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No, no no no, NO, Fuck! God.. That is practically the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. Shit, y'know what, maybe the message will fail to send. Maybe I wont have to explain this to him. Only time will tell.

Well, it didn't fail. He hasn't responded to the text yet though so maybe he hasn't seen it. Maybe it screwed up on his end. I'm going crazy trying to think how on earth I can explain THAT picture. I mean, sure, he knows about my Quirk but I've never sent anything like that to him. Maybe I should explain myself. For a few years now everyone on years has been getting powers, some good, some bad. Once it became evident that it wasn't just a handful of people, society had to adapt. Based on who you talk to and what they prefer; these abilities will get you different titles or have different names. For simplicity the worlds governments just call people with powers, which at this point is nearly everyone, powered individuals. Some people were more partial to Marvel or DC's names such as Mutants and Meta Humans. Others, like myself liked the sound of 'Quirk' as a descriptor for your power a la My Hero Acadamia. Regardless, they all meant the same thing. You have some random power. For example, my power is shapeshifting.. kinda. Well, that's what it is, but it's more.. restricted. You see, the more I fall in love with a person the more my body will change to match their idea of a perfect partner. This has obviously led to some great situations and some not so great ones. It has gotten me plenty of lays and lost me a few relationships. Now that that's out of the way here's what I just sent to my longest time friend Mark...


Yeah... not exactly something you send to a friend... To explain this, I've been dating a girl who tends to swing towards the fairer sex, though she does enjoy the genuine article to any.. rubber or plastic alternatives, so since I fell for her my body has been growing more and more effeminate while I luckily got to retain my manhood. Things had been going pretty great with her and we've been sexting regularly for a while now. That's where that picture comes from. It was meant to go to her but I accidentally sent it to Mark since her name is Mary... I didn't pay enough attention and since they were both at the top of my recent text conversations and have similar names... I fucked up.

After an hour or so of waiting for some reaction, some reply, anything from Mark, I heard a knock at my door. Upon further investigation I realized it was him. He was at my house for some reason. This can only end awkwardly..

"Oh, hey man, whatcha doing here? I didn't get a text or anything from you saying you were coming."

"Well, I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop by. Oh yeah, and there's the picture you sent me."

Shit, he had gotten it. "Oh... yeah... sorry about that, it was meant for Mary, I hope it didn't weird you out to much.."

"Weird me out? Nooooo. I mean, what's an accidental sext between friends, nothing really."

I sighed in relief. "Good, I was a little paranoid there for a bit when you didn't respond."

"Yeah, I can understand, and one sec, I did have something to give you actually."

Thank God, he wasn't even phased, this can all be a thing of the-

"Here it is!" He said as he pulled out a maid costume from his bag.

"I appreciate it man but.. I'm not really into crossdressing.."

"I bet you'd really enjoy wearing this man."

It was like a switch flipped in my head. Why not try it? Could be fun dressing up and hell.. maybe Mary would be into it. With that thought driving me I grabbed the costume and went to change. It fit surprisingly well and Just like Mark had said I was really enjoying the way it made me feel. After a bit of admiring myself in the mirror I made my way back to the living room and sat in my chair to continue talking with Mark.


"So, how does it feel?"

"It feels great! I've never done anything like this before but it really feels good."

"You really look like a girl all dressed up like that, maybe you should commit to it a bit more, y'know, put on a bit of an act."

"You're so right." Without a second thought I struck a sultry pose trying my best to really look feminine. "How's this?"

"Geez, it's perfect, I almost want to strip you out of it and take you like a woman. I mean, we could experiment a little, y'know, see what things are like with a guy. If nothing else, I bet it would be great to find out more about yourself."

Never in my life had I given such an idea any thought. I was fine with anyone's sexuality but I was pretty confident that I was attracted to women. Now though? I really wanted to find out if gay sex is something I like.

"I think you're right, so who's going to be receiving first?"

"Well, as excited as I am to try it out, I feel like you'd feel better as the girl in this situation."

He was right, as he said it I knew that's what I wanted, I mean, I'd had sex with girls plenty of times, I've done anal too, so how new could being the one giving really be?

"You're right again, let's go."

As he started to strip I got up and leaned on my chair presenting my ass to him, waiting for him to take me.

At first it was nothing special, It felt fine but it's not like I was experiencing overwhelming pleasure or anything, it was just kinda ok. He on the other hand seemed to really enjoy it. He was grunting and and saying how tight I was. After a while I was about to stop him since I wasn't really getting much out of it, but as I turned to tell him he looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I bet this feels way better for you man!" It gave me pause, up until that point I wasn't particularly enjoying it but suddenly it was as if he started to find all the right spots. I went from kinda bored to riding a pleasure high. It felt incredible. It was so much better than using my penis to fuck a girl. I was rock hard in mere seconds once he started hitting all those sensitive spots.


