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Would You Kindly?

(Most of my asides as of late are at the end so they are easily skipped in the event the reader may not care to read them. This one however is coming partly before the story. That is because the premise/catalyst for the gender swap is a major spoiler for the game Bioshock and its iconic twist. So, if you haven't played the game but plan on playing it or just don't want it spoiled incase you ever do want to play it maybe skip this story. Also, while I have your attention I'm going to throw it out there that this story takes its premise from 'I'm a Man-pleaser!?' by Tgh0100, so if it seems familiar.. that's why, and if you haven't read it, here. It's a great read from the old days of OTGC before the original site went dark. The rest of my aside will be at the end like usual, I just wanted to make sure the spoiler warning and credit for the concept was out there before you got into the story itself.)  

Would you kindly? It's an innocent enough phrase, maybe a bit over the top, but, innocent nonetheless. That is, for everyone except me. Once everyone started getting powers, that innocent phrase gained a significantly less innocent use. Sure, it could still be innocent, but it had the ability to be used in a much darker way in regards to me now. You see, while some people gained flight, x-ray vision, or any other fantasy fulfilment powers myself and, based on news reports, about 10-15% of the powered population got powers that they would rather not have. Powers along the lines of The Thing from the Fantastic Four where they effectively turn to a rock golem, albeit with super strength. Or hell, some don't even get that benefit and are just stuck looking like gargoyles for the rest of their lives. My power or quirk, whatever you want to call it is much less noticeable, and thank god for that, if it was easily detectible I'd likely not be here writing this. My curse is something much more exploitable. I'm what some have dubbed a "pleaser" which is just a fancy way of saying slave if you ask me. Myself and, once again based on news reports, only 7 other pleasers are known, well, those 7 are known and I sure as hell wouldn't want to join that group. Those seven are little more than trophies who've been sold to the highest bidder and although everyone knows it's wrong, there is nothing that can be done. In all 7 cases the pleaser claims that they chose that life, of course, none likely did, they were instead made to believe that was the case by exploitation of their curse. Luckily for me, only one person knows of my status other than myself. That someone is my close friend John.

John and I discovered my curse when he decided to replay one of his favorite games, Bioshock. Some may already know where this is going based off just that and my overwrought intro to this journal entry, if that's the case, you can skip this paragraph, but for those that are unaware, I'll catch you up to speed. In the game a character helping you throughout the game requests you do things with the phrase, "would you kindly?" It's revealed at the end of the game that the phrase is not just a friendly request but a hypnotic trigger implanted into you by said character. That's where I come in, now that our world has been infected with powers. Each person sentenced to my same fate has some 'trigger' of their own. My trigger is the same as the one used in Bioshock, though, it's not a hypnotic trigger, it is much more powerful. If I hear the phrase "Would you kindly?" I go on autopilot, I lose all control over myself and must do as I was commanded immediately preceding or following my trigger phrase. It doesn't even necessarily need to be a command in the strictest form of the word. And, as with other pleasers it can even force physical changes in my body. 

Now that that is out of the way, here's what happened, John was replaying Bioshock and like so many times before, heard the friendly phrase, also, like so many times before, he began using the phrase jokingly whenever he would ask me for something. It started off simply enough, he'd ask for small things such as, "would you kindly get me a drink?" and other things like that whenever we'd hang out. Seeing as the requests started out as things I'd generally do because they weren't exactly outlandish, I didn't notice that I had little choice in the matter. The problem arose when he got toward the end of the game and started thinking of 'what ifs.' That combined with the knowledge of the existence of pleasers lead to our little discovery.

"Imagine if you had that power though man."

"I mean, anything is possible now John, I mean hell, just look at those poor fucks that drew the short straw and have to obey every command."

"Yeah, if only it was more common right? Like what if you could just go up to a random person and hit them with a, "Would you kindly suck my dick?" and-"

He didn't get to complete his thought, before either of us knew what was happening I was ripping his pants off and greedily sucking his rapidly hardening member.

"Yo! What are you doing, stop, stop man, stop!"

