean, that's a weird thing to say as a man but, yeah, I had imagined his cock recently. Maybe it was just because I was missing my own but the point remains that he was much bigger than I thought he'd be. Especially since I remember a few of his exes joking about his size. They were wrong though, oh, they were certainly wrong. Maybe it was just because he was my first but nothing I had experienced as a woman had compared to this. Hell, nothing I ever experienced as a man compared. His cock impaling me was unbelievably good. In this moment I almost never wanted to turn back into a man. Why would I give up this feeling? Despite being very much a man on the inside I couldn't stifle my moans and it was clear that John was getting into this just as much as I was.

"You're so sexy when you moan Alexis!"

I was taken aback for a moment. Did he just call me Alexis? Who cares? "Oh yeah, fuck me harder baby!"

We went at it for a while before he finished on my stomach and left the room. Did, did I just fuck my best friend? Did I like it? I need to find that damn stone quick. That brings up one major question though. How am I supposed to find a stone with only the knowledge that it seems familiar? I thought for the rest of the day on just that. Sure, I could lurk on the website but there hasn't been any updates since about a week before my change. As such I was pretty much at square one.

Another week passed with no progress and you could practically cut the tension in the room with a knife any time John and I were together. It didn't help that every so often he'd slip up and call me Alexis. What was I supposed to do though? Tell him off? He didn't deserve that. Hell, I probably asked for it when I just accepted it during sex. And that. We had sex. Why did I fuck him? It's not like I suddenly started liking guys. I haven't even thought about guys when masturbating. Though, for some reason, I do get a little wet every time he's around. Maybe I was falling for him.

"Hey Alexis, how goes searching for a fix?"

"You know that my name is Alex still right?

"Oh, yeah, sorry, I just thought that..."

"No, no, it's fine. I probably should've made it more clear."

"No hard feelings then?"

"Not at all."

He then left the room. That was sorta bitchy right? I mean, not really, but, did I need to do that? I mean, maybe? It's not like I told him to fuck off or anything. Maybe I should go apologize. When I got to his room though I found him masturbating.

"Woah, what happened to knocking?!?"

"I'm so sorry, I didn't think that you'd, that... I just didn't think. I'll uh, I'll leave you to it."

"Wait. You must've come here for a reason."

"Well, I did, but, that can wait. You're busy."

"Say it already."

I don't know what was coming over me but seeing his cock got me excited. It just looked so... tasty. I wanted it. I wanted to suck it. I wanted to blow my best friend.

"Well, I was going to apologize, but, I think I can do you one better."

I quickly made my way across the room to him and took his cock into my mouth. Compared to having him inside my pussy this was a little lack luster for sure but in the end I was enjoying this more than I ever enjoyed receiving a blowjob. I know that doesn't make any sense but it was true. I thoroughly enjoyed having a cock in my mouth. The fact that I was in control of another person's orgasm was just so intoxicating to me. In the end that power I had over John was better than any blowjob I had ever received and I was kinda falling in love with it. The taste itself wasn't awful, but, feeling his cock grow and twitch in my mouth was great. At this point I honestly couldn't understand how any girl didn't like giving blowjobs. Sure, getting fucked is far and away more pleasurable physically but there was something about the mental power I had in this moment. I had the power to stop at any point and leave him unsatisfied. I wasn't going to do that, but, I could. To be honest the thought of tasting cum was becoming intriguing to me. What's one time right? You can't know if you never try.

"Y'know, if I didn't know any better I'd say this isn't your first time sucking a cock!"

Was I really doing that well? I mean, should I be proud of that? I didn't really know how to respond to that statement to be honest so I just kept sucking, bidding my time until he finally came.

"Just like that. I'm about to cum!"

Either I actually was a damn good cock sucker or he got himself pretty far before I came in. Regardless, I found myself looking forward to him finishing. I was almost craving his cum. A moment later that craving would be satiated as he pumped a full load into my mouth. I couldn't take it all though so I pulled off which meant some ended up on my chest. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was knowing that I just made a man cum or maybe I just liked the taste but, damn, it was good. It wasn't amazing, no, but it was really good. Like, wow. As a man I should be disgusted by this but, I couldn't help but sorta love it in a weird way.