Either he is super experienced or his quirk is something to do with having enormous amounts of stamina because he was ramming my ass for what felt like hours. He was fucking me for so long that I was able to cum four times. Four! And I was even building to another. I hadn't even touched my dick once and yet I'd had four orgasms back to back. I was moaning like a porn star and never wanted it to end. You know what they say about all good things though.

"I'm nearly there man, I'm about to cum. Why don't you get the full experience and finish me with your mouth?"

What a great idea! I was loving his cock in my ass I may may as well see if I liked sucking dick too!

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Once again, pretty underwhelming at first but after a while I guess he saw my hesitancy and chimed in, "You're really good at this man, you're probably loving this." Suddenly I realized just how right he was. His cock felt like the thing my mouth had been missing my entire life. Every inch just felt right. What before just tasted bland  now coated my mouth with incredible flavor. Thank god I had cleaned myself up for that buttplug earlier or this would likely be a much different story. "I'm not gonna last much longer, I hope you really like what comes next..." Part of me was worried about him finishing in my mouth, but given how incredible this thing had made me feel; I was not about to chicken out before finishing him off. Within a minute it happened. His cum flooded into my mouth, it coated my tongue and everything else, it felt like It just wouldn't stop. I was determined though, I wasn't going to waste a drop. Best. Decision. Ever. It was amazing. It was like nothing I'd ever tasted before yet perfect in every way. It was the perfect reward after sucking him off. I played with it in my mouth for a few seconds savoring the flavor before I eagerly swallowed and latched back onto his cock to scavenge every last ounce that had escaped me before. It wasn't much but the thin layer still on his cock and the small bit that had yet to come out was every bit at good as the rest. Maybe better.

"That was great man. It seemed like you really enjoyed it too. I'd offer to receive now but judging by the floor I doubt you've got much left in the tank."

I blushed. "Uh.. yeah. I couldn't help myself I guess.. I never thought taking a dick could feel so good."

"Good? It seemed like you were loving it, like you loved my cock, hell, like you loved me."

He was right, god was that the understatement to end all understatements. "It was great, amazing even, Way better than having sex with a girl! Does that mean I'm gay?"

"Maybe, I mean, we've always been close. I've loved you like family for a long time, and you me I assume. Maybe, instead of brothers we're spouses. Then again. I haven't exactly taken a dick yet and as far as I know I've always been straight."

"Well, we could hang out for a bit until we've recharged and you could give it a go!"

"You're right, you should keep the costume on though, It might help speed things up."

After about half an hour he seemed ready for round two but I didn't feel hard at all, it felt like my legs were wet from what I assumed was precum but when I reached down to start trying to get my dick hard, I wasn't met with my usual appendage. As you may have inferred I instead found a vagina. I froze at that realization, either Mary had suddenly decided that she was done with dicks forever or I loved someone else. I wanted it to be the former, I really did, but I knew.. My love had shifted. Over the course of the past few hours I had officially fallen for Mark. It was odd how fast it all happened, I was never usually this quick at falling for someone. Then again I guess maybe I had already fallen for him long ago but I now viewed it differently given the night's events. Either way. I knew what I had to do.

I excused myself under the guise of needing to use the restroom and took a moment to tell Mary everything. It was hard, really hard, but it had to be done. I told her that I had cheated and that I didn't deserve to be with her. She was rightfully furious and stopped texting me very quickly. I didn't get to the part about my cheating being with a guy, but, either way it was over between us. It hurt to hurt her like that, but, I knew it would be way worse to drag her along when I didn't feel the same way toward her. I took off the costume after that, aside from the stockings that is, I was a bit worried I'd mess them up removing them, and it just felt right to wear them. I then prepared myself for what was to come next. I knew what I wanted, I knew what I needed to do to get that. It was still petrifying all the same. I kept building up the courage to do it until I heard Mark knock on the door and I froze.

"You good in there? It's been a while."

I couldn't just not answer, he'd likely assume the worst and make his way in if I didn't say anything.

"Uh." I couldn't help but be surprised by how much higher my voice had gotten. "Yeah, I'm fine, one sec."

"Alright.. I just wanted to check.." He didn't at all seem phased by my voice's new register.

Once I was pretty sure he had returned to the living room I went to lay on my bed. How was this so hard? I've never been this nervous about telling someone my feelings before. After what felt like an eternity I called out for Mark to come to my bedroom. My heart was racing, I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt faint. I had never in my life been this anxious for something like this. That soon faded however. When he opened that door all my reservations melted away. I was ready for this. I was ready for my man to take me. Properly this time.