It was no use, neither of us knew what was happening for sure in that moment, all he knew was that I was suddenly acting like a nymhpomaniac with boundary issues and all I knew was that I NEEDED to suck him off as if my life depended on it. With the combination of confusion and shock John froze letting me do my job. The only saving grace for that situation was that I evidently was a good cock sucker because, before too long he blew his load and left my apartment in a hurry. I didn't know what to feel in that moment. Shame? Disgust? Pride? All I did feel was complete and utter confusion. It was a month before either of us worked up the nerve to say anything to the other, despite the time that had passed, there was little more than an air of awkwardness when we finally spoke again.

"Uh.. hey man? H-how have you been?" was all I could think to say after that fateful night.

"I've uh.. I've been good I guess.. And you?"

How do I even answer that? "I.. yeah, no, I've been fine.. y'know, same old same old."

"That's good.. I uh.. so.."

"John, I think we gotta address the elephant in the room.."

"I mean... shit, what is there to say? You sucked me off."

I'll spare you the rest of the exchange since nothing really came of it. All we knew was that we had no clue what happened. And that's how it stayed, until about 2 weeks later when we were hanging out again and I brought up Bioshock.

"So, did you ever finish up that playthrough?"

"After you, y'know.. Nah man, it was like the game came to life and I couldn't handle that shit for a while."

Fuck, how did we not realize it. "Ask me to do something."

"...Ok... Can you get me-"

"No no no, say would you kindly."

I saw understanding wash over his face. "Would you kindly do a backflip?"

That same eerie feeling of disconnectedness washed over me. I had never even done a somersault with grace much less a full on flip but I landed it with the ease of a career gymnast.

"Holy shit man! You're, you're a pleaser! We gotta tell someone, there's only like 10 of you in the world!"

"Hell No! I don't want to be kidnapped and sold to some sleazy rich guy with more money than I'd make in 10 lifetimes!"

"That's... a good point, didn't think of that. But dude, do you know what that means? We could make you an adonis. You could pull so many chicks if we messed around with your looks!"

That's what we did. We spent 4 months fucking new girls every night after using my power to transform my body into a godly visage and making me charismatic enough to pull girls for John as if he shared the same looks as I now did. It was great. Girls that wouldn't have given us a second thought before all this were now desperate for even a second alone with us. After a while though we got bored. We both kinda wanted to settle down for a bit atleast and find some girls to be with for an extended time. I landed us some bombshells and though I was able to hold on to them for a bit longer John would only be with each new girl for a week at best. Soon he grew tired of trying.

"Imma just give it a break man, they only stick with me long enough to realize they aren't going to get into your pants."

"Come on John, I'm sure we just haven't found the right one for you yet. I'm sure there's someone out there that'll love you for everything."

"I doubt it.. but maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place."

"What does tha-"

"Would you kindly call and break up with your girlfriend?"

Within minutes I was single.

"What the he-"

"Would you kindly stay quiet until I tell you otherwise."

I could no longer speak, no sound escaped my throat.

"Now, let's start making you my perfect woman. Would you kindly take on a more petite frame?"

No longer was I a 6' 250 pound man. 

"Let's try something to make this a bit easier, Would you kindly treat every command I give as if had prefaced it with would you kindly?"

Nothing as far as I could tell changed with that one.

"Let's see. Change into a woman."

Not that I could directly see a change but I now felt a small weight on my chest and I could no longer feel my dick between my legs.

"I'm a bit surprised that one worked, now that I don't need to say your trigger anymore though, this should go much faster. Rapid fire it is then. Grow breasts that are about... let's say 32A, take on a height of 5' 6", weigh 110 pounds, and grow long dark brown hair."

With every oddly worded command my body shifted, clearly caring not for perfectly sensible commands. 

"Damn, I've done good on you. Hmmm, what else, should I do? Go ahead, any ideas?"

"How about you turn me back, this is some sick shit man, I'm not some clay figurine for you to mold to your liking."

"I don't really like that idea, ooh, I've got one, go change into something sexy, do your makeup , and think of some commands you'd give if you were in my position."