"That's a pretty big smile for a man who just sucked a cock."

"Oh, shut up! I did it to apologize!"

"Why the smile then?"

"Maybe I just take pride in how well I did. Or maybe I find it funny how much you just came after getting blown by a guy!"

"That's hardly fair."

"I know, but all is fair in love and war!"

And with that I left to go get cleaned up. While showering I thought on what I meant by that statement. It kinda just came out but, what did I mean by it? I wasn't at war with him. Did I love him? How could I? I was a man. A straight man. Once again that's weird to say seeing as I just not only gave a guy a blowjob but enjoyed having him cum in my mouth. After finishing my shower I felt my pussy ache. I was horny. VERY horny. I desperately wanted... to... get fucked... by John. Oh god. Was I actually falling for him? Y'know what? I didn't care. If I was, good! He was a great man and he's nice. He deserves a loving girlfriend. He deserves... me... I can be that for him. Sure, I was a man, but, I was in a woman's body. It's not like I found sex or cocks in general repulsive, that was abundantly clear. Fuck it! I'm going to go get laid!

"Hey handsome." I tried to be as sexy as possible as I began crawling on the bed towards him.

"Uh, hey Alex... What are... What are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm going to fuck you. But first, lets get another taste of that cock of yours."

I sucked him off for a short time before giving him a look to let him know that I was ready for him to take me. When he pushed his cock into my eager pussy everything else melted away. Nothing else mattered except for me and this man. Everything was right. I didn't have a care in the world. It was like all the stress that had been building up since becoming a woman just disappeared. I was content. Hell, I was happy! I was a love drunk little whore and I loved it. We made love that day. That day was the last day of my male life and I couldn't have been happier. Certainly, not as a man. I was a woman. I was Alexis.

We fucked like rabbits for a week. If I wasn't eating or sleeping I was either bouncing on his cock or taking it in my mouth. Life was good. That's right, my life, was good. A month ago this may of been my hell but now I was in paradise. After that first night John started calling me Alexis again. It was like he knew that I had accepted my new life. Maybe he did. It probably wasn't exactly hard to figure out with my progressively more girly behavior. Secretly I loved it. I loved that he chose my name. Yeah, it's not the most creative thing just adding two letters but still. I loved it, and, I loved him. Truthfully, I love him. I love him so deeply that it's hard to imagine my life without him. I love him so much that despite getting an alert that the stone had been spotted I didn't care. Ok, that was a little sudden... I had an alert set up for when the website updated. I forgot to shut that down after committing to this life initially and as such I found out that about three days ago it was spotted just outside the park down the street. Once again I didn't care though. I didn't need that stone. Not anymore.

"Alexis, I'm home."

"I'm in the bathroom." I replied

"Oh, seems you've started without me."

"I was just thinking about you and couldn't help myself."

I'm sure you know where this all went so I'll spare you the details for now. I will leave you with this though. Don't let life get you down. You never know when it may turn around and leave you with a whole world of new things to experience. 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Life is a Game

(This one is a little different. It's also quite long. The longer it went the more I wanted it to continue. Alas, it had to end at some point. I do have to say that this is not wholly my idea. That would be disingenuous. The basic idea is from a caption called "The Obvious Answer" by TheSecondKing. That being said, past the basic premise I tried to make it my own as much as possible. In the end I encourage you read "The Obvious Answer" either before or after this one as it was an inspiration. Whether you do that or not or if you even read this caption I hope you have a nice day and if you do take the time to read this caption I hope you enjoy! ^_^)

