Saturday, May 12, 2018

Lust? No. Love.

This is it. I am finally able to make my own decisions. I've been trapped by that group for so long that it's hard to believe that I am free. six months ago the sight I am seeing now would absolutely mortify me. Starting up at a man that I just blew. Six months ago I would have sooner died than so much as touch another man's cock. Now though, I'm more upset that I can't swallow his load. This man is special. You see, the group that captured me very clearly did things to me. For one, I used to be a man. Second, I used to be a nobody. I had no friends and most of my family was dead or just gone. That's what made me the perfect target for these people. If you abduct someone who nobody cares about there is much less backlash to deal with. After all, these people were not in the kidnap and ransom business here. No, what these people do is much different. These people kidnap nobody's such as myself and steal their sexual essence. These people then take the sexual essence that was just forcibly donated and replace it with that of a paying customer's essence. This meant that my gender was stolen so that some rich bitch could see things from a male perspective. After having your essence swapped your features change and so does your personality. This happens in a matter of minutes and worst of all they make the kidnapee watch. So yes, I watched as the person who stole my essence lose her large bust and gained a truly massive cock. All the while I became androgynous due to a lack of male or female essence. Then to add insult to injury my captors chose to preserve the client's female essence inside of me. This of course meant that after watching my cock disappear moments earlier I was now forced to see breasts and a wet pink slit form between my legs.

That was only the beginning though as to them I was still an asset or at very least product. This became horrifyingly clear when they started pimping me out to clients who wanted to try out their new equipment. I spent three weeks being fucked by a new man every couple hours before being locked in a cage for safe keeping. My cell irradiated a stench of cum as I was never allowed clean it off before being thrown in my cell. Call it Stockholm syndrome of just desensitization, but I started to find the smell bearable after a short time and would even say pleasant after a little more. Just as I began to adapt though a wrench was thrown into the works. They took my female essence and gave me male essence in return. They then promptly locked me back up. As a man I hardly left my cell. As it turns out not many men came to change and thus there were not many clients eager to experiment. Thus I remained in my cell but for some reason they would routinely give me porno mags. At first I thought nothing of it, but soon I realized why they did this. For one, they were harvesting sexual energy from me so it only made sense to keep me active in that department. Second though was troubling, I hadn't realized until this point but it seemed that I was almost always hard. I'm not talking half-way either, I'm talking full mast non stop. They had surely done something to me that would force me to masturbate. And so I did. I couldn't stop quite frankly. I jerked off about twenty times a day until I was selected again.

Luckily, I only stayed a man for a few days though before a new client claimed my second manhood. Consequently I was back to getting fucked and having to blow clientele. This time around though I knew their game. I also knew that cum must be off of me before my cell returned to smelling like a teenager's pants. So I sought to solve one of my problems. I began swallowing every load, not because they or I wanted to but out of necessity. I couldn't smell cum twenty-four seven for another month. It drove me crazy that I had to swallow but I didn't have much of a choice as it was the lesser of two evils. I now knew two things about this place though. One, mostly women come to become men at this facility, and two, sexual energy was a critical part in the procedure. So I plotted my escape. First thing was first I needed to be selected. To accomplish this I began masturbating as a woman so that when the next male client came I would be selected due to my massive amount of sexual energy. This worked, I was selected only one week after turning into a woman this time.

My plan had worked! Well, part of it had. I was still stuck here and now I was stuck in a cell near constantly. So I began my work. By the end of the second day my cell looked like a Jackson Pollock painting, smelled awful, and I was picked. Now once again a woman it became clear that the only way I'd escape was as a woman. This was because they were simply given more freedom due to their service to the clientele. The only problem now was figuring out how to switch places with a female client. As I saw it that was likely the only way out. And so I waited, and waited, and waited, I spent months being toyed with in mind and body by these people as both male and female, that is until one day opportunity knocked. A formerly male client wanted to explore a bit and not only with men. So I was the lucky winner who got to provide the lesbian side of the equation. I did my absolute best to rock this now woman's world and evidently I did just that as she passed out after about twelve orgasms. This was my chance. She looked very much like me and I had access to all of her clothes. So I did what I had been planning for months. I stole her clothes and other belongings then walked out as if I were her.