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He didn't need further prompting. He saw me naked and waiting with an eager pussy between my legs. He grabbed my legs and spread them before christening my new womanhood and sealing my fate. If what I had felt earlier was incredible, this feeling was indescribable. I had never before felt so perfectly complete. After years of bedding more women than I could count, I had found something that truly felt real. I no longer needed my Quirk because in that moment, on that bed, with the man I love's cock pounding away at my delicate womanhood, I knew that nothing could ever amount to this again. I was at peace. I was whole. I can't tell you how many times my body erupted into orgasmic pleasure that night, or how many times I wished it would never end. Like I said earlier though. All good things...

The next morning I woke up before Mark. We had fallen asleep in eachother's arms and there was a high likelihood that I may become a mother, based on my best recollection of taking his seed inside me at least twice. I wriggled my way out of his embrace trying my best to not disturb him before catching a glimpse of his morning wood. I nearly dropped back to the bed to wake him up in the best way I could think of, but cooler heads prevailed and I left him to rest after the long night we had. I made my way to the bathroom to shower seeing as I did not break away from him at all last night and desperately needed to clean up before doing anything lest I smell of sex the entire day. Something I didn't entirely object to but seeing as I'd likely need a new wardrobe I decided an aroma or sweat and cum, wouldn't quite be the best to have in public.

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After my shower I took note that I probably needed new shampoo and body wash, my hair and skin felt a bit weird, not bad, just not exactly good and I felt that they make different types of shampoos and body washes for women for that very reason. If nothing else I was sure that I wanted to take better care of my hair and skin now. After that mental note I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked very similar to how I had the night before. Like, before the events of the previous night. My features were smoother, rounder, and looked more feminine though it was like I was being put through a filter rather than transforming completely. I guess Mark just has a similar taste in women  Mary. I brushed it off and spotted some makeup left by Mary or one of my previous girls, I couldn't remember anymore, regardless, I decided to try well, doing my makeup. I had never done it before seeing as I never had too but I just felt like the right thing to do. After a while I realized why it takes girls so long to get ready. This was hard, admittedly, my lack of experience played a role, but, I could tell even with years of practice I'd likely still not be terribly quick at it. I didn't do too much, as, well, I didn't think I could do much more, but I felt pretty, so I counted it as a win. I then snuck back into my room and found a shirt left by one of my exes that they had never returned for. I took likely the only well fitting shirt I still had and my earbuds to listen to music while I waited for Mark to wake up.

After about an hour I started to hear movement from my room and knew that he was finally awake. Before long he made his way out of my room still sporting his morning wood and scanned the house before finding me waiting in the living room.

"Well, looks like I wasn't dreaming then?"

"Nope, I can't say you were."

"So, we... had sex, and you..."

"Turned into a woman on account of my Quirk?"

"Uh, yeah.. So that means..."

"I think so, I can't really deny that I love you. I mean, look at me." I said blushing slightly.

"I uh.. yeah.."

"You should probably shower. You could borrow some clothes, or I guess, take some clothes. I'm sure one of my previous builds was similar to yours."

"Yeah, thanks... I'll uh, I'll do that."

With that exceedingly awkward exchange my heart sank. I was worried that he did not feel the same for me as I did for him. All I could do was wait now. Maybe he was just a bit shaken. It was all really sudden.

<-Mark, the morning after, immediately following the awkward conversation.->

Fuck. Did-did I really do that.. Fuck. He-err-She's going to hate me. I have to tell hi-her. Hopefully this isn't the end of our friendship. Fuck. Why did I do that. I have no self control. I'll have to work up the nerve while I get cleaned up.

<-Back to my POV... I haven't mentioned my name huh? Well, it was Samuel, I might still go by Sam though so I guess it's not terribly unfitting, it'll obviously be short for something else now though.->

As I waited for what felt like an eternity, watching every excruciatingly slow minute pass I felt awful. I'd been rejected before, not commonly, mind you, seeing as I slowly approached their perfect partner visually it's not like most people wouldn't be down to at least try a relationship, but there were times, mostly with girls who actually had boyfriends or husbands, but... y'know... this isn't terribly important to explain. My point is, I have never and I mean NEVER been this absolutely mortified by the idea or even the occurrence of a rejection. Maybe it was hormones or maybe he truly was the one, I could not bear the thought of him turning me down. Eventually I would have to wait no longer however. Before long I heard the water turn off and heard him searching my closet. Time only felt slower during this stretch but I knew soon it would be over... for better or worse.

He sat down next to me on the couch. "Uh, hey.. I-I have to tell you something."

This is it. He's going to say he doesn't have feelings for me like I very clearly now have for him. I swallowed hard and responded in a very defeated tone, "I get it, I mean, I wouldn't want to risk our friendship either." It was getting much harder to hold back tears.