This all started with a weird stone my friend found a few weeks ago. The stone seemed normal at first but when my friend touched it the stone glowed a sickly green color. He toyed with it for a while before discovering that it allowed him to alter reality. Shortly after realizing this my friend made a truly sadistic choice and began toying with me in ways that only magic could accomplish. Before too long I felt my hair growing. After that I felt myself shrink a few inches and lose body mass all over. As I stood there I felt every feature of my body systematically tweaked to my friend's liking. My skin smoothed and became mostly hairless, my face morphed into that of a woman's, my chest ballooned outward slightly, my throat tightened and I knew that my voice was at least a few octaves higher, and lastly my once sizable cock slipped away leaving my with what I could only assume was a pussy. My body then erupted into pleasure for a moment only to subside after I let out a sultry moan in response. My friend then told me what he had done.

"Now that we're all set for my little game I suppose I should enlighten you."

"That would be nice." My voice sounded so alien to me now but I knew that I would need to get used to it as the look on my friend's face suggested that he had no intention of turning me back soon.

"Well Alex, where do I start? The beginning? Will do. You see, I intend to see just how much it takes to turn you into my little sex toy."

"If that's your plan why not just make me into a bimbo? Why am I still thinking like a guy?" It was such an odd question to be asking as only moments ago I was a guy but I digress.

"The simple answer? That wouldn't be any fun."

"Why me though? What did I do to you to warrant this?"

"What makes you think I need a reason? I just want to have fun. Now then, lets explain the rules. Rule one: You will receive rewards for acting girly and punishments for acting manly. Rule two: You will do anything and everything I tell you to. And lastly Rule three: You may only orgasm from my actions."

"Why in the hell would I agree to any of that?"

"Tsk tsk tsk. Off to a bad start already. I'd say that refusal was very manly of you."

Suddenly I felt a horrible emptiness in my pussy. I NEEDED something to fill that void. I couldn't fathom how I could need something so much but nothing I tried satiated this deep hunger from my groin.

"Now, what was your answer again?"


"That's more like it. Atta girl. We'll make a woman out of you yet!"

After that we headed home and though I wanted nothing more than to get as far away from him as possible, we were roommates now which was likely due to the stone. Once we got home he asked me to clean the house naked while he played video games. Remembering what happened the last time I refused a request I played along as to not have to endure that again. All the while I was exceedingly aware that he had used the stone to make me horny as my new pussy was soaked the entire time. Once I finished I left to my new room and tried to masturbate to get rid of the arousal. Nothing worked though. I played with myself for thirty minutes and had no release. That's when I remembered rule number three and began to understand what it meant.

With this now on my mind and my pussy desperately needing to be pleasured I knew what I had to do. I left my room and approached my friend asking to be satisfied.

"That bold request is fairly masculine of you wouldn't you say? I mean it's a little forward is it not?"

My heart sank. I could not handle that pain again but luckily, he wasn't finished talking.

"Though since no man would ask to be fucked by another man I suppose i'll let it slide. That is, if you blow me first to prove you're accepting your situation."

And like that his pants disappeared revealing a cock much larger than my own. No part of me wanted to suck that cock. No fiber of my being found that thing attractive. I had to do it though. I couldn't subject myself to that pain again and I needed to cum or I'd go crazy. As such I sucked it up, got on my knees, wrapped my lips around his cock, and got to work. It was awful. I hated every second of it. The thought that I was sucking another man's cock was sickening to me. I was practically being raped but I couldn't do anything about it lest I be tortured again. I toughed it out for what seemed like forever until he came. My initial thought was to spit it out as fast at possible but I knew that would likely lead to a punishment so I begrudgingly swallowed.

"You swallowed huh? Can't say I saw that coming. Maybe you secretly always wanted to be a girl. Maybe you just like the taste of cum. Either way, I'd say swallowing my cum there was pretty feminine of you. After all, what man would do that? As such, here's your reward."

It hit me like a truck. My body erupted into pleasure. My pussy was on fire. I felt wave after wave of sheer orgasmic bliss crash over me for a full minute. It was unbelievable. I had never felt anything even close to this pleasure. After it subsided I took a moment to recover just basking in the afterglow.

