Tuesday, February 18, 2020


"So what you're telling me is you can do almost anything so long as you think it?" I wasn't buying what Jack was trying to sell me.

"Yeah, I haven't ever done anything to you though don't worry."

"Well, now I'm starting to think you have... Why are you telling me this anyways? Is this some weird prank?"

"Not at all, I just feel like I've known you for long enough to let you in on my secret."

"How is that even possible? Also, what can you do to make me believe any of this?"

"Come on Alli... actually, I think I know how I can prove it."

"You know I h-" before I could finish telling him how I hate his nickname for me for the 12 thousandth time, my entire body started shifting and molding into something completely different.

My hair grew much longer than I had ever let it get, my waist narrowed, my chest pushed outward forming 2 modestly sized breasts, and my hips exploded outward completing my new hourglass figure, my body hair also receded leaving my skin astoundingly smooth, finally my skeleton reshaped leaving me indistinguishable from a woman... outside of one small thing, I still had my penis.


"What the... what.. how.. why..."

"You wanted me to prove myself, so I did."

"I didn't mean turn me into a woman... at least... mostly a woman."

"I mean, you can't argue that it's a very clear cut way of proving myself."

"Yeah, but like... did you have to mess with my head too?"

"I-What do you mean? I didn't change anything mentally..."

"Then why am I short of breath and have butterflies in my stomach when looking at you? Better yet, why is my mouth watering so much thinking of your cock..?"

"Oh, shit, I forgot that since you were a straight man you'd be a straight woman, let me just-"

"No no no... it's okay... I think I want to try something... can you turn these dumb boy clothes into some sexy lingerie for me?" My voice was dripping in sex by this point.

"Alli, you're not thinking straight, let me just-"

"Shhhhhh, just do it for me... pleeeease."

"I'm going to hell for this. Fine."

Sissy training: programming him to be a better, hotter sissy by sucking his Master's cock while jerking off.

I wasted no time once my clothes changed. In less than a minute I had my lips wrapped tightly around Jack's amazing cock, with my hand stroking my limp clitty. The feeling of having his manhood in my mouth was indescribable. I'd personally always though that blowjobs were only for the guy, I mean, the girl is just using her mouth right, how can she get pleasure from that? This is how, right here, maybe I was just really slutty but this just felt so right. My pe- well, it's a bit generous to call it a penis now right? My cute little clitty never got hard yet the lightest touch felt like a nuclear bomb compared to how it used to feel when I masturbated as a guy. I lost track of time and before too long I got my reward, a nice think load of Jack's cum. His cum, oh my god his cum, speaking of indescribable, I found it hard to swallow, it was just too good to ever not have it in my mouth. Alas, if I didn't swallow it, how would I be able to get more when Jack was ready for round 2?

After I finished cleaning off his beautiful cock and savoring every last drop of his cum Jack changed me back.

"I am so sorry, I had no idea that you'd react like that. I have never seen anyone react like that before. I am so, so sorry. I wont do it again, can you forgive me?"

Still a bit dazed by everything I could hardly muster a response. "Yeah, no problem, I asked for it I guess.."

"I still shouldn't have let it happen, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

"It's not a problem man, I'm just processing."

"Wait, I can just wipe your memory so it doesn't have lasting effects"

"NO! No, I don't want that, I'll be fine, just give me a bit to calm down."

"Come on man, I don't want all that fucking with your mind, let me help you."

"Jack, I said I'm fine. Just leave it alone alright."

"Fine, but if you change your mind I'm always right here."

"You're fine, imma just head home for the night."

"Cya man."

I was back to normal now. No tits, no hourglass figure, nothing feminine about me. After a few hours I had mostly forgotten about the whole thing which was lucky since I doubt I'd be able to sleep with all that craziness running through my head. When I woke up though things weren't so normal. For one, instead of my normal morning wood I was laying in a puddle of my own cum. I must've had a wet dream, too bad I couldn't remember it. This alone wasn't anything too crazy but it with the fact that I took 40 minutes in my room picking out an outfit for the day, and the hour I spent making my hair look just right, made me start thinking of last night. I remembered distinctly how the weight on my chest felt, how my soft lips engulfed his meaty appendage, how my limp clitty gave me pleasure greater than my penis ever had. All this thinking succeeded in one thing. I was super horny, I tried masturbating for hours, literally hours, I was getting nothing out of it. I could barely even get hard and I was getting nowhere with normal porn. By this point you may have guessed that I have at certain points indulged in sissy porn, given my usage of the word 'clitty'. Something about a man's will being broken down before he finally embraces his... her true place in life as a submissive sissy slut, just got me going from time to time. With my current predicament I decided it was worth a shot, I'd never felt this kind of horny before and it seemed like it might be just what I need to get going.