Emily Grey Content |

This is my life now huh? I made my way to my bedroom and grabbed some lingerie my girlfriend... ex-girlfriend had left at my place and without any thought expertly applied makeup as if I had been doing it my entire adult life. Sadly, alongside my drone-like actions my mind filled with different ways to irreparably change my own life. By the time I was ready to show off my new look I had several things to suggest to John.

"Damn, I mean, I knew you'd look good, but damn. Anyways, whatcha got for me?"

My stomach dropped as I began to lay out the plan for my own imprisonment. "Well, first I'd make me only able to be controlled by you."

"Go on..."

"I'd make me naturally act like a girl, never desire to leave you, crave sex with you any time you're in the mood, and love making you cum more than having an orgasm of my own." 

With that he gave every command as I suggested, my trigger word would now only work for him, my entire demeanor changed to be more shy if not a little slutty since he was horny already, when he spoke my last suggested command I wasn't immediately changed as far as I knew but I was certain I'd soon find out just how well it had worked.

And find out I did. Our long night of pleasure started simply with a blowjob, something I had not been looking forward to doing again after the night we initially discovered my curse. Much like that night I was a skilled cocksucker evidenced by just how quickly he finished in my mouth. When he did finish that last command came into play, I had derived no physical pleasure from sucking him off but I had never in my life felt so satisfied with myself, making him cum made me inexplicably proud in a way that I had never been before. The taste itself wasn't bad but I knew before long it'd become addicting if I had that same response every time. I had little time to contemplate my impending pavlovian training however as he quickly commanded me to strip and present myself for him to truly make a woman out of me.

Time To PLay.. featuring Emily Grey | Rating = 8.82/10

I did as I was told removing my ex's lingerie before laying back, cupping one of my small breasts, and spreading my eager lower lips to prepare to accept John's cock. As he entered me for the first time I evaluated what was likely to be how I'd be having sex for the rest of my life. It, wasn't awful. It felt quite nice actually. Being on the receiving end of that which I had been giving countless girls over the past year was actually really enjoyable. The feeling of fullness was so satisfying and I felt an orgasm slowly but surely building with every trust. Whereas I had always preferred being in control in bed as a man I was clearly on the opposite side of that coin as a woman. I found myself enjoying the growing sensation in my pussy before the dam that had been holding all that pleasure in burst, washing my body with a delicate warmth and a pleasure not quite like anything I had felt before. It was mind melting as I felt another orgasm building directly after I had been ravaged by the first. 

I ultimately lost count of just how many orgasms I had been given throughout the rest of that wondrous night but I did keep count of how many I was able to give John. Over the course of the night I made John cum 5 times, each warping my mind more than the last. By the end just the thought of sucking him off  left my pussy dripping wet. The taste went from lack luster to something unimaginably crave-able

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I became little more than a sex doll for John but I couldn't make myself care. The pleasure I drowned in every time we made love was unparalleled by anything I had so much as dreamed of as a man. When we weren't indulging in our more animalistic urges life was actually great. Life wasn't constant sex, we actually spent a lot of time as if I was still a man. It was as if nothing had changed between us in those moments. 

(This is kind of an abrupt ending... If I'm being honest, it's not exactly what I had planned for this story. I wasn't very sure how to finish it but in the end fell this somewhat open endedish ending. I think having the story end in a spot where it's still a little fucked like most of my stories where it's not entirely consensual but it also has a more lighthearted ending more akin to Quirky, which, of course, is in this same universe. So, once again, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'm happy with how this one turned out. I don't know if I'll be coming back to this universe soon or at all, I mean, sure, there's plenty of potential for stories but if there's anything I've learned from writing these over the years is I don't do incredibly well when I keep to one universe for too long unless it's a much more ambiguous connection. I don't expect this one to do as well as Quirky, for one, I told people to not read at the beginning and, well, I don't feel that it turned out quite as well either. I like it but personally I think Quirky was more well written. If you agree with that assumption or not I hope you enjoyed this one regardless. ^_^)

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