"You are so sexy when you moan like that y'know. And the squirting? I mean, wow. Even if I hadn't made it so I can cum multiple times without fatigue I'd still be hard as a rock after that show. Go wait for me in my bed and I'll show you what a real man feels like inside your precious little pussy."

I did as I was told and before too long he showed up ready to take my female virginity. As he entered me I found more confusion than anything else. I wasn't in pain per se, but, I wasn't exactly enjoying it either. It felt almost robotic. Certainly, it felt good, but there was no spark there. We weren't making love, we were fucking, and too be honest I wasn't getting into it. I suppose that's probably because I was still mostly a man at that point and as such I failed to derive that pleasure as It felt wrong to me still. That being said, after an hour of sex I had cum at least twelve times and he finished on my stomach.

"You have a few choices here Alex. Y'know what. Alex is too unisex. You'll now go by Alexis. Ok, now, Alexis you have a few choices. Your first choice is simple. You can either go get cleaned up or you can clean yourself up right here if you know what I mean. Second, you can go sleep in your room or you can sleep in my bed with me. As to not sway your choice either way I wont count either of these choices for or against you."

I knew two things. One, he's either lying and plans on punishing me if I choose incorrectly, or he's curious to see where I am after the blowjob, reward, and sex. And two, I did not want to choose either choice that he would want me to. I decided to take him at his word and choose the go get cleaned up and to sleep in my room. Luckily, he wasn't lying and I didn't receive a punishment.

The next morning I woke up in a new body. Everything felt alien, but not as much as it had when I initially became a woman. After getting out of bed I started my morning routine. I grabbed some clothes that I thought were cute. I then grabbed a towel and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. Just after closing the door though I saw my friend and out of a mixture of fear and shock I dropped everything only to then remember I was naked and attempted to cover myself a bit.

"Y'know, even though I haven't seen this body yet it's not like we didn't have sex last night. Points for acting shy and trying to cover up though."

He was right but, why had I done that? Was I actually becoming more girly? Either way I gathered my things and as I was about to leave he insisted that instead I join him for a shower. I wanted to say no but not for the reason I'd have thought. I didn't want to join him because I didn't want him to see me exposed like that. Weird right? Regardless, I got into the shower as to avoid punishment. The entire time he played with my body like I was his favorite toy. He pressed all my buttons so to speak after five or so minutes I was getting very horny. I found myself eyeing his cock hungrily while my mouth watered. I even started to stroke him before too long. Eventually he turned me around and fucked me there. It was amazing this time. It wasn't quite to the level of my reward the previous night but it was great. His cock felt so good pistoning in and out of me. Somewhere along the line I requested he finish in my mouth and about ten minutes later he did just that. This time his cum was delicious I never wanted the taste to leave my mouth but playing with your food isn't ladylike so I swallowed it up before cleaning what remained off his cock.

"I'd say that you've earned yourself a reward but I'd be lying."

What?!? I just fucked him like a whore and eagerly swallowed a load! How is that not befitting of a reward?!

"This morning I broke the rules a bit. I applied some mental effects. Namely, I made you into a girl in your mind. Thus those actions can't count for our game. Though, I do encourage you to remember this so you know what to shoot for."

He then grabbed the stone from his bedside table and I felt myself become myself again. Well, as much myself as I could be as a woman. At that point I got dressed and left the bathroom.

"Well, I'm off to work now. Don't have too much fun without me."

"Why even go to work? You could just make yourself a multibillionaire."

"While yes, that is true, I want to fuck with people at work including making my boss blow me."

I certainly wasn't going to argue with him about it so I left the topic there and he headed out. I spent that entire day trying to figure out how I could fix this whole situation. I knew that there was no way that he'd ever leave the stone alone with me and if I tried to run away he'd just bring me back. I was stuck.

"What a wonderful day. I got back at all the assholes I work with, made my boss into a glorified sex doll, and watched every woman in the office have orgasms every time they looked at me."

"I'm glad you had fun."