Seeing captioned pictures like this in the past had always made me wish I had a little sissy plaything, but now? All I could think of was being that sissy. Just looking at this beautiful woman should make me want to dominate her and make her crave my cock. It used to. With that thought in my mind though I was soft, I was turned off be the idea in fact. Thinking of being her though made my penis rock hard. What I wouldn't do to be in her position. Hair tickling my neck, breasts hanging from my chest, lingerie on my smooth skin, and most importantly, my tongue delicately dancing on the tip of nice, big, juicy cock before plunging the thick shaft deep into my throat. I came within seconds as I was envisioning that encounter. After I came though, I was seemingly normal. No cock craving, no desire to be dominated or subservient. Just normal me. Due to this I brushed it off as a fetish that I was just really feeling. It had happened in the past so I was sure it was just that.

When I was hanging out with Jack a bit later I didn't even mention my morning, it was a fluke after all and I didn't want to concern him. He kept asking if anything weird was up after last night and I kept giving him the same answer. "Nope, nothing too out of the ordinary." Eventually he dropped it and we just played video games for a while. When the next morning I ended up doing the some thing I wrote it off as a phase, once again, it had happened in the past. After a couple weeks of the same morning routine I decided that it might be fun to kick things up a notch. I bought some cute clothes to wear and started practicing doing makeup. Eventually just wearing my girly clothes and doing my makeup wasn't enough anymore. I wanted to feel girlier. In response to that feeling, I bought a dildo, a ton of the sissy stuff I had been watching encouraged using a dildo to train your, as they called it, 'boipussy' and though I didn't plan to have anything other than that dildo there, I still wanted to try it out. The first time I used the dildo was crazy, it was so different from normal masturbating, yet so much better. Before too long I started trying to achieve a 'sissygasm' where you cum without touching your clitty. It took a lot of tries, but eventually, I had one. It was incredible, it was the best orgasm of my life and I wanted nothing more than to have another. So I did. A lot more actually. It was the only I was cumming anymore. I didn't even get hard anymore, I didn't need to.

At this point I couldn't ignore it anymore. That day had changed me. You'd think Id have Jack fix me and wipe my memory of all the sissy stuff I had been doing since that day but no, that's not what I wanted. I wanted him to finish my transformation. And the next time I saw him, I told him everything.

"So yeah, that day may have changed me a bit after all."

"Alright, I'll reset you and you can go back to normal, I'm so sorry for causing all of this."

"I never said I wanted you to reset me. I want you to fix me."

"I'm not sure I follow... Why do you want to remember all of that?"

"Simple, I want you to make me a real woman, pussy and all."

"No, that's all the conditioning you've done talking."

"NO, you said nobody had ever reacted like I did, this is why. You didn't make me a woman, I already was one, I just didn't know it yet. Now please, make me, me, make me your little Alli cat!"

"You're asking me to completely change who you are man, I can't do that."

"No, I'm asking for a favor, I'm asking to be me. You asked me if there was anything you could do to make it up to me after that day, this is how, please Jack, please."

"Fine, fine fine fine. I can't believe this is happening. What do you want to look like? The same woman minus the penis?"

"I'm glad you asked."

I explained every little detail of what was, my perfect woman, but was now, the perfect me. Long red hair, blue eyes, small but perky breasts, slim athletic build, smooth skin from head to toe, and on and on. I took about 30 minutes for me to finish my description, but before too long I was the perfect me, and I could only think of one way to thank him.

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I missed this feeling so much, god was it good to have his cock in my mouth again. This time though I also had a dripping wet pussy aching to be filled to the brim, and before I finished him off I had to satiate that hunger.

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This amount of times I'd described things as indescribable seemed silly now, THIS was the thing that befitted that title. With my virgin pussy sliding over his glorious cock everything felt right. I couldn't describe it any other way. It just felt so right, as if this was all my life had been leading to. By the end of that night I had lost count of the amount of orgasms I'd had riding him for all he was worth. I knew that I had made the right decision and I could only hope that I could make him feel as much pleasure as he gave me.

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