As soon as I escaped I went to the police and reported the place as a sex trafficking ring which led to its demise. I was free! I was finally free! There were a few problems though. First and most obviously I was not a man anymore, and second I was unbearably horny. It occurred to me now that the had still fucked with my mind and now I had a libido matched by nobody. Well, except for the people trapped like I was. I quickly went back to the police and requested records on the people saved and found the hottest guy amongst them. Once I found him it was clear that he too was incredibly horny non stop. So with the lemons life had given us we made lemonade. We fucked constantly. We only stopped to eat, drink, and sleep before returning to our love making. After a month of endless sex I woke up one day and was greeted with his morning wood. This time though I didn't become overwhelmed with the sight. No, this time I starred for a moment before wrapping my luscious lips around his masterful cock as I had done so many times before. This time though I did this out of love, not out of lust. He soon woke up and it was clear that he felt it too. He came shortly there after and for the first time in almost half a year I let his cum pour out of my mouth. My lust was no longer in control and though I had grown to enjoy the taste of this man's cum I was more moved by my ability to make the decision not to swallow than the taste of his cum.

We sat there in shock for a while. We had no words. Our lives had been demolished by these people and in the end we were finally free of the conditioning they had drilled into us. We were finally free.
After a few minutes I broke the silence.

"We never exactly shared our names."

"Haha, I guess you're right, My name was Samantha, but that doesn't exactly fit any more now does it?"

"I used to be Alex, how convenient that neither of us ended in our old gender"

Samantha: "I know right? you'd think for sure that you'd end up as a guy again, I mean there were so many male customers"

Alex: "Wait a second, there were far more female customers for me"

I then realized that we didn't end up with these bodies on accident. They wanted me to escape. They wanted all of us to escape. They were playing a game with our lives where the odds were against us. I stewed on that for a moment before Samantha interrupted my thought.

Samantha: "In the end we're out now and even though we didn't leave as we came I'm perfectly happy that it's over"

He was right. Shouldn't I be pissed or at least upset that my gender was stolen from me? Then it hit me and I had to ask Samantha something.

Alex: "When did you think it would be best to attempt an escape?"

Samantha: "As a man for sure, it just seemed easier"

Alex: "I saw it as much easier as a woman..."

I knew now that everything went just as they planned. They wanted us to end up as the opposite gender. Not because they were twisted monsters. No, they did it for us. I thought about going to the others that had escaped but a part of me knew they'd say the same thing. Those people who kidnapped us somehow knew that all of us were better off or at least content as the opposite sex and did what they did to better our lives. I shared this with Samantha and as he pieced it all together he came to the same conclusion.

After that we sat silently for a while longer before he broke the silence.

Samantha: "Hey, whether it happened or not is out of our hands now and I for one am not going to let that ruin the rest of my life. From now on I'll be Sam, just Sam.

Alex: "You're right, we shouldn't mope. Call me Alexis"

Sam: "I mean, Alex would have worked just fine, it's kinda unisex"

Alexis: "I know, but I prefer Alexis. It just feels better"

Sam: "Alexis it is."

Alexis: "Uhm, Sam?"

Sam: "Yes?"

Alexis: "I think we should stick together, y'know, until things become normal"

Sam: "You have a point"

And so we did. We lived together for a month before I confessed feelings for him and he for me. It turns out that we were both into eachother from the start but just too scared to admit it on account of our first month together. It didn't take long before those feelings became I love yous and then that led to our marriage a year later. In the end we were both immensely happy with our new lives and honestly a little grateful that we got kidnapped as fucked up as it sounds.

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