"What did you do with that sexy little body of yours all day? Did you get warmed up for my return by any chance?"

I knew I should probably lie and say that I had been masturbating all day just waiting fo him to come fill me but something told me lying would be worse.

"No, I just kinda relaxed all day and got used to this new body."

"Booooorrrrrriiiingg. Though not manly so I can't punish you. Well, now that I'm here I'd like to relax, with a show if you wouldn't mind."

Suddenly, I saw a sybian appear on the floor and I knew what he wanted.

"I suppose a little show wouldn't hurt.' I thought if I played it off like I was into it I may get a reward.

"If that's the case I think I'd rather have a blonde for this, and don't worry I'm not pure evil. I'll let you experience all the pleasure. Still no cumming though, we wouldn't want you getting too attached to it now would we?"

Image result for blonde on sybian gif

I decided that it was best if I got this over with so I quickly made my way to the little machine and lined the dildo up with my pussy before letting it slip inside of me. It felt, fine. It wasn't spectacular but at least it didn't hurt. That's when he started messing with the controls. At first it began to vibrate inside of me and I started getting really wet. It felt really good. I couldn't describe it but I loved it. It then began rotating and I let out a little moan. I heard myself and thought that maybe if I played it up I'd be able to get another reward. And so I did. I moaned more and shook my hips a bit all while I felt the little dildo continued speeding up. Eventually my audience member put the remote down and I saw that it was maxed out. At that point I realized that I wasn't just playing it up for him. This felt amazing. I was holding on for dear life and I loved every second of it. A while later my pleasure subsided though. I had been edging for so long that it began to hurt a bit since I wasn't cumming. As a side note I now knew what my punishment was when I do receive it. It was this. Needing desperately to cum with no release. Seeing as this was turning into that I knew I needed to end this. I thought to myself that maybe if I begged for him he'd let me off and maybe even give me a reward. So I did just that.

"Oh god, OH, this feels so good. Y'know what feels better though? Your cock. Please please please give it to me. Fuck me like the whore I am. Make a woman out of me!"

"Well since you asked so nicely I suppose I can do that. Oh, and I believe you've earned this."

As soon as he said it I felt another eruption of pleasure. It was intoxicating. I could not imagine living without this feeling. I needed more of those. He then picked me up off the sybian and propped me up against a door before impaling me.

I don't know if he did something or if I was just starting to enjoy this but, my god, the sex this time was unbeatable. It still didn't surpass me rewards but damned if I had ever felt anything on par with this as a man. With his cock inside my pussy I was hard pressed to want to be a man again. How could I go back to a life without this or my little rewards. We fucked for hours and by the end of it I was both exhausted and satisfied. I fell asleep in his arms that night.

The next morning when I woke up I saw his massive morning wood and had to make a decision. Would a girl be more likely to make him up with a blowjob or make him breakfast? Moreover, which would be more likely to get me a reward? I thought on it for a second before deciding to make breakfast. I thought that though I'd probably get fucked after the blowjob he'd be more likely to reward me if I acted like a love struck teenager and made him breakfast. With the smell of bacon in the air it wasn't long before he made his way to the kitchen.

"You're making breakfast?"

"Yeah, I thought that you'd like to eat before going off to work again or if you're staying home, it'd just be nice."

"How nice. In fact, I think you may just get a reward depending on how good it is."

Score, I thought. If I kept this act up he may just think he's won the game. Upon finishing his breakfast I brought it to him and realized that he was still naked. Seeing this I thought that if I gave him a blowjob he'd be sure to reward me.

"Aren't you going to eat? You didn't make anything for yourself."

"Oh no, I have my breakfast right here. It'll just take a little more effort."

I started working at his cock and felt myself getting excited knowing that I'd surely get rewarded for this and breakfast. After about ten minutes I felt his seed in my mouth and eagerly swallowed it up  before awaiting my well earned prize.

"You're getting really good at this. Before too long you'll be able to out blow any girl I've been with."