"No, no no no, Sam. That's-that's not it. I-fuck, how do I say this? I-I have a Quirk that I've never told you about. I-I'm extraordinarily persuasive, like, scarily so. Every suggestion I made, ever comment-" he was on the edge of tears himself now, "I fucked up. I screwed with your head man.. I'm so sorry.. I don't know if you could ever forgive me. I bet-"

I didn't know what he was going to say next but I couldn't risk it being what I dreaded it might be. I stole his lips and pulled him in to a deep kiss to shut him up. After a few blissful moments I pulled away and took the opportunity created by his shock to get my point across. "Hey, it's ok.. I wouldn't change what happened last night knowing that or not."

"But I-"

I placed another delicate kiss on his lips to quiet him again. "Wether you screwed with me or not isn't all that relevant to me, it happened, I agreed to it. It's not like you bent me over and forced me to like it."

"I di-"

Another kiss brought his thought to an end. "I get it, I don't look terribly different than I did before last night, I was clearly very much your type."

"Yeah but tha-"

A deeper kiss this time, not as up front as the first but deeper than the last one nonetheless. "We have been friends almost as long as I can remember, every step along the way we were there for eachother. That's about as close to loving someone as I could think of."

"You're just saying that because I made you think that. You should-"

I grabbed his hands this time and stared deeply into his eyes. "Tell me that I should speak only my true feeling toward you, not what you think you made me think last night."

He sighed heavily. "You should tell me how you really feel, how you felt before last night."

I was a bit taken aback. My plan hadn't failed, though it hadn't worked entirely either. "I am not madly in love with you."

"See I told-"

"Shhhh, I'm not done. I'm not madly in love you, no. That part was due to your Quirk I guess, but look." I lifted my shirt exposing my still present womanhood. "I don't have a dick. So unless I've somehow fallen for someone else with identical tastes in women as you, I DO love you. So don't undo what you did.. or do.. it wont matter. I'm still here. And this-" I pulled him in to one last passionate kiss, it seemed to last for eons, I wanted it to, truthfully. "Is still what I want. So let's at least give this a try, I'd regret it if we didn't."

He was stunned. He truly believed that this would be end end of our friendship, he believed he had ruined everything. He didn't, sure, I'm not incredibly excited by the fact that it only happened because of his Quirk, but I'm not mad either. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

<-Five months later->

"Sammy, I'm home"

I excitedly made my way to the door to greet my love.

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"How was your day Honey?" He always gave the same answer but I loved hearing it nonetheless.

"It's much better now that I'm with you."

Not much in the way of talking followed that exchange, I had been bouncing off the walls waiting for him and at this point I was unbearably horny. As such I wasted little time before starting something that also almost always followed my original question.

As good as the first time? Maybe not. It was still fantastic though. In some ways it was better because now I wasn't under some spell... Quirk..? You get the point, I still loved it, I loved everything about giving him pleasure. This position never lasted long though. We'd always somehow end up with him on the floor.

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That too only lasted so long before he made it a point to take control and return the pleasure I'd given him and then some.

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Let's just say, our couch gets a good work out most days. <3

(Hi! It's-It's been a while. Sorry about that. If you saw my previous post on OTGC you'll know part of the reason. I've been wanting to write now for a few days but kept putting it off. I made it a point to not continue that into tonight though... Obviously... Anyways, I don't know how regularly I'll post seeing as the only thing that is certain about my writing schedule is that is very random... Once again, sorry. Here it is though, a new story, one that I am actually proud of. A lot of the time I base how well written one of my stories is by the comments or likes but this time I doubt that'll play much of a part. I really enjoyed writing this one, I also really like how it turned out. And, at the risk of sounding like the most broken record on this website, it's not what I initially thought I'd write, it took on a life of its own, and of course, how could I forget, it's not necessarily my style. This one isn't terribly far off though so I'm mostly including that last one to complete the repeating theme that seems common amongst the most recent asides I have written. All of that said, I hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it... <forgot to repeat that one earlier I guess... And hopefully this time I wont disappear for months on end. God, this aside has gone on for a long time now... I'll finish up... Thank you for reading, I'd love to see what you thought of it in the comments, and finally I hope you have a great day! ^_^)

(Oops... one last thing. I debated including Mark's Quirk in the story. I eventually settled on writing it in... obviously... but I do want to know if you would have preferred it being left out and just being a mystery, what his Quirk was, or if he even had a Quirk. I am still kinda torn, I mean, I like it being stated since it redeems Mark in a way, but, I also like the idea of it just being an unknown. If I end up writing a similar story, such as one contained in this universe, like I have done in the past with my traveling stone series. I'd love to know wether you believe it would have more of an impact being stated such as here, or, having it left up to interpretation similar to the ending of Inception, where the top isn't shown stopping, leaving you wondering if Cobb is dreaming or not... That was a bit of a specific example... Anyways, my question stands. Please comment what you would have preferred since I'm really tempted to run with this universe a bit.)

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