Was that it? I don't get rewarded? He couldn't have added mental effects this time, I was awake before him. I sat there for a moment looking obviously disappointed before he chimed in.

"Y'know, I said you'd get rewards for acting girly. Not slutty. That was practically a porno and though I enjoyed it, it wasn't girly. In other news it's time for a new look,"

Damn. I wasn't going to be able to fast track this huh? I couldn't just act like a chick from a movie or porno. I had to act like a real girl, and I had to do it quick before I actually become one. Knowing that no amount of begging would get me another blissful minute I left him to eat and searched through my closet for something to wear. I tried on a few things before settling on some lace panties and a tank top. I had spent most of my time as a girl naked and though it was nice just roaming around freely I felt like I should probably cover up. That being said I didn't want to put on pants as most of mine were really tight and a skirt was just a bit too far for now.

It's weird to say but with those panties on I felt truly girly for the first time. I know that's odd. I'd used a sex toy and had a cock in my mouth and pussy multiple times now and yet I never felt girly? Hell, I'd even had the mind of a girl for a while. All that said yes, this is when I first felt girly. It was just something about the way that those panties delicately cupped my pussy that made me feel so dainty. I sort of loved that feeling. I was still a man but those panties made me feel so good. After leaving my room I saw my friend leaving for work and just as he left he caught a glimpse of me.

"Now that, is girly. Have fun."

After another incredible minute I got to tidying the house in hopes that it'd buy me a few brownie points. I knew that he was effectively training me like a dog but I didn't care. If you knew the pleasure he was giving me you'd wear lacey panties and make him breakfast too. You'd even suck him off and let him fuck you whenever he wanted if it meant you'd know this pleasure. I found myself anticipating his arrival towards the end of the day. I was just so excited to see him return because it meant I could get my little rewards. When he came through the door though he made it clear that he'd be making it much harder for me to get those.

"I think I've been rewarding you too much. You're more of an addict than a girl at this point."

"No, no. I'm a girl. Look I cleaned the house and I'm still wearing lacey panties. Oh, and I'm wet, that's because I've been thinking of you."

"I see that, but that's because you want the high. You're going to have to really work at being a girl to get that now."

Shit. I was fucked now. There was no more faking it. I had to just accept my fate.

"Will you at least fuck me? I wasn't lying about being wet and your cock has been on my mind."

I hated myself for saying that. Not because it was embarrassing, but, because it was true. Sure, you could write it off as me wanting to get that high but when it came down to it I was starting to like the feeling of his cock inside me. I was even beginning to enjoy the taste of his cum. Training or not I was becoming a girl in mind to match my body. This time our sex was different. It still felt really good but instead of mindless fucking there was something more to it. There was love. Not love for the feeling, but, for each other. I don't know if he felt it too but I certainly did. I was falling in love with the man that had destroyed my old life. Call it stockholm syndrome if you want but I did love him now. At least a little. I once again fell asleep in his arms that night.

When I woke up he had already left for work so I was alone in the house. I roamed around for a while just waiting for him to get home as I didn't have anything to do. At least, nothing that excited me. Halfway through the day though he texted me asking for a nude. I thought for a second wondering why when he could just make any person he wanted strip but decided to send him one anyway.

I felt awkward but took the pic and sent it. He soon replied with. "ooh that body turned out nice, though, I don't recall giving you painted fingernails."

"That's because you didn't. I got bored so I painted them myself." Why had I admitted that? Surely he would think I did it for another reward.

"I see. I'll be home soon."

That message excited me to no end. He was coming home for me! I got really giddy out of nowhere and could hardly contain my excitement. Once he got home he rushed over to me and forced a couple fingers into my pussy. I was shocked, stunned even. It felt so good for some reason.

"You're really wet. You must really be excited."

"I can't say that I'm not. You'd be able to tell that I was lying seeing as though you have your hands... fingers on the evidence."

It didn't take long before he had me on the bed moaning his name for hours. Somewhere along the line it became clear to me that none of my actions from that day were to get a reward, well not in the way they had been before. I just wanted him. I wanted him to treat me like a girl and make me feel like one, the sex was just a bonus. Yes, a bonus. I loved the sex. With his cock inside of me I felt complete. Seeing as we had most of the day ahead of us since he left work early he came more than a few times. Most were on my stomach and chest but after a while I asked him to finish in my mouth so there would be less clean up. Well, that's what I told him. In reality I wanted to taste it. I remembered the taste from the day he gave me the mind of a girl and simply had to see if it compared now. It did. Big time. I found it delicious. It was incredible how much I was enjoying the taste. At this point I knew. I was no longer a man and there was nothing I could do to change that nor did I want to.

The next morning I once again woke up late. I was sad that I didn't get to see my lover before he left but I wasn't entirely ready for him to know that either so I decided to keep that to myself and just wait for him to get home. That being said I couldn't really hide that at the very least I was starting to enjoy sex and sucking cock as when he came through the door I practically tackled him before ripping his pants off and working on his delicious cock. It was also made quite clear that I wasn't just horny as I swayed my ass the entire time.

I can't tell you why I even bothered putting pajamas on knowing that they'd just be coming off soon after he came through the door. This was bliss. I was at peace. I didn't have to wonder what my life would be as a woman or if I'd ever turn back into a man. In this moment nothing mattered except for me and this man. With my lips around his cock everything made sense. Everything was perfect.

"Well aren't you eager today?"

"It's more like I need something since you haven't used that stone to reward me and I know you'll at least fuck me after I blow you." Part of me hated lying to him. I wanted to tell him that I loved him and I'd do anything for him, but I, just wasn't ready.

"Is that so? Lets get right to it then. I wouldn't want you to start resenting me now would I?"

He carried me right to our bedroom and fucked my brains out. Not even the stone's magic orgasms compared to the feeling of the man I love absolutely ravaging me. I loved every second of that night. Every thrust felt right and by the end of it I couldn't have been happier. I had plenty of little 'rewards' along the way as he finished in my mouth each time. Y'know, to avoid clean up. I found myself just staring into his eyes a lot and it was pretty obvious that he noticed but he didn't say anything. After another sex filled night he did something that he hadn't up until that point. He kissed me. T hadn't even noticed that we hadn't kissed but when we did it was like fireworks. I loved it. I was his girl and that sealed it. We then drifted off to sleep and I dreamed.

I dreamed of my life as a woman with this man. All the things we could do. All the places we could go. All the experiences we could share. It made me so happy. I had never really looked to the future as a man as quite frankly it scared me. I didn't think I'd amount to anything and I was terrified of what was around the corner. As a woman though, I was hopeful. I was optimistic. I saw so many possibilities and each and every one was equally as amazing so long as I had this man by my side. To think that only a few days ago I would have hated this dream. How insane would that have been? Now though, I couldn't help but smile the entire time.

When I woke up I was once again greeted with an empty bed which now made me even sadder knowing I'd have to wait to see my love. To my surprise though he soon came back into the room and said that our little game was over.

"Why is that?"

"Because I've won. You're a woman in body and mind now."

"How did you know?"

"It's not terribly hard when you stare into my eyes as I fuck you."

"I suppose that was a big hint huh?"

"Indeed it was. Well, since the game is over you're left with one more choice."

"Oh really? What's that?"

"You can stay this way and we can be together for real, or, you can go back to the man you were before all of this, and I'll even turn myself into a girl to let you fuck me for playing along so well."

All I could do was laugh. How could I possibly go back to the way things were before? If I could why would I? He clearly knew my answer based on that laugh.

"Well, if that's the case I don't need to go to work anymore. I need to get to know my Alexis more."

After he said that I knew it was over. I was no longer a man. I was no longer Alex. I was Alexis through and through. And I couldn't be happier.

Corruption of the Body and Mind

(Only one image for reasons I explain in the aside at the end. ^_^)   How did I end up here? I’ve gone over the past few weeks in my head so...